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10 Reasons to Visit the Pendergrass Flea Market

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Pendergrass is a city in Jackson County, Georgia, and it is a popular place to visit in this state as there are many things to see and do. Some of the top activities and attractions to enjoy in Pendergrass and the surrounding area include the Augusta Museum of History, the Wild Animal Safari, North Georgia Zoo and Petting Farm, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and Lake Winnepesaukah. Another popular activity is Pendergrass Flea Market, and here are 10 reasons to visit Pendergrass Flea Market during a visit to the area.

1. Grab a Bargain

If you like to grab yourself a bargain, then Pendergrass Flea Market is one of the top places to visit. Even if you choose to buy new products rather than second-hand items, it is likely that you will pay significantly less than you would in the shops. There are more than 500 vendors selling from over 700 selling spaces across a market measuring 250,000-square-feet. Some of the different products sold at these stalls include clothing, pet goods and accessories, toys, arts and crafts supplies, handcrafted goods, homewares, jewelry, food, music, books, DVDs, electronics, health and beauty supplies, hardware, automotive, gifts, and much more.

2. Receive a Service

Although many of the vendors are selling used, new, or handcrafted goods, there are also stalls that deliver a service. Therefore, you can potentially resolve an issue that is bothering you while you are having a day out. Some examples of the services available within the market include mobile phone repair services, engravers, portrait artists, and eyeglasses repairs. It means you can tackle a practical issue at the same time as having an enjoyable day out.

3. Buy Some Souvenirs

For those who are on vacation in Pendergrass rather than a local visiting the market, then Pendergrass Flea Market is an excellent place to pick a couple of souvenirs as a memento of your visit to Pendergrass. There are plenty of stalls selling a vast array of trinkets you can take home to commemorate your time in the area. These items range in style and price, so you should have no problems finding something to suit your tastes and budget.

4. Sample the Fresh Produce

Local farmers and producers use the flea market as a place to sell their fresh produce. Therefore, a visit to the market is the ideal way to sample some of the best food products that are grown in the area. Likewise, there are stalls selling artisan products, such as locally produced cheese, jams, chutneys, cured meats, baked goods, and much more.

5. Let the Kids Have Some Fun

If you are visiting Pendergrass with children, then a day out at the flea market is a lot of fun for the younger members of your family. There are multiple fun activities for your children to enjoy at the market, including pony rides, bounce houses, Eurobungy jumping, carnival games, face painting, and an arcade. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the kids getting bored at this attraction. Around the entertainment area, there are plenty of places to sit down to take a break while also watching the kids having a great time.

6. Dine at the Food Court

One of the best aspects of a visit to this flea market is the food, as it means that you can grab a bite to eat during your day out shopping. Better still, the vast array of restaurants and food vendors means that there is something to suit all tastes. These include restaurants serving American, Latin American, European, and Asian dishes. Some examples of the restaurants in the flea market’s food court include Spice Hut, The Chicken Ranch, Taqueria Enchilada, El Salvador Papuserias, Granero Vientre Hamburgeusas, Mariscos el Vallarta, El Rinconito, Jugos del Rio, Tortilan, Spice Hut, Antojitos mi Mexico, Taquiza, and Papa John’s.

7. Meet Friends for a Coffee

In addition to the restaurants and food vendors in the food court, there is also a coffee shop called Little Espresso’s. This coffee shop is the best place to grab a hot beverage while you take a break from your shopping. It is also a great place to meet friends for a coffee before you peruse the stalls together.

8. See the Best of Pendergrass

A visit to the flea market is a fantastic way to see the best of Pendergrass. The stalls at this market showcase and sell some of the area’s finest produce and also highlight the skills of the craftspeople living in the area. Strolling around the markets is an excellent way to see everything the area has to offer and to watch some local talent at work. Although the flea market shows off the best of Pendergrass, there is also an international element to this attraction, as there are vendors from across the globe.

9. Attend an Event at the Market

Throughout the year, Pendergrass Flea Market hosts various events and festivals. These range from music events to food festivals and events where stalls sell specialist items and collectibles. If you are visiting Pendergrass, you should check out the flea market’s website to see if there is anything going on at the time of your visit. If you are lucky enough to be in the area at the right time, you will find that a visit to the flea market is even more fun when an event is taking place.

10. Mix with the Locals

When visiting an unfamiliar area, you may often spend time alone or only with the people in your travel party. Opportunities to mix with the locals are sometimes limited, and this can mean that you do not get a true feel of the local culture and community. During your visit to Pendergrass Flea Market, you will have plenty of opportunities to mix with the locals, and this enhances your experience of visiting this location.

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