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What Makes an Infiniti Engine Different From Other Cars?

Infiniti Engine

The Nissan Motor Company established Infinity as the luxury division of the brand. It launched in 1989 to offer luxury car enthusiasts a choice of top of the line vehicles in a variety of models. Although Infiniti is a distinct line that differs from Nissan vehicles, the luxury automobiles are equipped with Nissan engines mostly, however, some of Infiniti's vehicles are outfitted with engines from Mercedes-Benz, according to Engine Specs. There are some differences in the engines and performance of Infiniti that are worth noting. Here are the things that make the Infiniti engine different from the rest.

Twenty years of research and development

Infiniti engineers spent two decades researching and testing various technologies to develop variable compression. During this phase of the process, they created over 100 engine prototypes. Their efforts produced the VC-Turbo engine. It was the first to fit into the 2019 Infiniti QX50 SUV. This was the first variable compression engine in the production class that the world had seen according to Popular Mechanics. After more than 30,000 hours of work, with nearly 2 million test drive miles, the dream had become a reality. This is one of the biggest contributions that Infinity has made to the world of automotive technology. The positive impacts of this innovation include boosts in vehicle longevity, the ability to change the engine compression while in motion, and the tech to better tune fuel economy, low, and high RPM power for the best possible outcomes for the driver. When it comes to research and development, Infiniti has gone over and above in its efforts to build a superior engine that would steal the limelight for production vehicles.

The variable compression innovation of Infiniti's VC-Turbo 1.0-liter inline-4 is wired into a computer system that manages the electric motor in the hybrid version to signal when to kick in the electric motor, and it operates at an extremely high compression without knocking. This has been an incredible achievement for the brand that offers justification for 20 years of work on its development. When we ask what is different about Infiniti engines, the most significant detail is the advanced technology that has delivered variable compression engines. It's one of the single most innovative discoveries made, offering seamless switching for situations that require more power, and signals sent that reduce the power to emphasize fuel efficiency. It's a complicated array of processes that take place, but these are things that the driver doesn't even notice. The goal was to produce a seamless luxury experience for drivers who expect high performance in a luxury vehicle.

What is the difference between Infiniti engines and regular Nissan engines?

Although Infiniti uses Nissan along with a few Mercedes-Benz engines, there is still a marked difference in the specifications, the tech, and the performance. Infinity was designed to be a top of the line brand as a part of Nissan Motors, Inc. Infiniti vehicles are equipped with Nissan engines, but there are differences in the specifications. The engines are more powerful and higher-end than those used in the regular Nissan vehicles, according to Garage Dreams. They're higher-performing that offer noticeably more power.

Designed for Infiniti

The advanced V6 engine that is used in many Infiniti models is a VR series that is designed to be among the highest performers. The engine offers a choice of 300 or 400 horsepower, according to Infiniti. The engines are made of the lightest yet durable materials to cut down on weight for enhanced performance. This innovative new engine features a compact layout and has received an integrated exhaust manifold and offers high standards for clean driving and fuel efficiency. The 2.0-liter V6 twin-turbo was first made available in 2016 in the eQ50 sports sedan. It may be a Nissan engine but it was designed for Infiniti vehicles.

Infiniti USA confirms that this engine was voted among the top 10 best engines for the year. Few engines can boast such impressive new technology infusions. The V6 also features a newly developed direct-injection gasoline fueling system that nails the precision of injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. It's this kind of fine-tuning that delivers smoother engine acceleration for dependable performance that drivers enjoy experiencing. The 6.7 improvement in fuel economy is just one more feature of this new engine that makes it different from the others. Infiniti has taken this engine over the top to be one of the best that its team of engineers has ever developed in the history of the brand.

Final thoughts

Infiniti engines are mostly made by Nissan with a few exceptions for special models. While it is true that they are Nissan engines, they should not be confused with the engines that are sued in Nissan models. Nissan is the parent brand with Infiniti as its luxury division. Only the best and highest performing engines are suitable for use in its higher-end luxury brand. You can tell the difference when you get behind the wheel. Infiniti engines are more powerful than standard Nissan engines and they excel in performance. Infiniti has spent decades working on the development of a very special engine that would become the first of its kind. Infiniti's variable compression engine took twenty years in the making. The V6 twin-turbo engine is lighter and available in 300 or 400 horsepower options. Infiniti is moving towards yet more new technology shortly. The rumor has it that they're planning to move to all-hybrid or electric-powered vehicles in the next few years. They're doing their part to help save the planet. It's going to be an exciting change for those who support cleaner energy and a better fuel economy. Infiniti has a proven track record for its innovative advances in automotive technology.

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