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How to Join the American Motorcycle Association

American Motorcycle Association

Why should you join the American Motorcycle Association (AMA)? Perhaps an easier question would be why shouldn't you join the American Motorcycle Association. It'd certainly be a lot shorter. Because make no mistake, membership of the American Motorcycle Association comes with innumerable benefits. Roadside assistance, discounts on parts, gear, and accessories, access to the latest info on the motorcycle industry... you name it, membership of the AMA gets it. But how exactly do you join? If you ride a motorcycle and want to take things to the next level, here's what you need to know about how to join the American Motorcycle Association... and why you definitely should.

What is the American Motorcycle Association?

As Wikipedia notes, the American Motorcycle Association is an American nonprofit organization comprising more than 200,000 motorcyclists. Built around the mission statement "to promote the motorcycling lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling," it organizes numerous activities for its members while also campaigning for motorcyclists' legal rights. Since its birth in 1924, it's grown in size to include over 1,100 chartered clubs around the country.

Why Should I Join the American Motorcycle Association?

You've got your license. You've got your motorcycle. You've even got insurance and a helmet. So, you're sorted, right? Right.... but there still might be something you're missing. A few things, actually. Picture the scene. You break down. It's the middle of nowhere and you're on your own. Who do you call? Your friends? Your family? If you're a few miles away from home, that's fair enough. But what if you're on the other side of the county? Who's going to come to your rescue then? if you're part of a group, you've got a backup. But what if you've decided the political shenanigans of groups aren't worth sacrificing your freedom for? What then?

Basically, you're stuck. Unless, of course, you've had the good sense to join the American Motorcycle Association beforehand. With the AMA, there are no shenanigans to worry about. It's not the kind of motorcycle club that requires you to wear colors to prove your allegiance. There's nothing dubious, nothing shady. it's just a group, a group that offers extensive benefits to its members.... including roadside assistance.

Yes, roadside assistance... something we all hope we never need to use but which we're all very glad to have if the time comes. When you join the American Motorcycle Association, you automatically qualify for a range of roadside assistance benefits. Regardless of whether you want coverage just for your motorcycle or if you want to cover your car, your truck, or even your RV at the same time, there's an option to suit. Whether you need assistance with towing, lock-out. a dead battery, a flat tire, or fluid delivery, membership of the AMA will get you what you need, when you need it most.

And that's not all.

Some of the other benefits of membership include...


As ( points out, the AMA is your strongest advocate when it comes to motorcycling rights. Whether it's through campaigning to keep riding areas and tracks open or fighting against discriminatory insurance policies that deny cover to motorcycle riders, the American Motorcycle Association has your back. As one of the loudest, proudest, and most respected defenders of the rights and freedoms of motorcyclists, the AMA does amazing work. Joining gives you the opportunity to be part of it. Once you become a member, you'll gain access to the AMA Action Center online which includes legislative report portals at all levels of government to read, review, and take action on. You can also subscribe to action alerts and join the discussion on the AMA's social media sites.

Motorcycle Community

Some people like to ride alone. Others prefer companionship. For riders who'd jump at the chance to mingle with some like-minded folk, the AMA hosts over 3000 rides, races, clubs, and rallies across the country to get involved in, giving you the perfect opportunity to connect with other riders in your area.

Members-Only Discounts on Parts, Gear, and Accessories

Why pay full price for your motorcycling arsenal when membership of the AMA will get you a very handy discount? When you join the AMA, you'll benefits from great savings on everything from parts and accessories to hotel rooms and bike and car rentals. Some of the big-name brands that offer discounts to AMA members include CycleTrader, Dowco Powersports, Cardo Systems, and EagleRider.

Access to the Latest Industry News

If you want to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the motorcycle world, joining the AMA is a no-brainer. For a start, you'll get exclusive access to the AMA's online Members-Only area, a packed site filled with the latest industry news, gear reviews, and more besides. On top of that, you'll receive a printed copy of the AMA's monthly magazine, American Motorcyclist, along with digital access to the publication's back issues.

Racing Benefits

If you want to progress from amateur racing to professional racing, AMA-endorsed events are one of the best ways to do it. AMA racing members are privileged to a clutch of benefits, including access to the AMA Racing Center and discounted rider accidental medical insurance.

Access to the AMA Great Roads Database and Trails Atlas

If you want to explore some of the best street and offroad riding tracks in your area, membership of the AMA will put you on the right track. Once you join, you'll receive exclusive access to the organization's state-by-state AMA Great Roads Database and Trails Atlas.

How to Join the American Motorcycle Association

Joining the American Motorcycle Association is simple. You can either do it online by filling in a simple form on its website or you can call (800) AMA-JOIN (262-5646). Membership fees vary depending on the length and type of membership you subscribe to. For 2021, the following fees apply:

• 1 Year Membership: $49
• 3 Year Membership (Roadside Assistance without automatic renewal included): $147
• Associate Membership: $25
• Family Membership: $25
• Youth Membership: $29
• Life Membership: $1500

Note that as access to some benefits depends on participation in the AMA Automatic Renewal Program, it's worth selecting this option at the time of joining. As the AMA will renew your membership using the credit card information you provided at the time of your last payment, be sure to amend the stored details if you change your card in between.

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