The Five Most Expensive Zenith Watches of All-Time


Few watch brands come close to the reputation set by Zenith, one of the best watch makers in the world. Inspired by the galaxy’s beauty and the ever-moving stars, Zenith is named after the Swiss horology and brings out the best in Swiss’ renowned watch-making expertise. Naturally, Zenith watches are quite expensive, but some give the meaning of expensive to a new level. Here is a look at the five most expensive Zenith watches of all time.

5. Zenith El Primero Perpetual Calendar


The Zenith El Primero Perpetual Calendar has all the striking characteristics of a classic Zenith watch. It measures 45mm in diameter but houses an incredible 321 parts and holds 31 jewels. It features a rose gold case weighing 18k with a smooth finishing on every inch save for the top of the lags; the lags feature a light-brushed finish that give the watch a compact look and feel.

The main dial comes in silver, providing the perfect background to highlight the watch’s sophisticated sub- dials. It also features a silver sub-dial surrounded by contrasting chapter rings, and the minute track chapter ring features a metallic finish and black minute markers. Combined with the luminous index hour markers, this watch makes reading time easy and quick even in poor lighting.

Under the main dial lies 321 parts that move in synchronization to tell time with utmost accuracy. Like every Zenith watch worth its name, precision is guaranteed with the Zenith El Primero Perpetual Calendar. What’s more, it has a power reserve of 50 hours to ensure you never lose track of time or focus. This watch is simple yet elegant, and the rose gold casing, combined with the 31 jewels, make this watch worth its price. It is valued at about $32,000.

4. Zenith Captain Moonphase


As simple as it looks, the Zenith Captain Moonphase is a timeless timepiece that symbolizes Zenith’s watch-making expertise. It measures 40mm in diameter, with the rose gold casing measuring 10.75mm in thickness.

In classic Zenith style, the Zenith Captain Moonphase’s dial is silver featuring a guilloche textured center and a flat finished rim. The hour markers and hands are also gold rose toned, like the case, which contrast with the silver dial to make the watch look elegantly modern. The bracelet is rose gold toned, and its interlinking chain give the watch a compact feel and look while ensuring it is always secured on the wearer’s wrist.

Two sub-dials stand out prominently on the silver dial. The sub-dial for the seconds hand is located on the 9 o’clock position, while the moonphase sub-dial is located on the 6 o’clock position. The marque’s name is inscribed prominently below the 12 o’clock hand, accompanied by a large window date. Beneath the silver dial are 228 parts, all working in synch to ensure accuracy by the millisecond. What’s more, the watch comes with 27 jewels, and has an approximate power reserve of 50 hours. The Zenith Captain Moonphase goes for about $34,000.

3. Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 Tourbillon


The Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aeronef packs a host of incredible features. Consequently, it is bigger than its cheaper predecessors as it measures 488mm in diameter by 15.80mm in thickness. Nevertheless, this bigger size suits its sophisticated design.

The casing combines two of the highest regarded materials. The case is made of titanium while the lugs, crown, bezel, and push buttons are made of 18 carat rose gold. The dial is matte-black, and the luminous hour markers painted in SuperLuminova are hard to miss even in the dark. The minutes and seconds markers, on the other hand, are painted in white on the dial’s edge.

The most notable feature on the Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aeronef is the Tourbillon carriage, which is located between the 11 and 12 o’clock positions. There are two more sub-dials: one for the 30-minute counter positioned at the 3 o’clock position, and another for the 12-hour counter positioned at the 6 o’clock mark. The watch comes with 35 jewels and a 50 hours power reserve and is currently valued at around $51,000.

2. Zenith Christopher Columbus


The Zenith Christopher Columbus is not for everyone. Not only does it come with a hefty price, but it is also a limited edition watch. It has everything a luxury watch could have and more: an ingenious bubble that does magic for the Tourbillon. In particular, the Zenith Christopher Columbus features a finely polished rose gold casing that goes well with the black leather straps. The dial is white, and unlike most Zenith watches, the hour markings are confined to a sub-dial. The hours sub-dial is positioned at the 12 o’clock position while the minutes sub-dial is located at the 9 o’clock position. Opposite the minutes sub-dial is a semi-circular dial for showing the time reserve.

The most notable feature, however, is the Tourbillon. A strange bubble is positioned above the Tourbillon to make it look as if it is moving in both directions, and the illusion is mesmerizing. The Zenith Christopher Columbus is currently valued at $230,000.

1. Zenith Academy Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetual Black Tie


This is the most sophisticated and equally expensive Zenith watch today, and it is worth every dime. It is made of a compact titanium case with a diameter of 45mm. complementing the case is a pearl-textured black guilloched dial that contributes to the watch’s luxurious look and feel.

The dial hosts four sub-dials with minutes and seconds for precision. It also hosts 32 fillet diamonds, each weighing 0.7 carat, which shape the roman hour markers. These diamond hour markers, coupled with the luminous hour and minute hands, make reading the time comfortable even in the dark. The watch also features a Tourbillon, chronograph, and perpetual calendar digital date-month and is worth about $400,000, although the price depends on the materials used.

A gentleman’s go-to brand, Zenith ensures precision, elegance, and luxury in every timepiece. These five watches, however, take luxury a notch higher and are ranked among the most detailed and opulent in the market. Naturally, they come with fat price rags and some are even limited editions.

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