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The 20 Most Expensive Rolls Royce Models Ever Sold

Nothing says luxury and class like a Rolls Royce. The dream of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce has been around for over a century creating incredible high-end automobiles. Henry created his first car in 1884, but it wasn't until two decades later in 1904 he would meet Charles Rolls at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. Clearly, the two hit it off, and the automotive world has been benefitting from their partnership ever since. While they've always made big-budget, extravagant cars, even among their vehicles, some stand out above the rest. We've curated a list of the most valuable Rolls-Royce cars ever sold.

20. 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V State Landaulet by Mulliner Park Ward - $445,000

1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V State Landaulet by Mulliner Park Ward

When a government commissions a car, you know it's something special. Such is the case with this stunning example that was created for the Communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1966. Only five of the '67 Phantom V State Landaulets were ever produced. No expense was spared, and no detail was forgotten. This car has adjustable rear seats that allow passengers of various heights to sit in style and comfort among other lavish touches.

19. Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)- $450,000

Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

The 2018 edition of the Phantom has a base price of $450,000, but that's before you add the final touch. The glass-encased dashboard of this car is designed to house bespoke art. When it comes to creative touches, this is truly above and beyond anything dreamed of by the so-called competition. Once you add the artist's commission, the price of this car could easily more than double, but we've included the baseline model on the list.

18. Rolls Royce Phantom (2019) - $452,750

Rolls Royce Phantom (2019)

Like the previous year's counterpart, this is the ultimate luxury art-car with a dash designed to house custom art from paintings to sculpture as the owner prefers. With seats that massage, refrigerated consoles and carpeting nicer than most people have in their homes, even the baseline model of this year's Phantom is an opulent extravaganza. When you need to tell the world you've arrived in the classiest way possible, a Phantom should be on your short list.

17. Phantom VIII Extended Wheelbase Variant (2018) - $530,000

Just as it's more basic cousins, the Long Wheelbase Variant of the Phantom comes with plush details that even most luxury cars can hardly imagine. Extending the model in this way means adding almost a hundred thousand dollars to it's off the line price, but it's worth the extra expense to get what you really want. If you need a twenty-foot long car that is basically a limousine, you need the extended wheelbase Phantom. After all, if you're going to choose a Rolls-Royce, you should never settle for your second choice model.

16. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I Drophead Coupe (1957) by H.J. Mulliner - $546,000

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I Drophead Coupe (1957) by H.J. Mulliner

Looking at a '57 Silver Cloud transports you to an earlier era in luxury. It doesn't take much imagination to see silver screen starlets and white-gloved drivers using this perfect classic car. We won't call it the pinnacle of the automotive art, but not many people would argue if we did. This car is the sibling of the Silver Wraith Rolls Royce you can see in the Batman Movies.

15. Rolls Royce Ghost - $580,000

Rolls Royce Ghost

Every Rolls-Royce contains custom details. This silver ghost has a sleek seashell colored interior and other customized features. You could pick up a basic variation for around $320,000, but where's the fun in that? You'll still be getting this model at a steal since it's selling second hand and it would cost you more to buy the exact same car new. With its, A trademark starlight LED light ceiling, and other brilliant touches make this a beauty worth looking into if you're in the market.

14. Rolls Royce Wraith Mansory (2014) - $600,000

 Rolls Royce Wraith Mansory (2014)

This metallic and jewel-toned offering is exquisite. The 2014 Wraith Masonry is a thing of true beauty. They offered other color schemes, but the exotic metallics were part of what made this two-tone head turner such a standout among cars. Adding a little shimmer to your garage with this glorious beast only has one drawback, it might outshine the rest of your collection.

13. Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Coupe - $650,000

Rolls Royce Phantom Limelight Coupe

A famous car for famous people. You'd be hard pressed to find one of these special edition Rolls-Royces anywhere, so the price is mostly just for show. All 25 of these unique cars were grabbed up, presumably by the celebrities who they were designed for. As always, it's the smallest details that matter most. This car has watch compartments on one side, and jewelry compartments on the other in addition to its custom perfume holders so you can change your scent for every event. After all, smelling the same in the morning as you do at night is so gauche and common.

12. Rolls Royce Phantom VIII (2017) - $670,000

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII (2017)

If you want all the bells and whistles, and Rolls-Royce will actually make you bells and whistles if you want them, the Phantoms are the way to go. In 2017 the tricked out version of the Phantom 8 came in at a massive $670,000 and just previewing it required an invitation and a flight to Florida for the show. The first Phantom debuted in 1926, and this car is the longest running model in existence. Of course, the originals came with slightly different features, but the Phantom has been ghosting its way through the competition for nearly a century now in one form or another.

11. Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse - $662,000-700,000

Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse

Live in style, die in style. This twenty-three-foot long hearse is a funeral parade all by itself. If you drove an extended wheelbase phantom in life, this is even roomier, by about three feet. For those who simply cannot drop dead without first assuring their entourage will be seen one last time after they've sloughed off their mortal coil, the Phantom Hearse is the only way to go to your eternal rest. Perhaps you can't take it with you, but you can make sure your last ride is as memorable as your first in this ridiculous Rolls-Royce Hearse.

