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A Closer Look at Volkner's $2.4 Million Performance S

Volkner's $2.4 Million Performance S

Traveling in style is the best way to go, but what if you could go further and bring more with you easily? Volkner's Performance S is a next-level super-motor home for the luxury-minded. You can adventure in deluxe comfort with many motorhomes and tour busses, but this one is hiding a sweet secret inside. Let's take a closer look at Volkner's $2.4 Million Performance S and see what makes this motorhome different from all the rest.

Hidden Depths

The Performance S was an instant hit when it debuted at the 2021 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany. At first glance, the boxy motorhome with its unique antennae-like rear-view mirrors looks like a harmless science fiction-based insect. However, there's more than one secret hiding inside this less-than-flashy monotone exterior. On the outside, you can see that this traveler's dream is well made. Anyone who knows Volkner is aware that it makes the best motorhomes in the world. The name alone is a tip that tells you whatever is hiding inside is going to be great. The sheer size of this incredible home away from home on wheels is impressive. At eight point two feet wide, there is more lateral space than a trendy shipping container home with far more style and mobility. Moreover, this behemoth is 39.37 feet or twelve meters long, so there's plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

There's a problem with traveling by motorhome. If you want to go anywhere a bus-sized vehicle can't go, you're stuck. The only options are towing a car behind, extending the length dangerously, or renting a car at every stop. Neither of these is a great option. So, naturally, Volkner wasn't going to let that design flaw stand. After all, it's not a true luxury unless you have everything you need. Volkner's simple, elegant, innovative solution is a major part of what makes Performance S different. This motorhome brings a one-car garage along for the ride. There is an ingeniously hidden, hydraulically opening parking space between the axles large enough for a Bugatti Chiron or any similar sized car. The slide-out parking space is still useful for those who don't want to bring their other favorite ride on long trips. You can extend it and use the space like a patio or terrace. Enjoying sunsets or watching the stars from your own mobile outdoor platform is a great way to extend your options. Set up a telescope or lounge and entertain as you like.

All The Features

Stepping inside Volkner's Performance S gives you a window into what classy travel should look like. Owners of this posh motorhome can choose from three hardwood flooring options. Blackwood veneer compliments the luxuriant cream-colored upholstery, and numerous bespoke options are available at a premium for an even more custom cruise. One of the first things you'll see is the lounge, a relaxing and spacious u-shape with plenty of seating. Plus, this area can convert into an additional sleeping area if one bedroom doesn't suit your style. Speaking of bedrooms, the Performance S has a large master suite with a generous double bed. Pop-up storage throughout offers plenty of space for personal belongings. The bathroom is larger than most minuscule motorhome restrooms and has a massive shower for cleaning up before you head home from your trip. The Robb Report aptly calls this bathroom "stately."

Taking the comforts of home with you is never more apparent than in the kitchen, and this one is fully loaded. From the induction stove, dishwasher, oven refrigerator, and microwave to the unexpected espresso maker, you can make any meal you desire without needing to stop unless you need more ingredients. Additionally, there's a custom wine case add-on that is positively decadent for the oenophile on the go. One of the worst things about many motorhomes is the incredibly tiny water tanks. Volkner's Performance S offers freshwater tanks ranging from almost two hundred gallons to around two hundred and sixty-four gallons or 750 to 1,000 liters. This is one travel vehicle that won't leave you frustrated halfway through your shower. The only downside to such large tanks is that you'll have to stop a little longer to refill them. Finally, you can't travel in style without good music for the road. Volkner knew this when they installed the custom Burmester sound system. You'll get superb sound quality anywhere in the Performance S. However, the added music also upped the price by a stunning $355,000.

It's (Partially) Electric

With a vehicle as large as the Performance S, you might reasonably expect it to be a gas-guzzling nightmare on the road. Running all those features with outdated and dirty petroleum technology would work, but most of Europe is pushing hard to stop the production of gas vehicles in the near future, and it's hard to imagine a company like Volkner would be so far behind the times. The roof of this vehicle is outfitted with outstanding two thousand watt solar panels. A lithium-ion battery bank stores plenty of clean solar energy to run the massive suite of gadgets and appliances. Meanwhile, there are two different engine options. According to Motor 1, buyers can choose between or a Mercedes powerplant with 424 hp (316 kW) or a Volvo engine making 454 horsepower (338 kilowatts). Either way, the engine connects to an automatic gearbox for easy driving.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the world is great, but backpacking isn't for everyone. If you'd rather have a luxury apartment than a tent with sleeping bags on the ground, you can still see the sights. Of course, you'll have to shell out almost two and a half million for the base model. If you want all the advanced features and add-ons the price more than doubles to $7.7 million making Volkner's "$2.4 million" Performance S officially the most expensive motorhome of all time. Yet, with the ability to bring a car, save the environment and see the world in style, it's worth the price tag.

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