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How Jesse James Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

When I, or most people, as a matter of fact, think of Jesse James, I immediately think of the 1800s, Jesse James. However, we also had a family friend named Jesse James, who was poorer than a church mouse, so I know this was not the Jesse James we wanted to discuss.

If I remember right, Jesse James, the outlaw, unmasked thousands of dollars in illegal actions most of his life, and treasure hunters are still looking for his stash of hidden money. However, this is not our Jesse James either. Our current modern-day Jesse is an entrepreneur and celebrity who is still alive and, by all accords, seems to be doing well, unmasking this Jesse James net worth of $50 million.

This modern-day Jesse is a television personality who also unmasked a lot of money, 50 million dollars to be precise. However, fewer treasure hunters are looking for his millions, except possibly his four X wives and perhaps his current wife.

He was married to his third wife, well-known celebrity actress Sandra Bullock. They were married for seven years. She filed for divorce soon after finding out he had been cheating on her. He married his fifth wife in 2022. His relationships and marriages were on and off again and read as sometimes significantly tumultuous, primarily due to the individual lifestyle challenges of each of his wives and him.

Read on to discover how this grossly interesting and modern-day Jesse James took steps to unmask his net worth. 

How is Jesse James Best Known?

Modern-day Jesse James is best known for a multitude of adventures, business ventures, and inventions. This modern-day Jesse James is known for numerous things, from start-up companies to television stents of short-term and long-term durations.

In his early years and at the age of 19 years, James was a well-known outside linebacker with the University of California in Riverside, CA. During this time, he sustained two injuries that forced him to leave his love of the game and enter into his first-time ever working relationship as a bouncer and bodyguard for Slayer, Glenn Danzig, and Soundgarden.

Close to this time, James created an off-road truck and a Figure 8 race car and began racing. His love for building motorcycles demanded he make some of the nicest custom builds in America. Jesse's prominent build was his Cisco 1911 series called Lady Liberty.

Jesse James turns 54 on April 19, 2023, and could be related to the well-known outlaw, his namesake. First, however, you must read on to find out how the modern Jesse got his millions, then I will tell readers if I found out that this Jesse James is related to the outlaw we have all heard about.

Business endeavors

His occupations include being an auto mechanic and being a successful American entrepreneur, founding the following companies. His Austin, Texas-based companies include,

  • The West Coast Chopper. He first opened this business in his mother's garage.
  • Soon after opening West Coast Chopper, he bought and reopened the Cisco Burger Restaurant in 2006. The restaurant was located directly across the street from his first company, West Coast Chopper, his first company.

Upon opening the restaurant, James closed his first venture. His restaurant, Cisco Burger, after several years, is now closed. He took this step so he could restart West Coast Choppers again.

  • A few years later, James became a co-owner and partner of the Austin Speed Shop. This venture lasted a few more years until he left the company altogether for good in 2013.
  • In 2013 James became President of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited. He began advertising the AR-15 rifle and a 1911 pistol. His love of creating and developing motorcycles went along with his love of building custom-made handguns. One of his most noted handguns was constructed from pieces of the New York statute. These guns sold for at least $85,000 apiece.
  • James reworked the first rifle-caliber suppressor with a 78 dB rating at the muzzle during this time.
  • As of 2020, James lives in Austin, Texas, and continues to operate Jesse James Fire Arms Unlimited and manages the intellectual properties of West Coast Choppers.
  • James developed Chopperdogs Fan Club.
  • He created Jesse's Girl clothing line.

Becoming a Celebrity

Gradually, James stepped into the celebrity spotlight and became known as a television personality, focusing on the following television programs helping this Jesse James net worth quickly rise to the top.

  • Monster Garage was a well-known television series in 2000 that focused on custom motorcycle builds. Part of each show had the cameras following James around, recording his daily life and schedule.
  • He helped to host Tony Hawk's Underground 2, a skateboarding video game in 2004.
  • In 2012, the Discovery Channel ran one single season of Monster Garage for one year, and then the show was canceled.
  • James hosted a reality TV show on Spike TV called Jesse James is a Dead Man. This TV series was also very popular with his fans and featured many of his death-defying stunts. This year, at the same time, his Monster Garage ran on the Discovery channel with a focus on Motorcycle Mania.
  • Marvel Comics did a one-time comic book about James and his ability to evade death repeatedly.
  • James created a production company known as Payupsucker Productions.
  • He hosted his self-produced shows, such as History of the Chopper.
  • One production depicted his life with the Hells Angels. Another was Iraq confidential with Jesse James and Green Scream.
  • James made appearances in Sons of Guns on Discovery in 2012.
  • He created and aired outlaw garage.
  • James appeared in the second season of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. His winnings were to go to the Long Beach Education Foundation. But, unfortunately, Trump fired him for refusing to follow through with instructions involving Sandra Bullock.
  • James appeared in one episode of Street Customs.
  • He appeared in an advertisement for T-Mobile with Whoopi Goldberg and Phil Jackson.
  • James had guest appearances on American Chopper in 2011 and 2012.

Is Modern-Day Jesse James Related to the Outlaw Jesse James?

James's website says his great-great-grandfather was a cousin to the old-time outlaw Jesse Woodson James, born in 1847 and died in 1882 from a gunshot wound. This outlaw was characterized as a Wild West Robbin Hood and became known as a beloved celebrity and legendary figure of the Wild West despite his brutal ways. This outlaw lived and operated in Missouri and Kansas as a,

  • An American outlaw
  • Bank Robber
  • Train Robber
  • Stagecoach Robber
  • Guerrilla/Bushwhackers
  • Leader of the James-Younger Gang

It sounds as though Jesse James wants to be related to this outlaw. Therefore, his statements of a link must be proven. His views of being related must be supported by an actual record and a possible DNA test to verify the report. According to the information found, James still needs to comply with this request.

James had two daughters, one son, previous to marrying Bullock, and an adopted son when he married Sandra Bullock.

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Written by Allen Lee

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