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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Extra-Flat Ming 27.01

Extra-Flat Ming 27.01

Ming has undertaken the daunting task of creating a wristwatch that is ultra-slim, in its rendition that is called the Extra Flat Ming 27.01. This is one of the thinnest watches on the market today and it came with some significant challenges for the design team at Ming, making it all the more special. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the Extra-Flat Ming 17.01.

1. The Extra-Flat is a rare model

There aren't many watches that are this thin available on the market today. This is because of the difficulty in creating them. Most take on an extremely minimalist effect because there isn't room to add many complications. A forerunner in this movement has been Bulgari with their Octo Finissimo line, and although the luxury brand set a fine example, Ming decided to take a few tips from their design and go it on their own creating their own unique styling for an extra-flat watch that would bear their signature in design and uniqueness.

2. The movement for the Ming Extra-flat 27.01 is a first for the company

For the first time ever, Ming created the 27.01 with a movement that the company has never used before. to keep the watch as flat as possible, an ETA Peseaux 7001 was used as the inspiration for the highly modified version of the caliber that brought it's thickness down from 3 mm to an amazing dimension of 23.30 mm x 2.50 mm.

3. The dial is a departure for Ming

There are also departures in the dial used for the Ming 27.01. They've done away with the treatment of SuperLumiNova that enhances legibility in dark conditions and they've opted for no luminous materials whatsoever in this timepiece. Although it is in fact flat, they've sacrificed a tiny amount of size to ensure that the sense of depth was created for the dial.

4. The amazing detail includes skeletonization

We were impressed with the way that Ming artistically skeletonized the case back of the Ming 27.01 while keeping it ultra-flat. In most cases, extra-flat watches are designed with a solid case back because the movements aren't' that much to look at. In this case, Ming did an exceptional job of providing the necessary rigidity to other elements of the structure of the watch to ensure that the movement is held firmly in place while showing off the tiny bridges and cocks. Another unique design element that Ming threw in was to echo the skeletonized case in the pin buckle for a lovely touch that ties the two together thematically.

5. The movement of the Extra-Flat Ming 27.01 itself is exquisite

Ming perfected the overhaul of the Peseaux 7001 with modifications that give it a lovely aesthetic. It's highly worthy of display and it takes on the personality of an open-worked movement that gives the viewer a sense of transparency. Although not an open-worked movement fully, the design is not cluttered and the slim clocks and bridges along with the balance are wonderfully crafted to make it an interesting mechanical sight to behold. This was an ingenious and innovative feat that helps to further distinguish the Extra-Flat Ming 27.01.

6. This is Ming's thinnest watch of all-time

The Extra-Flat Ming 27.01 is the manufacturer's greatest achievement when it comes to designing and producing ultra-slim profile wristwatches. The 27.01 measures just 38 mm x 6.9 mm. this means that it is also ultra-light and comfortable when worn on the wrist. Both the movement and the case have been stripped of all unnecessary materials to achieve this impressive objective.

7. Only 125 are in existence

Ming produced a batch of just 125 examples of the Extra-flat Ming 27.01 for sale in the year 2020. Although the brand has assured us that this is not a limited edition, there are variables that could affect any future runs and their availability. This includes the ability to source the base movements so the team of designers and engineers can rework and revise them to meet the standards and specifications set for the 27.01.

8. Ming has partnered with other luxury brands to produce the 27.01

The Ming watch manufacturer is a luxury watch brand that has partnered with a variety of upscale resources to complete the creation of the 27.01 and its accessories. This is a highly refined and customized watch with the greatest attention paid to even the smallest details. Ming partnered with Jean Rousseau Paris to obtain the straps for the watch, with Manufacture Schwarz-Etienne for production, and Koji Sato for the travel pouches.

9. All of the Extra-Flat Ming 27.01 watches for 2020 are sold out

We learned from visiting Ming's website that every example of the 27.01 that has been scheduled for completion has been spoken for. This is going to be an extremely popular model and it appears that the early birds have already put in their orders and scooped up all of the 125 watches to be produced in the first batch. They're sold out of the model and deliveries for the new owners are scheduled to start in September of 2020.

10. You can check on the availability of a second run directly

Sadly, each 27.01 has been spoken for and there is no indication of when another run may be produced. The manufacturer, however, has made provision for those interested in obtaining an example of this model. You can contact Ming directly through their website to be placed on a waiting list. If and when the company plans to release a second run of the watches, you will be notified. Although it's not likely that in the near future anyone will be parting with theirs, there is the off-chance that one will be made available on an auction site, so it may be worth your time to check back periodically.

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