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Infiniti vs. Lexus: Which is the Better Car?

Lexus RC350

In the ongoing debate over which is the best luxury vehicle, Infiniti and Lexus are compared regularly by a variety of advocates on both sides of the argument. When it comes to the best, it's a matter that comes down to personal preference.

There are pros and cons for each luxury brand but in the battle of Infiniti vs Lexus, which is the better car? We've done the research and offer an honest comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Infiniti vs Lexus: battle of the sport coupes

Infiniti of Coconut Creek, compared the Infiniti Q60 with the Lexus RC350. When the base models of each vehicle are compared, it appears that Infiniti forges ahead of Lexus. We look at the power, standard features, and prices. The Q60 comes loaded with more standard features for creature comforts. It is more powerful with a larger engine, and the Infiniti has a Lexus beat with a lower base price for the model. In the first round, Infiniti is the winner.

Infiniti vs Lexus: flagship sedans

Lexus RC350

The next category for comparison is the flagship sedan models for Infiniti and Lexus. The Infiniti Q70 is compared with the Lexus LS460. Each vehicle has a lot of luxury features to offer that have resulted in a tie for this aspect of the comparison, but when it comes to power, performance, and warranty, Infiniti takes another round.

When we dissect the particulars, the Q70 base model is equipped with a larger engine. The horsepower and torque are higher than the Lexus LS460 with better acceleration and performance.

Another benefit of the Infiniti flagship sedan is that the fuel economy is the same as the LS460, even though it is more powerful. The warranty coverage is also better and the price is $10,000 less if you go with Infiniti.

Infiniti vs Lexus: SUV comparison

The Infiniti QX80 is the flagship SUV of the brand. It goes up against its equivalent, the Lexus LX570. Both are premium quality luxury vehicles, but when compared, the Infiniti comes with more standard features, better fuel economy, more horsepower, and torque, and it has a better warranty. The QX80 also has more space for greater comfort along with more lavish trappings when luxury features are compared. When we compare the pricing of the two, the Infiniti is almost $20,000 less for the basic model.

Infiniti vs Lexus: Safety features

Lexus RC350 1

Infiniti of Naperville compares the innovative safety features between Infiniti and Lexus. Both of these luxury brands have earned a solid reputation for innovative safety, but which is better?

A comparison of them shows that both offer vehicle dynamic control and blind-spot monitoring systems, but this is where the similarities end. Infiniti offers a suite of features that are not found in the Lexus.

These include Brake Assist, a LATCH System, tire pressure monitoring, backup collision intervention, emergency trunk release, lane department warning and lane departure prevention, and forward emergency braking with a pedestrian. Even though both are highly rated in innovative safety, Infiniti offers more for your money.

Infiniti vs Lexus: Vehicle inventory

Consumers like having a range of vehicle choices within a brand. Which automaker offers the best selection of vehicles to choose from? We begin with Infiniti. In the Sedan lineup, Infiniti offers 3 vehicles, one coupe, and 4 crossovers and SUVs.

Lexus, on the other hand, offers a choice between 7 luxury sedans, 3 coupes, and 5 SUV options. It's not difficult to see that Lexus emerges as the winner of the inventory competition. Infiniti offers far fewer choices in its vehicle lineup.

Infiniti vs Lexus: Pricing

Lexus RC350 2

We also compared the pricing of the vehicles in the lineups of both brands to find out which offers the best pricing. We compared the lowest cost of a base model for each brand along with the highest pricing for the top trims in each category.

In the sedan category, Infiniti's starting price is $35,500 with a top trim starting price of $51,800. Lexus sedans have a starting price for the base trim with the IS being the latest expensive at $38,410 for the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

The top trim in the sedan category is the LS with a starting price of $74,300. We see that Lexus is higher than Infiniti in the luxury sedan category by nearly $3,000 for the base trims and over $18,000 higher for the top trim prices for a new vehicle.

Infiniti's starting price for its coupe is $40,750 for the Q60. The crossover and SUV pricing starts at $30,150 for the QX30 with a top trim price for the Q80 of $65,400. Lexus offers a choice of 3 coupe models with a base trim starting price for the RC at $41,145.

The LC is the highest with the top trim starting price at $92,300. Lexus offers five SUV models with a base trim starting price for the UX at $32,000, and the top trim starting price for the LX at $85,830.

In this competition, it is clear that Infiniti offers the best price ranges in all categories. Lexus is a more expensive vehicle, so if you're on a budget and looking for a bargain, Infiniti is the clear choice when it comes to pricing.

2019 Infiniti QX60 vs Lexus GX460: Off-road Performance

We also compare Infiniti and Lexus' top models that lead each brand in performance in the SUV category. While each model claims to have off-road capabilities which brand is better?

According to Hennessey Lexus Gwinnett, there is a notable difference between the two brands that sets them apart. The Lexus is noted for its off-road capabilities in the GX. It offers superior handling when it comes to off-roading, against Infiniti's SUV line, and most other brands in its class. Infiniti has a definite lack of off-road capabilities. This could be a deciding factor for families who like to take excursions that lead them into off-road situations.

