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A Closer Look at the Oris Aquis New York Harbor Limited Edition Watch


Oris has always collaborated with organizations that are passionate about environmental conservation. For instance, it previously partnered with Everwave and the Coral Restoration Foundation. This time it partnered with the Billion Oyster Project to reintroduce millions of oysters to New York City’s waterways. The purpose of the oysters is to clean the water. According to Oceanus, adult oysters can filter up to 50 gallons a day. To support the project, Oris launched the Oris Aquis New York Harbor Limited Edition Watch, which is oyster-themed. Its dial is green, which represents the green waters of the Hudson Harbor. If you look closely, you will notice that it is wavy. Its waviness is meant to symbolize how a river looks when the sun shines on it. The hour markers are white, and they represent oysters. You cannot help but admire the level of creativity applied in making this watch. Let’s explore what the watch offers in terms of functionality below.


We need watches that can allow us to read time in the dark, which is why this watch has a type of luminescence called Super-LumiNova. Before Super-LumiNova came along, radium was commonly used as a luminescence material. Although it was efficient as a luminescence, watchmakers began to suffer from the effects of radium since it was radioactive. According to EPA, some watchmakers developed cancer from radium. Besides being harmful, its glow would not last for long. Thankfully, Super-LumiNova does not contain any radioactive elements, so watchmakers and watch wearers are kept safe. Another advantage it has over radium is that it lasts very long. So, you will never run out of luminescence. The reason why you will not run out of luminescence is because its continual exposure to light charges the luminescence, and that means its glowing remains powerful.

Strap Material

This brand comes with two strap materials: rubber and stainless steel. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. So, it is up to you to decide which material works for you. Rubber straps are generally comfortable to wear. That is because it takes the shape of your wrist. As a result, you will not find it too tight on your wrist. Another aspect of comfort is that you can adjust the watch with your wrist without having to take off the watch. If you sweat a lot, rubber will not be the best material for you. Since it cannot absorb sweat, you will instead feel the rubber’s stickiness on your wrists. If you have a penchant for a polished look, you should consider the stainless steel bracelet. Stainless steel keeps watches looking new for a long time due to its anti-corrosiveness. If it were to corrode, the watch would look old and grotesque. Chromium is added to the metal to slow down rust. According to Corrosionpedia, the metal needs at least 10.5% of chromium to be effective in combating rust. A drawback of this material is that it is easily affected by temperature changes. For instance, the watch may become too cold or too warm to be worn.

Case Material

Its case is made of sapphire. Sapphire is used by most watchmakers due to its hardness and transparency. To understand the degree of its hardness, it is the second hardest after diamond. According to Jewelers Touch, it has a hardness value of 9, while a diamond’s hardness value is 10. Due to its hardness, it does not break or scratch easily. Cracks on the watch diminish its visual appeal. Furthermore, water may enter through the cracks and destroy the watch’s internal parts. Therefore, if you accidentally drop this watch, you do not need to worry about any cracks. Transparency is an important feature since it is what allows you to read the time on the dial. Since sapphire is transparent, it is the reason most watchmakers prefer it. However, due to its transparency, it can easily cause glares. Glares occur due to excessive reflection of light. To eliminate glares, it is laced with an anti-reflective coating.

Water Resistance

If you habitually participate in water-based games, you should consider a water-resistant watch. Thankfully, this watch has a water resistance level of 300 meters. With such a high water resistance level, you can expose it to water, and it would not break. This watch is therefore ideal for scuba divers and swimmers. The watch is water-resistant due to its 41.5mm steel case with crown guards and well-defined grooves on the bezel. If you habitually participate in these water-based sports, you must service your watch regularly. This is because the water-resistance capability reduces with time due to constant exposure to water. However, if you do not play any water games, you do not need to service it regularly. Another thing to remember is that you should not shower with the watch if you are using hot water. Hot water can quickly diminish its water-resistance capability. So, if you must shower with it, use cold water.


This watch is controlled by an automatic caliber called Oris 733. Its caliber is based on the Sellita SW200-1 caliber. It has 26 jewels, beats at 4 HZ, and has a power reserve of 38 hours. Since the movement is automatic, the watch does not require batteries. Batteries tend not to last long, and that means you will make several trips to the shops. Instead of batteries, the movement is powered whenever a person moves their wrists. Some of the energy generated from a person’s hand movement will be used to run the watch, and some will be stored for later use.


Oris has demonstrated a lot of creativity with this watch. First, they made this watch to commemorate their work with the Billion Oyster Project. That means whenever you buy this watch; you are also supporting the cause. As for the watch, there is a lot to admire about it. For instance, it is one of the most long-lasting watches due to its luminescence and movement, which doesn’t need batteries. If this watch impresses you, you should consider purchasing it.

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