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What Differentiates the Interior of an Infiniti from Other Cars?

Interior of an Infiniti

Infiniti is a brand that was founded to serve as the luxury division of the Nissan Motor Corporation. While we consider the essential elements of a top-notch luxury vehicle to include excellence in handling and performance, one of the most important things we look at first is the cabin. When compared to the Nissan branding the interiors were intended to outshine them in luxury with more premium features and upgraded tech and convenience features. Here are the things that differentiate Infiniti interiors from other cars.

An honest review of Infiniti interiors

Motor Trend offers their perspective on the things that make a luxury interior luxurious. When we consider the cabin of a luxury vehicle as a reviewable factor, we look or the use of premium materials in construction. The look and feel of the upholstery and other items that come into contact with the skin, comfort, and convenience in the layout go a long way in achieving consumer satisfaction. One looks for wood trim, user-friendly convenience devices, and thick leather with contrasting stitching. An honest appraisal of Infiniti interior features does not reveal anything that is over the top in glitz or glamor. That isn't the intention of Infiniti, nor has it ever been. It's a luxury brand that is grounded and down to earth that doesn't make use of flashy interiors or exteriors for that matter. At the heart of the matter, luxury is in a common-sense approach with useful features that make the ride and the drive comfortable and enjoyable. Is Infiniti a leader in the luxury class? Most would say that it isn't, but those who prefer an understated elegance may beg to differ. The overall consensus is that Infiniti needs a refresh if not a total update and redesign.

Elements of the Infiniti QX50 interior

Although the Infiniti is intended to be separated from Nissan vehicles by its luxury features, we still see a lot of Nissan in the design. We begin by taking a look at the interior features. The steering wheel comes in a black leather wrap with luxurious white stitching that adds a lovely contrast. The environmental control system, control stalks, radio controls, and instrument cluster are all Nissan inspired. There is little differentiation. While a variation in the design would have further distanced the two it's not something that has received a lot of attention, other than the leather and contrast stitching.

Redeeming features of the Infiniti interior

When looking at the QX50, we must point out that the luxury shines through in the spacious rear bench with ample head and legroom. The seats are comfortable as well as supportive for the driver and front-seat passenger. The cargo space is roomy with plenty of vertical and horizontal space. The QX50 offers vegan leather upholstery in a trim that features an understated design. The Essential package offers a bit more for those who crave a little extra with a quilted leather interior with contrasting accent strips of sued down the center console. This is something you won't get on the lower trims that are offered at a starting price of $38,275 but it is available in the loaded version for $59,085 for the Luxe interior option. Other notable achievements of interior luxury in the Infiniti QX50 include the stacked infotainment display that is easy to operate and within convenient reach. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with navigation radio, and media functions on the top screen. A lower screen is dedicated to functions for climate control, settings, and other practicalities.

Understanding Infiniti's interior design

When we consider that Infiniti has made it a practice to keep the flash and glitz out of their luxury vehicles, they've managed to hold to their original intention for those who prefer sophisticated elegance in an understated and practical design that assures comfort for driver and passengers without taking it to extremes. Some luxury car enthusiasts prefer all the bells and whistles and will settle for nothing less than flash and charisma with attention-getting interior features. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your preference when it comes to defining luxury. It differs from one driver to another. This is what sets Infiniti apart from other luxury vehicles in its class. It's in the philosophy of what defines luxury and they've started with understated styling and maintained their commitment to providing elegance and stylishness that does not fit in with everyone's preferences or definition of the situation. When we look at the exterior features such as the wheels, which are available in a wide variety of finishes with the same commitment to subtly elegance we see how all aspects of the interior and exterior design features fit together.

Final thoughts

Infiniti is set apart from other luxury vehicles, but not in an attention-grabbing way or over the top dripping with high-end luxury features. When you take the time to examine the Infiniti as compared to the Nissan, you will see quite a few similarities, but there are just enough differences in premium luxury to set the two apart. Infiniti offers a different style of luxury for drivers who are looking for understatement and quiet comfortable convenience with a few modern touches that meet their expectations for a vehicle that is enjoyable to drive without complicated technology that can be distracting while driving. For some, it's not up to the standards that they have set for luxury, but for others, it is within their comfort level and it tends to match their personalities with simple elegance and down-to-earth comfort features. If anything, we understand that Infiniti has taken a bold step by opting to retain the simple and understated luxury features of the brand. It offers something different for those who are not into gaudy or high-flung luxury features. Infiniti is a luxury brand with an interior that is definitely set apart from other cars.

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