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10 Things You Didn't Know About Lindy Fishburne

Lindy Fishburne

Lindy Fishburne is an American businesswoman who currently serves as the Executive Director of Breakout Labs. Lindy is an example and role model for women in corporate America who have the goal of securing an executive leadership position in the business world. If you're not familiar with Lindy, here are 10 things you didn't know about her that you might find inspiring.

1. She is an expert in early-stage startups

We're living in a time when new startups are breaking out in multiple industries throughout the world. With technology advancing rapidly in all sectors, the need for consultation is growing along with the hope of new companies with good ideas and little experience in launching new enterprises. According to Synbiobeta, Lindy has the knowledge and expertise about what it takes to overcome the obstacles that new startups face during the first years after launch. She offers consultation services that help them get through the initial hard times to move forward and become successful.

2. She has successfully managed two startups

Fishburne has established a proven track record of success in her management of two startups that went on to become successful in their respective industry niches. She brings years of experience in managing through rapid growth periods through the breakthrough period of product sales leading to profitability.

3. She concurrently serves in two executive positions

Impressively, Lindy Fishburne is presently serving in two executive jobs with heavy responsibilities. She is not only Breakout Labs' executive director, she is also the Senior Vice President for Investments or the Thiel Foundation. Lindy uses her expertise to assist in leadership as the organization moves forward with its program design and strategic development plan.

4. Lindy has a degree in business

Fishburne began her education at Pace Academy. After completing her studies there, she continued to the University of Texas at Austin where she was accepted into the Red McCombs School of Business. She earned her MBA at the school and also continued with educational courses at Duke University, according to her Linkedin page.

5. She started her career as an executive

Lindy Fishburne is unique in that her first listed job on her Linkedin profile was as a Vice President of Client Development for Collabrys. She secured the position in June of 2001 and continued to work for the company in this capacity for 3 years before leaving in May of 2004.

6. Lindy served with The Alexander Group

Lindy Fishburne left her position with Collabrys to accept a job at The Alexander Group as Principal. She was first hired in May of 2004. She worked at the company for 4 years and 2 months before leaving in June of 2008 to pursue her career at a higher level of responsibility.

7. She serves on the board of Cytovale

In addition to her other responsibilities, Lindy joined the board of Cytovale where she sits as an active member at the present. She first joined the board in 2008 at the San Francisco Bay area organization. She has been in her current position for 3 years. This tells us that she is civic-minded and gives her time to lend her expertise where it is needed. Also, she serves as a managing partner at Breakout Ventures. She's been there since 2016. She has been at her post with Breakout Labs since 2008. Lindy has served in the position of executive director for a total of 13 years.

8. She sets a good example for females in business

Lindy's resume is indeed impressive. It's not often that the first job a person gets out of college is one with such immense responsibility. Fishburne's resume is solid and reflects her dedication to performance and her strong work ethic. The dates listed on her curriculum vitae show that she has no gaps in her employment history. Before leaving one job she already had another firmly in line. We also see that she stayed with each employer long enough to gain useful experience that prepared her to take the next step of progressive responsibility in climbing the career ladder. She moved upwards and built a solid career that prepared her with a good foundation for moving up to each new step. Her 13 years of experience and success at Breakout Labs are indeed impressive. She has become an expert in the field and has contributed to the success of not only the company that she works with but also for the clients that she has served through Breakout labs for more than a decade.

9. Fishburne is the founder of Breakout Labs

According to PAC, Lindy Fishburne is not only the executive director of Breakout Labs, but she is also the founder of the company. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she is also an entrepreneur and a business owner. She took the knowledge and expertise that she gained through her education and work at her previous job to lunch her own very successful startups. She knows what it takes to turn a fledgling new startup and turn it into a successful enterprise.

10. We'll hear more from her in the future

Lindy Fishburne is just getting started in her innovative and successful startup. The Breakout Labs seed fund is a revolving-type model. It is her hope and dream that this new model will help to redefine the current system by which funding is obtained for early-stage startups. It has the potential for providing as-needed type access to funding for the acceleration of innovations, expansion, and overall success in receiving the necessary seed funds to make a good first show. She continues to make contributions to this sector of the financial consultation and new business funding arena. It's an essential service that has needed an infusion of new life.

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