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10 Things You Didn't Know About the NC Real Estate Commission

Anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent or broker in North Carolina must pass a test that is administered through the NC Real Estate Commission. This is the place to refer to when you have questions about how to get going in this endeavor and they offer a variety of services. This agency is set up to protect the public in real estate related transactions conducted in North Carolina. Aside from those already in the real estate business, most know little about the agency. Here are ten things that you probably didn't know about the NC Real Estate Commission.

1. They offer real estate licensure classes

For those interested in obtaining their license in real estate, or those who want to renew their licenses can get all the necessary information from the NC Real Estate Commission. They offer classes to help interested parties fully prepare to take the required examination. Upon completion, they also administer the testing. The NC Real Estate Commision is the first place to start in the six-step process required to become a legitimate and licensed real estate agent.

2. They try to prevent immoral brokers from taking advantage

One of the goals of the NC Real Estate Commission is screen out licensees who are not competent nor morally fit to serve in the capacity of a real estate broker. We've all heard horror stories about how ruthless real estate brokers bilk innocent victims out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in scam operations. The rigid administration and monitoring processes involved in the prelicensing education program attempts to identify those not fit for working with the public in this capacity to cut down on the amount of real estate fraud that occurs within the state.

3. They monitor licensees to make sure that they follow sound practices

Just getting a real estate license in North Carolina doesn't mean that an individual is under the radar of the NC Real Estate Commission. In fact, this increases the responsibility for handling all real estate transactions in a legal, ethical and moral manner. All it takes is a call to report nefarious activity and the commission is on the ball to ensure that all licensees are compliant with laws and regulations, and if not, there are consequences.

4. It's their mission to investigate complaints quickly

The NC Real Estate Commission members act on complaints against licensees in the state quickly. As a part of their mission statement, one of the goals of the agency is to respond to complaints in a "thorough and timely manner." This gives members of the public the peace of mind in knowing that their concerns will be acted upon swiftly and competently.

5. The NC Real Estate Commission doles out discipline

This agency isn't just a bureaucratic paper lion. It has teeth and the authority to act on complaints. If they discover wrong-doing, they will act on it. Licensees who defraud customers are subject to disciplinary action. Members of this agency do their best to move swiftly to process all cases in an "efficient and timely manner."

6. They're a tremendous community resource

The NC Real Estate Commission is set on a gold mine of resources. If you have a question that is related to real estate, they are the ones who have the answers. They're free to share the information through their website as well as in person.

7. They act in unusual situations

In the changing world that we're living in, change is the one thing that we can all depend upon. Every once in a while, a unique situation will surface within the real estate industry that could become confusing for both real estate consumers as well as for the practitioners. The NC Real Estate Commission is charged with detection and monitoring of any special problems that arise and they take positions on issues, instigate rules and when necessary propose legislation to permanently address unusual problems for future reference.

8. You can take advantage of their video library

The NC Real Estate Commission maintains an online library of video resources. Members of the public are welcome to access these informative and educational tools to learn more about a variety of different topics. This is just one of the ways that the NCREC serves its local communities.

9. They offer special resources for military members

The NCREC maintains a database of useful information for veterans and their families. They offer a questionnaire that answers many frequently asked questions, in addition to the special landlord-tenant laws that are in existence for military personnel and their families. It could be worth your while to check it out if you're a member of a veteran household and having landlord issues.

10. They offer a complaint form online

You don't have to go into a local office to get the forms that you need. If you have a complaint that you would like to file with the NCREC, it's as simple as accessing the form on their website. It's easy to navigate and while most of the forms can be printed out from the site, they'll need to be completed, then mailed in or dropped off. Requests for free information can be completed online.

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