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10 things You Didn't Know About Lalit Keshre

Lalit Keshre

Lalit Keshre is a businessman and entrepreneur from India. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Indian investment platform Groww. Keshre and his colleagues created a unique business that helps people from India with a tool that is used to develop investment portfolios without being charged a fee for using the services. Groww has become a disruptor in the fintech and financial industry that is changing the way people view and make investments. Keshre has an interesting background that uniquely qualifies him for leadership of the company. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Lalit Keshre we found inspiring.

1. Keshre is a seasoned entrepreneur

According to Crunchbase, Lalit Keshre brings extensive experience in launching new startups to his new position. He partnered with three colleagues from Flipkart to start the enterprise. Their aggregate of talent and experience in the business world helped them come together in a successful collaboration. This resulted in the development of Groww, the successful fintech company that has made them all exceptionally wealthy businessmen.

2. He founded Groww with a group of employees from Flipkart

Keshre was in an executive leadership post at an e-commerce marketplace called Flipkart when he met his future collaborators for Groww. Flipkart provides more than 30 million products for e-commerce sales and was acquired by Walmart. All four of Groww's founders worked at Flipkart. Keshre worked at the company as a Group Product Manager from July of 2015 until his departure in May of 2016. All of them had positions that were at a managerial level or higher, which gave them experience in running the operational end of a business to some degree. The knowledge gained from their work at Flipkart was enough to help them become successful leaders in their new startup venture.

3. Keshre was educated in India

Before getting a job at Flipkart, Lalit Keshre went to college. He enrolled in courses at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Lalit studied in the electrical engineering program. He attended the institution from 1999 through 2004, earning his bachelor of technology degree.

4. Lalit worked as an engineer

According to his LinkedIn page, after completing his college degree, Lalit was hired for a company called Ittiam Systems. He was hired in the product and engineering division at the Bangalore, India firm. He served in the position from August of 2004 through March of 2011, for nearly 7 years in his early work years.

5. He founded his first business in 2011

After leaving Ittiam Systems, Lalit put his entrepreneurial skills to the ultimate test. He launched a new startup called Eduflix in March of 2011. This is an online video learning marketplace that delivers smart courses that include video lessons and testing tools. The products are developed by established teachers. He remained with the company in its Bangalore location for 2 years and 4 months before leaving in June of 2013.

6. Lalit Keshre is the founder of Flipkart

Lalit not only worked at Flipkart, but he is also its founder. He launched the company in July of 2013. The purpose of this logistics platform was to create elastic supply for local deliveries. The business was acquired by Walmart. Lalit spent 2 years and 10 months with Flipkart before the company was officially sold in April of 2016. He achieved major success with a firm that scaled to 4,000 deliveries accomplished daily. This was one of his most profitable ventures before Groww.

7. Lalit Keshre is a multi-tasker who plans for the future

Mr. Keshre has a very well-organized resume that documents his busy career schedule through the years. We noticed that before leaving one position, he had something else in the works. He can focus his energies and attention on multiple projects at the same time. For example, by the time Flipkart sold to Walmart, he had already made preparations to launch Groww. This is a useful skill when dealing with complicated business transactions and keeping them all straight. Flipkart was his second successful business venture and when it sold, he was in a solid position to move forward with his plans for the new Groww Startup as soon as his responsibilities for Flipkart ended.

8. He is helping millions of people in India to help themselves

India is a country that is overpopulated with scant resources for its residents. Poverty is high in the nation and it's difficult for people to consider investing as a means of making money. Most know nothing about the business of investments. According to Inc 42, Lalit Keshre developed Groww to serve underserved populations with a platform for investing that does not charge a fee for the services. The target clients are millennials. Groww offers a simple format that makes investing in mutual funds or stocks a simple process. Groww also provides educational components to help investors learn more about what investment is, how it works, and the associated risks and potential benefits.

9. Keshre is an educator

One of Lalit Keshre's goals with Groww is to reach out to people in India and to educate them about investment. It's a subject that most are not well-versed in. The Groww website provides numerous links to educational resources. There is also a YouTube channel associated with the firm that provides candid discussions by experts in the field of investments. The videos break the information down into clear and concise language that is easy for the average listener to understand.

10. Keshre is investor-centric

Lalit Keshre directs Groww to sponsor workshops to educate people in smaller cities about investing. Lalit goes the extra mile to help others understand what investing is and how it works. Groww provides free resources to get started. Transactions conducted are made transparent. Investors may track their investments and monitor the status as well as receiving information about what the money was invested in. Analytics and other tools help clients understand investment performance. Groww also provides an instant redemption option for those who wish to redeem their investment funds.

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