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10 Things You Didn't Know About Julian Sawyer

Julian Sawyer is a British businessman and entrepreneur who leads the startup Bitstamp as its chief executive officer. Mr. Sawyer has an impressive track record for hitting target goals as an executive in the business world. He has international experience in the financial industry in high leadership positions. When researching his career and personal history we made some interesting discoveries about him that merit sharing. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Julian that you might find interesting.

1. Julian is the first successor to the owner of Bitstamp

According to the official Bitstamp website, Mr. Sawyer is the first CEO to be hired to run Bitstamp after the founder stepped down from the position. He continues to work with Mr. Nejc Kodric who established the company and served as its CEO from its inception. These are big shoes to fill but he has the assistance of Nejc who has moved into a non-executive board role to continue providing direction.

2. Julian has a strong history in finance

Mr. Sawyer built a strong reputation in his career in traditional finance. He has worked for several major financial institutions before accepting an executive position with Bitstamp. His advisement is highly valued in the European financial circles because of his expertise in multiple aspects of the industry. He is an advisor to the board of Volt, which is a leading challenger bank in the country of Australia.

3. Sawyer is a guest speaker and lecturer

Institutions of higher education value the input that Mr. Sawyer has to offer when speaking to business and finance students. He is currently an honorary senior visiting fellow for the CASS Business School's Faculty of Management. He provides advisement and clarification of complex business problems for students who are preparing for their careers in the management level of business.

4. He is a highly trusted expert

Handing over the reigns of a successful financial company is not an easy proposition, but Bitstamp's founder believes in Mr. Sawyer's skills, knowledge, and ability to run the company and lead it to further success. He is an expert in global financial matters and a trusted leader as Kodric's successor. The former leader decided to take on a less hands-on role with the company and found the ideal professional to fill the gap. This takes a great deal of trust and Mr. Sawyer is credited with earning that trust.

5. He was educated in England

According to his LinkedIn profile, Julian Sawyer attended the University of Portsmouth. While there he studied in the business program. He entered the school in 1987, and four years later, graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in 1991 in Business.

6. He believes in volunteerism

Julian Sawyer possesses a wealth of knowledge and business experience. He is generous in sharing the things that he has learned through his life with others. He graciously volunteers as a business mentor through The Prince's Trust. He began volunteering through the organization in May of 2013. This is a passion of his and he continues to share his viewpoints and expertise with others at no charge currently. He believes strongly in the cause of economic empowerment and he has been volunteering to help others for 8 years and 2 months as of June of 2021.

7. He started as a financial consultant

After graduating from college with his degree in business, Mr. Sawyer began to build his career in the financial industry. In October of 1991, he accepted a position as a consultant with the Andersen Consulting firm. He remained in the position for 4 years and 3 months before leaving for a position with another consulting job at Ernst & Young. He continued there for 5 years from 1994 through 1999. Like most other successful business people, he started at a lower level and worked his way up the career ladder. He gained a sufficient amount of experience to strike out on his own. When he left Ernst & Young, it was to pursue his interest in entrepreneurship.

8. He founded BlueRock Consulting

Julian Sawyer founded a financial startup that he called Bluerock Consulting upon leaving Ernst & Young. The company officially launched its services in May of 1999. He served as the CEO of the company for 13 years and 7 months. he sold the company in 2011 and continued leading the staff through November of 2012 per the agreement of the sale. This was a financial services management consultancy with a division for cards and payments services. Mr. Sawyer has a talent for establishing successful companies, building them up, and then selling them for a profit.

9. Julian Sawyer founded Starling Bank

Mr. Sawyer is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded two companies in the financial sector of business. He founded the bank in May of 2015 and served as its chief operating officer. Mr. Sawyer remained with the company for 4 years and 2 months, leaving in June of 2019. His goal with the startup was to provide banking customers with an alternative array of banking services designed to operate on a mobile platform. Starling Banks was a digital bank designed to use modern technology to act as a disruptor in the financial industry to provide greater convenience than traditional banks.

10. He is savvy in digital finance

Mr. Sawyer has been involved with the technology end of finance for many years. He worked at Gemini as a managing director for Europe for the licensed digital asset exchange company. There he gained expensive experience in buying, selling, and storing digital assets such as Zcash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. He was instrumental in helping to build the Gemini platform for fast and easy trading within a highly regulated environment. He worked for the portion of 11 months at the London location, leaving in October of 2020. Before that, he served as a chief executive for Piran Consulting Limited from July of 2013 through November 2015. Mr. Sayer also worked as a managing director for Weald Management Limited in London, England from December 2012 through December 2013. He served in a non-executive position as a business advisor, coach, and consultant.

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