Infiniti vs Lexus Luxury and convenience.

Infiniti Q60 1

Large families that enjoy taking long road trips may have an interest in knowing which brand offers the best option for luxury and convenience. When you're stuck inside a vehicle for extended periods, creature comforts become essential. How do Infiniti and Lexus stack up against one another?

The Lexus brand gains an edge in the competition with higher quality in the materials used for the interior. This means that they are more durable and have a softer feel for greater passenger and driver comfort.

The cabins of the Lexus vehicles are large and there is ample seating room with more legroom over the Infiniti. The technology onboard the GX 460 is easy to access, the sound system is impressive, and the interior controls are laid out in a convenient configuration to make them more easily accessible to drivers and passengers.

The third row of seating makes this SUV better for taking large families on longer trips. We also learn that Lexus has kept up with regular upgrades of its models while Infiniti has not made many changes in the QX60 since it was first introduced in 2012.

We conclude that in a comparison of Infiniti and Lexus SUVs that Lexus takes the lead when it comes to the quality of materials that are used in the cabin. The interior is more comfortable with premium materials. It's easier to access and use the technical controls which is another plus that gives Lexus the win in the luxury and convenience category of the competition.

Lexus RX 350 vs Infiniti Q60

Hennessey also compares its RX350 to Infiniti's Q60 in the midsize SUV range. Both are luxury SUVs that are popular for their performance and handling, spacious and comfortable handling, and impressive safety features. But is it a draw, or does one outshine the other when compared side by side? We look at how they measure up in terms of performance, safety and security, and comfort and convenience.

Infiniti vs Lexus: QX60 and RX350 performance

Lexus RC350 3

When it comes to performance, both of the brands have earned a distinction because of their excellence. Both vehicles are equal in their use of cutting-edge technology and high-performance mechanics.

We would call it a draw if it were not for the fact that the Lexus RX350 shows that it has an edge when it comes to fuel efficiency. This battle was a tough one to call, but in the performance category, we conclude that this is a tie unless you consider Lexus slightly better fuel efficiency to be a tiebreaker.

Infiniti vs Lexus: QX60 and RX350: safety and security

Safety and security are among the top concerns when it comes to selecting a vehicle. While the Infiniti QX60 is loaded with impressive safety and security features, the Lexus RX350 seems to have an edge.

To begin with, Lexus achieved a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA. It's loaded with front airbags, side-impact bags, knee airbags, In-vehicle assistant service, traction control, seatbelt pretension in the front and rear seats, lane departure warning, and forward-collision warning. Parking assist does not come standard but it is available as an option or add-on feature.

Infiniti vs Lexus: QX60 and RX350: luxury and convenience

Infiniti Q60 2

Next, we compare the Infiniti QX60 with the Lexus RX350 regarding luxury and convenience. Which brand offers the most sophistication and available features or a more luxurious and convenient ride?

We look at a few of the features that Lexus has to offer, that Infiniti does not. These include adaptive cruise control, automatic equalization, and in-console navigation.

The Lexus model is also loaded with more 12-volt outlets for device charging and power, and it is equipped with more speakers to enhance audio entertainment.

The Lexus offers four 12 volt outlets and 9 speakers and the Infiniti offers just 3 12 volt outlets and only 6 speakers. When we tally the results it appears that Lexus has this round in yet another individual vehicle comparison.

Infiniti vs Lexus: Which is a better luxury brand?

Every brand has its unique personality complete with pros and cons. There is no perfect luxury vehicle, but some certainly come close. The best vehicle depends entirely on the needs of the consumer and which one comes the closest to meeting your driving and lifestyle needs.

We look at some of the things that are important to consumers with real-life applications. When it comes to lifestyle, The Lexus has a lot to offer families who require the extra room for seating in its lineup of SUVs of all sizes.

There is more legroom for greater passenger comfort. Those who like to take their vehicles off the road would probably have a more satisfying experience with the Lexus options. The Infiniti doesn't quite keep up when it comes to off-road handling.

Luxury, comfort, and convenience are also areas where Lexus outshines Infiniti. Lexus offers more premium-grade interior materials with cabin layouts that are more user-friendly and convenient when it comes to creature comfort.

Although both are equal in most areas of performance, if fuel consumption is an issue for you, Lexus gets slightly better fuel economy. If pricing is an issue or if you are budget-sensitive, then it's obvious that Infiniti has Lexus beat all the way around.

Lexus is far more expensive and for some vehicle types, it offers far less in the base models when it comes to standard features than the Infiniti. Both brands claim to have more when it comes to technology, but Lexus takes the edge in safety features, however, you have to pay a lot more for it.

If you prefer to have a broad range of vehicle model choices, Lexus is the winner hands down. Infiniti doesn't offer as many choices in any vehicle class. Infiniti and Lexus run neck and neck on many aspects of performance and luxury, but the final verdict is that Lexus is more luxurious and offers more choices while Infiniti offers more for the money.

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