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10 Things You Didn't Know about Lyda Krewson

Lyda Krewson is the 46th Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri. and a member of the Democratic party. She assumed office on April 18, 2017. The city is faced with making independent decisions about how to manage the current COVID-19 crisis without the directive for a statewide stay at home order, due to the Governor's refusal to issue the order to the state. Krewson has the responsibility for making tough decisions that affect her constituency and the public health and safety of those living within the city. Here are 10 things about Lyda Krewson you probably didn't know.

1. Lyda Krewson made history

Krewson made history by becoming the first woman to be elected to the seat of Mayor for the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Her predecessors have all been males. This means that she is setting a precedent, and as the first woman to ever occupy the position, there is an added dimension of pressure as there is even more scrutiny on her as she handles the affairs of the city.

2. Lyda is not a native of the city

Krewson was not born in St. Louis, or anywhere in the state. She was born in Davenport, Iowa on November 14, 1953. She is currently 66 years old. Lyda attended Truman State University where she earned her degree in education. She relocated to the city of St. Louis and attended the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and she earned her degree from the institution in accounting. She remained in the city and became in civic affairs.

3. She has been married twice

In addition to being a civic leader, Lyda Krewson has a family. She has been married twice. Her first husband was Jeff Krewson who passed away in 1995. Lyda remarried in 1998 and her current husband is Mike Owens. She has 2 children. She is a multi-tasker who can juggle a busy schedule filled with heavy responsibilities.

4. She put her own money into campaigns to make the city safer

Lyda Krewson was the alderman of the 28th ward of St. Louis. She led a campaign in opposition to the concealed carry law of the state. She even took out a home equity loan to fund the campaign, which was unsuccessful when the law passed. She gave it everything that she had because of her belief that it would help to make the city safer for the population. This was just one of the social issues she tackled. In 2011, she spearheaded the city's campaign to ban public smoking which was successful. In politics, some you win, and some you don't.

5. Krewson was criticized by her handling of the homelessness issue

Krewson sought to pass a law that made it illegal to panhandle in the city of St. Louis. This was identified as a problem in the Central West End neighborhoods. She helped to establish the REAL Change Program which was an organization that points panhandlers instead, in the direction of available social services. Krewson came under firs by the St. Louis American which argued that Lyda did not have a solid understanding of the reasons behind homelessness and poverty, and they criticized the REAL Change Program.

6. She allowed a homeless center to be closed

In April of 2017, Lyda Krewson made a decision that affected the homeless of the city. There was a controversial homeless shelter called the New Life Evangelistic Center, that gave temporary housing for up to 150 persons. The shelter was closed in April of 2017, under the approval of Krewson. To attempt to compensate, the Biddle House shelter which was owned by the city of St. Louis, added 50 more beds. The following winter, two people who were homeless without a place to live died in the streets, and this was highly publicized at the time.

7. Lyda has lived through tragedy

Lyda Krewson is a dynamic leader with a strong backbone and a heart for improving the quality of life for the people of St. Louis. If you disagree with her stand on gun control, and violence, it's important to understand where she is coming from. Her first husband, architect Jeff Krewson was the victim of violence in the city. He was murdered right in front of their home in an attempted carjacking. Lyda and Jeff had 2 children and his sudden and violent death was a life-changing event for the entire family. They stayed in the home on the central West End of the city, and Lyda continued raising the kids with the help and support of friends and family. She has personally experienced the tragedy of crime and violence in St. Louis and it's natural that she would look for the best ways to curb the activities.

8. She has a history in business leadership

Lyda worked for Deloitte for 7 years after earning her degree in accounting. She was hired as the Chief Financial Officer for the company which is an international design firm. She left the job when she was elected as Mayor, so she could focus upon the needs of the city. Lyda is also a Certified Public Accountant.

9. Krewson oversees $8 billion in projects

According to the city website, Mayor Krewson is overseeing the completion of more than $8 billion in projects that have either recently been finished or are still in process. The city is moving forward making improvements for the residents with renovations on homes in select neighborhoods, a renewal of Washington University's campus, improvements to the Chouteau's Greenway, the Armory, the Foundry, and the list goes on.

10. Lyda Krewson has been good for the city

Krewson is leading the city of St. Louis forward into a period of growth and revitalization. She's addressed social issues dealing with public health and safety and has accomplished a great deal for the good of the residents. Buildings are being revitalized, jobs have been created and some very positive changes have been made.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

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