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The Five Most Expensive Ted Williams Baseball Cards

Playing Boston Red Sox left fielder for 19 years and emerging as a champion must have been a dream come true to Ted Williams. It's perhaps a hobby and a career he would have focused on full-time if it weren't for the duty interruptions triggered by world war II and the Korean war compelling him to take time off baseball to execute military services. Ted Williams was and also remains to be the best baseball player in MLB history. During his time, Ted Williams, full name Theodore Samuel Williams, was an outstanding baseball player, a 19-time all-star whose finish record proved hard to beat. He stands as the last professional baseball player to hit over .400. This legendary hitter closed his career with impressive achievements, with a batting average of .344, 512 home runs, and a base percentage of .482. He was an AL batting champion six times, won the Triple Crown title twice, and was also a 2-time American League batting winner. Dubbed 'Teddy Ballgame, 'The Kid,' The Thumper,' and 'The Splendid Splinter,' Ted lived to his words. All he wanted was to emerge the most recognized greatest hitter, a mission he accomplished. After retiring from playing baseball in 1960, William was in the year 1966 appointed to The Hall of Fame. From 1969 -to 1972, he was the Washington Senators/ Texas Rangers Franchise manager. In 1997 he was chosen for the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Time Team and later selected for MLB All-Century Team in 1999. He passed away on 5th July 2002. Let's check the five most expensive Ted Williams baseball cards.

5. 1950 Ted Williams Bowman #98 - Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $13,000

The 1950 Ted Williams marks the first production by Bowman. This specific card is full of life, though not what one would expect for his image. It has a blend of details that may not claim the best representation, but it is among the best when it comes to asking price and popularity. The stadium background is somewhat conspicuous and serves fairly well for Ted's image. Compared to previous releases, you'll appreciate the designer's artwork in the making of this card.

4. 1954 Topps Ted Williams #1- Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $46,111.20

1950's years were graced with an array of valuable and gorgeous Ted Williams cards. Though Ted Williams cards of the 1954 Topps set have no significant variance in value, this being the set starter is a bit more expensive. It has an orange background, that's not to be confused with the #250 card with a yellow background. Serving diligently in World War II and the Korean war while remaining a phenomenal baseball player couldn't go unnoticed during the production of this Ted Williams first Topps card. It honors his outstanding work in the military service, as portrayed at the back. No doubt Ted Williams was a hero off and on the field! The #1 cards are in plentiful supply but still remain valuable.

3. 1954 Ted Williams Bowman #66 - Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $85,000

The 1954 Bowman is a unique card of the 50s. However, a contractual dispute between the manufacturer and the player resulted in discontinuation in this card's production. That explains its scarcity at present. The sports card trading market ranks among the segments that associated product rarity with higher prices. This traditional vintage Ted Williams card's value mimics the basic supply laws 'a decrease in supply and demand, the price goes up,' and 'a decrease in supply and an increase in demand forces a price increase.' This card features a great portrait of Ted Williams in his Red Sox uniform. If in search of this great player's top cards, this is a beautiful and well-recognized card worth collecting. At the bottom of the card is a copy of his autograph. You'll also spot thin clouds on a blue sky background.

2. 1941 Play Ball #14 Ted Williams - Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $125,000

The 1941 Play Ball was released a few years after his Rookie Card and is Ted Williams's best card for the 1940's decade. Besides being the most pleasing set aesthetically, this card is one of Ted's iconic cards of all time. It features an orange background, 'Ted Williams' name at the bottom, a blue borderline, and a shadow emerging from the player's right shoulder. The card's design elements are on point, making it a favorite among many collectors contributing to the inflated price for the mint editions. It is a beautiful card and one that will remind you of Williams 1941 final batting average of .406.

1. 1939 Ted Williams Play Ball #92 - Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $225,000

Considering that mint editions have been trading from around $180,000 to $239,000 for the past five years, you can be certain this card is still highly-priced. It's Williams's top card on our list and that which mint versions continue to maintain the six-figure prices as valued years back. Besides, 1939 Play Ball is the only William's recognized RC (Rookie Card), placing this card in great demand, making it one of the most expensive Ted Williams baseball cards. Ted's black and white image on the card is highly noticeable. He's featured holding a bat in the air and way above his shoulder like he's ready for a hit. The thick white border on the front of the card will catch your eye. This Ted Williams, 1939 Play Ball series card is a must-have in your collection regardless of its condition. It was the first baseball card that Bowman company (then known as Gum Inc) issued.


Ted Williams Baseball Cards are among the most sought-after baseball cards. Other than their appeal, most baseball fans covet these cards due to their value. However, nostalgia influences a larger percentage of card collectors. If looking forward to affirming Ted Williams's words and wishes that came to pass about him getting recognition for being the best hitter of all time whenever he walks down the streets, then you should strive to add these five baseball cards to your collection. Though many may argue that he lost five years serving in the military during World War II and Korean War, he was undoubtedly a hero in the two fields. All these cards are worth owning, and each commemorates a unique moment that Williams stepped in the field. These collectibles will always help you reminisce this greatest player's achievements, his impact in sports, and him as a person. Don't look at their value, but consider them a homage to this legend, a great hitter in history.

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