10. Rolls Royce Wraith (2014) - $750,000

Rolls Royce Wraith (2014)

Not every car that sells at an incredible price is simply going to someone who wants to look good in front of their billionaire friends. Sometimes you just need an incredible car that also gives you a sense of accomplishment on its own. This particular Wraith was off-the-line new when Rolls-Royce donated it for the charity auction where it fetched this price. Someone at the 2014 Naples Winter Wine Festival in Florida made a huge donation to the Naples Children & Education Foundation and got a matching tax write off to go with their brand new car.

9. Rolls Royce Phantom Mansory Conquistador & Year of the Dragon Edition - $ 1 - $1.2 Million

Rolls Royce Phantom Mansory Conquistador & Year of the Dragon Edition

Whether you want the aerodynamic package add ons for your Phantom with the (usually) metallic Masonry edition, or you're seeking something a little more special with the unique Year of the Dragon Edition, the Rolls Royce Phantoms are the best for a good reason. Phantoms are the most sumptuous cars out there in so many ways. Unfortunately, the Year of the Dragon Editions aren't available, since they sold out within two months of their release in China.

8. Rolls Royce Phantom II Special Town Car (1933) – $2.31 Million

Rolls Royce Phantom II Special Town Car (1933)

Timeless and magnificent, this town car is everything that a 1930s era millionaire could dream of. For those seeking a nod to simpler and more majestic automotive times, you'll have to wait until the current owner sells this extravagant beauty. For now, you'll sadly have to settle for merely looking at it in pictures. Someone snapped this car up almost a decade ago from Southebys, and we haven't seen it since.

7. The Robert Hall Phantom II Continental Sports Coupé (Freestone & Webb, 1933) - $2.42 Million

The Robert Hall Phantom II Continental Sports Coupé (Freestone & Webb, 1933)

This peerless car has such a long and storied history that we can't possibly fit it all in. To give you just the briefest taste of the allure this specific vehicle holds we'll relate the story of Anthony Gibbs who purchased the car in 1952. He saw it on the road ahead and fell so deeply in love with the car that he chased the driver to a railroad crossing, terrifying them until he finally convinced them to listen to his offer. The previous owner accepted, making Gibbs one of the long line of owners, and only the first to chase this car until he could buy it.

6. Rolls Royce Ghost Diva Fenice Milano - $3 Million

Rolls Royce Ghost Diva Fenice Milano

Featuring golden door handles (literally), and 24k trim, the Fenice Milano is surely the Empress of Ghosts to the stately Silver Dukes. This incredible burgundy and gold masterpiece is enough to make a diva swoon. Far from a 'gilded cage,' this golden glory gives a girl the freedom of the road and the wind in her hair, but only if she can pay the price. At a lavish $3 Million, only a handful of the most affluent women will be driving these luxe lovelies.

5. Rolls Royce Hyperion Pininfarina - $6 Million

Rolls Royce Hyperion Pininfarina

This truly singular, one of a kind commission was so expensive that the original requester couldn't afford to buy it when it was finished. The uniquely sporty looking Rolls-Royce came up for sale back in 2009 because the buyer fell through. Their loss was someone's gain, though we couldn't ferret out who was fortunate enough to become the owner of this decadent powder blue vehicle.

4. Rolls Royce Two-Seater (1904) - $7,254,290

Rolls Royce 10 hp Two-Seater (1904)

Every Rolls-Royce is special, but this is the king of all Rolls Royces. This unique two-seater is the oldest 'living' model in existence. It is the great grandfather of every RR now cruising. When you picture a classic car in your head, you probably see something like this beauty. It was only the fourth car ever to wear the name Rolls-Royce. Hopefully, it's sitting in a museum somewhere, but we couldn't find a current location for the Two Seater.

3. Rolls Royce Double Pullman Silver Ghost Limousine 'The Corgi' (1912) - $7,343,000

Rolls Royce Double Pullman Silver Ghost Limousine 'The Corgi' (1912)

A limousine is just a limousine, but The Corgi is special. This century-plus old limo was designed with driver comfort in mind. When cars were newer, though it's hard to give credence to the idea now, sometimes wealthy owners preferred to drive themselves. While most modern limo owners wouldn't dream of driving themselves, the Corgi is richly appointed up front as well as in the passenger cab.

2. Rolls Royce Phantom Solid Gold - $8.2 Million

Rolls Royce Phantom Solid Gold

Swiss company Eurocash AG and Stuart Hughes collaborated to create this decadent and surprisingly safety-minded car. The Solid Gold Phantom isn't just for show. With safety features certified by the German Government Beschussamt München, you can withstand a veritable siege in this car all without breaking a sweat. For the dictator with class, or the besieged and beloved public figure who needs the finest, but still worries about assassination, this singular vehicle will get you from one place to another in the stylish safety to which you are accustomed.

1. Custom Rolls Royce Sweeptail - $12.8 Million

Custom Rolls Royce Sweeptail

You can look, but you can't touch. This one of a kind car is entirely custom from stem to stern. Modeled after the yachts of the 1920s and 1930s, this car is entirely couture class and timeless beauty to boot. A single pane of glass tapers from front to the sweeping rear of the vehicle giving this particular Rolls-Royce a look that is so singular you cannot mistake it for any other car. Though the company hasn't disclosed who purchased the car, they have money to burn and excellent taste.

Final Thoughts

To look at a Rolls-Royce is to see the history and the future of automotive excellence all at once. There's no question about why these cars are so precious. While some may be worth more than others, every Rolls-Royce has a story, and a more profound value than the parts alone can convey. When you drive a Rolls, you have made it in life.

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