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What Differentiates Infiniti Rims from Other Car Rims

Infiniti Rims

As Nissan's luxury brand, Infiniti has taken measures to ensure its uniqueness in the luxury car market. Most components of these vehicles are presented in a high-end quality that offers a sophisticated and understated aesthetic. Comfort and performance are the hallmarks of Infiniti and the same apply to the wheels are the rims.

What sets Infiniti rims apart from other rims?

First, we need to look at the difference between wheels and rims. While the terms are used interchangeably, a distinction should really be made. According to Tyre Size Calculator, rims are a part of the wheels, but they are only one component. The rims make up the outer edge of the wheel. If you want to get technical, the rim is the rounded outer edge of the wheel that has an important job. It holds the tire on the wheel. The rim supports and seals the rubber tire to the wheel. It also ensures that there is a proper fit between the rim and the tire so the air inside of a tubeless tire does not escape. It's nothing to get hung up on because even professionals in the industry use the terms interchangeably.

The importance of rims and how they work

Even Autoblog uses the terms wheels and rims interchangeably, but they do draw a distinction. They further explain that the rim is an essential component of the wheel as it rotates around axle rods. They help to magnify the amount of force that is applied as the vehicle moves down the road, providing just the right amount of leverage per the size of the wheel and the rim. It's technical and relates directly to physics. This is why engineers are called upon to design every detail of the wheels and the rims. The key takeaway is that the rims affect the performance of your vehicle. Aside from holding the tire in place, rims provide the necessary leverage your vehicle needs for performance. This shows us the necessity to have strong and durable rims that are strong enough to provide reliability.

Rims and aesthetics

The rim is an essential part of the wheel but consumers tend to focus on the way that they appear more than anything else. Rims come in a variety of different sizes and styles that are usually made from the factory to complement the overall theme of the vehicle. The larger type can give a vehicle a beefier look with a touch of sportiness while a low profile aesthetic is achieved with smaller rims.

Components of the Infiniti rim

According to Tire Dealer Sites, rims are comprised of several different components. The rim is referred to as a barrel that contains other structures. Inside the barrel is the drop center with edges that create inboard flanges. These flanges hole the tire in place. Outboard flanges are the components that give the outer part of the rim their aesthetics. Within the interior of the flanges, there are beads, which are flat surfaces that support the edges of the tires. The last components of the rim are the mounting humps. These structures run along the barrel on the viewable side of the wheel and on the side that faces the car. They are ridges that help to keep the tire securely in place so it doesn't slip off the wheel.

How rims affect vehicle performance

While looks are important to most drivers, rims do so much more than alter the appearance of a vehicle. The type of rims installed on your car has a lot to do with the smoothness of the ride and the overall performance of the vehicle. When you arbitrarily change the factory rims on your vehicle with an aftermarket rim, you are setting up the scenario or a change in many of the car's operational systems. The rims impact alignment, acceleration, handling braking, and even the calibration of the speedometer.

What differentiates Infiniti rims from other car rims?

Infiniti contracts with third-party providers to manufacture its factory wheels which include the rims. The luxury automaker uses unique vehicle designs that require specific design standards to ensure that all of the systems of the vehicle work in unison with one another. The rims and wheels made for Infiniti vehicles are precision manufactured to adhere to the exact design standards that are set forth by the engineering team. One Infiniti vehicle model varies from the next, which means that the wheels/rims are going to have differences in size and design. Aftermarket rims are not likely to be manufactured to adhere to the precision standards that Infiniti has set for its collaborators. The result of using non-factory rims can be an impact on the performance of your vehicle and your degree of satisfaction with handling, braking, and other performance factors.

Final thoughts

Infiniti rims come in a variety of sizes and styles. When you order factory rims you can rest assured that you will receive the maximum possible performance from your vehicle. Each brand has its own specifications for wheels and rims, set forth by engineers to optimize vehicle performance. While Infiniti is not unique in this approach to deliver customer satisfaction, it is the one single factor that sets Infiniti rims apart from other cars, and the rims of other cars from Infiniti as well. If you choose to test the theory out, you're likely to experience a less satisfactory ride by sacrificing the smoothness of the ride, issues with speedometer accuracy, slower acceleration, or perhaps even a decrease in the quality of handling and braking. While there are some gorgeous rims out there that have a little extra bling, it's advisable instead to go with Infiniti's custom wheels and rims. Luxury vehicles are peculiar in that way. It's not recommended to change any of the components out with others unless you have no other choice.

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