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Five Awesome Outdoor Flea Markets to Check out in New York

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One of the favorite activities people seem to love doing is shopping. Whether it be finding the bargain of a lifetime, or simply finding that unique item nobody else has, venues such as flea markets have become one of the most popular destinations for shoppers. The majority of the time, flea markets run from the spring season as the weather becomes more favorable to shop around outdoors until the fall when the seasonal temperatures begin to drop again. There are some that do stay open clean throughout the year but usually operate only as an indoor operation. When the weather is more favorable, they may expand to operate outdoors as well. Like people, no two flea markets are exactly the same. While some venues seem to excel with understanding what flea markets are supposed to be about, others don't seem to be quite as consumer-friendly. Within the state of New York, the amount of flea markets to be found is just as vast as the state's popularity itself. For shoppers and vendors alike, there's no place like a good flea market to not just find that perfect deal that may not be struck within the shopping environment of a busy mall, but also a memorable weekend experience that can last a lifetime. Whether you're just a local who likes to see what new goodies your neighboring vendors have come up with or a tourist who heard about that little secret shopping area, there's always something to be found among the best flea markets. Among the best flea markets to shop at, there are five that stand out within the state of New York that deserve honorable mention. The list featured are flea markets often listed in tourist guides, and trip advisor sites that rate their idea of whom they deserve the honor to be called the best in the business. Not only do some of them operate outdoors, but indoors as well.

5. Kelly's Antique World & Flea Market

Located in Clarence, which is located just east of Buffalo, New York, is the self-proclaimed largest flea market in New York State that remains open from spring until fall. In addition to operating as a flea market, Kelly's also holds auctions at its location, which is conducted by Schultz Auctioneers. The site itself has a number of shops that are open most from 11 AM until 5 PM, with the exception of Wednesdays. On Sundays, the hours are extended from 9:30 AM until 5 PM. Kelly's also holds garage sales on the first Sundays of each month, starting when the site opens for business in the spring season. The pace continues Kelly's Antique World & Flea Market shuts down for the season, which is usually at some point in the fall. In addition to the auctions, shops, and garage sales, Kelly's has indoor and outdoor flea markets that are held during the weekend. The doors are open at 8 AM and close usually around 4 PM.

4. East Avon Flea Market

The community known as Avon is located in Livingston County, which is just south of Rochester, New York. East Avon Flea Market runs each weekend with the opening hour starting at 7 AM. Usually by 2 PM, as the crowd dies down, many vendors of this flea market will call it a day. Some may stay open longer, but unlike a regular store that will close at a specific hour no matter what, there is no official closing hour. On average, 5000 customers per weekend come to this flea market, and for good reason. There's always something for somebody, including entertainment to make the weekend shopping experience even more memorable for the visitors.

3. Long Island City (LIC) Flea & Food

Located in the Queens of Long Island City, New York, the LIC Flea & Food market is considered among the premier weekend destinations for locals and tourists alike who love to shop in a less than the conventional environment. Fans of artisan food and alcoholic beverages will not be disappointed at this location, nor will the fans of antiques, art, and anything original. This particular flea market is just as much of a tourist attraction as it is an eclectic shopping venue.

2. Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market

With one of the earliest opening hours among flea markets at 8 AM, Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market. Also called Southern Dutchess Flea Market, this highly favored weekend shopping excursion is located approximately ninety minutes south of New York City, just off Interstate Highway 84. Anything and everything a bargain hunter seeks out at a flea market can be found here. This same flea market was featured on the television program, Flea Market Flip on the HGTV network, and comes highly recommended by Trip Advisor, which bases each rating given towards businesses and destinations by people who share their experience to the interested public. Stormville's flea market is also among the largest with over 600 vendors who are looking to do business with any customer looking for a good bargain or rare to find deals.

1. Mower's Saturday Flea Market

Coming out of the Woodstock area is the Mower's Flea Market, which typically runs each Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 AM until approximately 5 PM. The closing hour depends on how busy their location near the infamous Village Green is. Voted consistently as one of the best flea markets to visit, both for locals and tourists, Mower's is situated on two acres of the grass-covered field on Maple Lane. It is highly encouraged for anybody wishing to visit this flea market to do so as close to the opening hour as possible as its popularity is so great that it doesn't take long before the crowds arrive. There are a variety of goods to be found for anyone looking to find hidden gems at bargain prices not typically found in a regular shopping outlet. Another appeal that adds to this market is its location being in the Woodstock area. Among historians who know about the infamous Woodstock Concert that first took place on April 15, 1969, is in the same Bethel, New York vicinity. In addition to weekend operating hours, through the summer months of July and August, Mower's Saturday Flea Market is also open on Wednesdays. Mower's is also among the oldest running flea markets as it has been in business for over fifty years.

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