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10 Things You Didn't Know About Lincoln National CEO Dennis R. Glass

Dennis R. Glass is the CEO of Lincoln National Corporation. He's an executive who joined the company with an impressive level of experience. He's among the highest paid execs within the company but his contributions are well worth the salary and benefits he earns. Here are 10 things about Dennis R. Glass that you probably didn't know.

1. He went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Glass attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He studied business administration and earned his bachelor's degree in 1971. He went on to pursue an MBA degree at the same institution and earned this advanced degree just two years later in 1973.

2. He made the cut on a merger

Prior to becoming the CEO and President of Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. in 2007, he was the President and CEO of Jefferson Pilot Corporation. He first came to work for Jefferson Pilot Corporation in 1993. He worked a variety of positions until 2004, when he became a Director at the insurance company. He was promoted to the CEO and President positions in 2004. It was after the merger of Jefferson Pilot Corporation with Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. in 2007, that he became the CEO and President of the newly formed company that came from the merger.

3. He holds multiple titles at Lincoln National

Mr. Glass has a lot of responsibility in his position with Lincoln National. In addition to being President and CEO, he is also an executive director for Lincoln Life Separate Account, as well as the Lincoln Life Flexible Premium Variable Life Account Z. He has his plate full but he does an excellent job of managing all of these responsibilities.

4. He was with Protective Life and Northwestern Mutual prior to Jefferson Pilot

Before joining Jefferson Pilot Corporation, Dennis Glass was an executive for Protective Life and Northwestern Mutual. He held various executive level positions within the finance and investment sectors of the company.

5. He's also Chairman of the Board

Mr. Glass is a multi-task oriented leader who remains involved in a variety of positions. One of his many positions is as the Chairman of the Board of the American Council of Life Insurers. His positioning is evidence of the confidence that professionals in the insurance industry have in his abilities. His expertise and guidance are highly valued as the board is responsible for making weighty decisions.

6. He's one of the most highly paid CEOs in the industry

Dennis R. Glass' compensation for the 2017 year was a total of $14,963,035. This includes his salary, stock options and all other types of compensation. He has a nice perks package and he's one of the highest paid executives in the industry. When you take a look at his level of responsibility, it's a lot to take on and he makes it look easy, but the reality is, that there is nothing simple or easy about what he does.

7. He has a heart for those in need

We learned that Dennis Glass takes time out of his busy schedule for supporting worthy charities. According to his employer, there are several that he is actively involved with. The world is a better place because of Dennis R. Glass and people with his concern for others.

8. He also cares about the community

We also learned that Mr. Glass is concerned about his community as well. It's hard to imagine where he finds the time. Nonetheless, he finds the time to remain active in a variety of different civic activities as well as on different industry boards.

9. He serves the insurance industry well

It's one thing to be the leader of a large insurance company, but it's quite another to be involved in so many different aspects of the business. When it comes to insurance, Dennis Glass has been involved in most aspects and he knows the business inside out. This is why he's such a valuable asset to Lincoln National Corp.

10. He turns 70 in 2019

Mr. Glass has enjoyed a remarkable and long career in the Insurance business. He's reached the pinnacle of success as the leader of a major corporation. Mr. Glass was born in 1949 and is 70 years old in 2019. We've not heard any rumors of plans for retirement, so we're assuming that he plans to stay with the company for a while. He would leave tough shoes to fill.

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