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A Closer Look at the Krayon Anywhere Watch

Krayon Anywhere Watch

Krayon is a new watch brand that was founded by Remi Maillat, an expert in watch design. He left Cartier to pursue a watchmaking business of his own. Krayon is a Swiss company that specializes in the production of high-end luxury timepieces. If you've not yet heard of the name, don't feel bad. It hasn't been around that long, but we think that it's going to get more press soon. Krayon released a model called the Anywhere watch in 2017. It received its fair share of acclaim for its elegant sunrise/sunset complications, not often seen I'm a mechanical timepiece. The Krayon Anywhere Watch has been released in a new 2021 edition that merits more than a glance. If you're ready for a new experience in luxury wristwatches, this one deserves a closer look.

An appealing modern masterpiece

A Blog to Watch highlighted the Krayon Anywhere Watch as a novel yet practical accessory that offers an innovative approach to watchmaking. The notion of a mechanical indicator display for sunrise and sunset lets you know whether it's approaching evening or sunset, and about how much sunlight, or conversely, how much darkness is left. It would come in handy for a vampire hoping to escape the rays of the dawning sun. It's a conversation starter that also lends an attractive feature to the dial. It paints a picture of the 24-hour time cycle of the day. The first thing you notice is the novel layout of the dial. It's not as difficult to read as one would first think. Once you get the hang of how the indicators work it's quite easy.

The Anywhere watch provides an accounting of the amount of daylight left when the user sets the watch for the location he or she occupies at the moment. The month and date are also set by the wearer, to allow the mechanism to do its job. The sun-style hand moves around the dial once every 24 hours to represent the sun's path as it moves through the sky. It's a complex complication for a mechanical type, but that just serves to make the Anywhere watch all the more special. Hodinkee adds that this is a universal complication that allows the owner to set the latitude and longitude for accurate timekeeping and display of the daylight anywhere in the world.

A closer look at the Krayon Anywhere Watch

The case of the Krayon Anywhere watch is available in your choice of 18k white gold or 18k rose gold metal. It's a medium-size that measures 39mm in width with a depth of 9.5 mm for a fairly slim profile. The case back consists of a flat sapphire crystal to show off the inner workings of the movement beneath. The thin round bezel is fixed with a mirror-polished finish that neatly frames the dial. A running scale on the inner part of the dial shows the indication of night and day with a metal sun against a sky-blue background. The night is indicated with a dark background that is filled with tiny dots to indicate the stars at night. The applied hour markers in chevron style are placed in a round dial at the center of the watch face. A subdial for the calendar showing month and day is situated at the 6 o'clock position at the base of the dial. The hour and minute hands are sword-shaped, also presented in a metallic polished finish. The indices and hands show up nicely against a dark background for a high degree of legibility.

The movement

The movement is a Krayon caliber C030 model with a power reserve of a remarkable 86 hours. It runs at 3 Hz with 35 jewels. It's a hand-wound type with stop work. The movement features 432 components. The functions are hours, minutes, sunrise, sunset, and a simple calendar. This model requires adjustment five times per year for accuracy. A notable feature of the movement is its ultra-slim profile. The mechanism measures 35.40 mm in width with a thickness of just 5.0 mm.

Other notable features

The Krayon Anywhere watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters. This model is available in a men's and a women's variant, which have some noticeable differences. The Lady Anywhere watch features 18k rose gold metal with engravings of roses on the side of the case. The dial is pink and blue. There is an 18k rose gold model for men that is customizable for bespoke orders. Krayon is going all the way to please its loyal customers.

Pricing and availability

The Krayon Anywhere watch is a niche timepiece ordered through the manufacturer or an authorized representative vendor. It may take some time when the order is customized. The price of the Krayon Anywhere watches starts at $129,000. For current availability, it's necessary to consult with the manufacturer by visiting the website.

Final thoughts

The Krayon Anywhere watch is produced by a new brand, but the genius behind the company is well-versed in high-end luxury. He's an entrepreneur who hails from one of the most respected luxury brands in the world. His experience at Cartier has helped to shape his sense of what high-end truly means. Innovation is to the fore, as we see in the unique complications Krayon has built into its Anywhere model. It's a modern timepiece that features a novel and attractive aesthetic, along with precision timekeeping and the added value of showing the sunrise and sunset via a lovely gauge that is easy to read. It's a conversation piece that fits comfortably on the wrist with a slim profile. The exhibition case back provides a nice view of the movement, making this piece easy on the eyes whether you're looking at the front or the back. Krayon has done an exceptional job with this unique and novel wristwatch.

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