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The 10 Cheapest Beers Money Can Buy


Liquor and wine are great go-to drinks for party nights, but sometimes, only beer will do. Think barbecues and lazy afternoons with friends. However, with more and more styles and microbreweries joining the game, making a beer run can be daunting and expensive. So, how do you get good quality, dependable refreshments for game day without breaking the bank? Below is a review of 10 reputable and unpretentious beers that are both good and cheap. They are the Cheapest Beer options, featuring the price of a six-pack. You can relish them this year without sacrificing quality.

10. Alaskan Amber- $15.00

The Alaskan Amber is a smooth and highly drinkable beer with a 5.3 percent ABV. It has a perfectly balanced ingredient blend comprising bright loops and rich malts for a cheap beer. The Alaskan Amber has been honored with the most awards compared to the other beers on our list. According to Spoon University, this drink uses glacier-fed water and a mix of Pacific Northwest and European hop varieties to achieve one of the most brilliant beers worldwide.

  • Taste: Alaskan Amber has hints of spicy hops and slight sweetness, with mild fruity and floral esters.
  • Color: This drink has an intense copper color and elegant orange highlights/
  • Mouthfeel: It has a toasty malt finish with slight fruity esters that balance nicely.
  • Smell: This beer has a light cherry flavor and a hint of piney hops.

9. Narragansett- $11.99

Narragansett, also known as the Rhode Island Lager, is one of the cheapest beers worldwide. Doctors initially prescribed this beer to help alleviate the under-the-weather feeling. Apart from the flavor being well balanced, you will undoubtedly appreciate the price for a case of Narragansett beer. It is the perfect beer to enjoy during the long hot summer days.

  • Taste: Narragansett has a bready-malt flavor and light sweetness that is smooth over the palate.
  • Color: This beer has clear, medium gold pours with plenty of bubbles rapidly rising to the top of your glass.
  • Mouthfeel: Due to its mild to heavy carbonation, this is a crisp drink with a medium body.
  • Smell: This drink has pleasant bready malt, and grains smell with a tinge of ripe bananas.

8. Stella Artois- $10.00

According to Blog Cheapism, Stella Artois is a renowned Belgian Lager best known for its slight bitterness and a dry finish. The Belgian-based brewery was founded 600 years ago and has become one of the leading breweries worldwide. This beer starts with decent floral notes and a dominant sweetness from the malt, making it the perfect drink for a calm and relaxed day. Stella Artois is also considered the best-selling cheap beer in Belgium.

  • Taste: The Stella Artois beer has a grainy taste with subtle hints of honey-like sweetness.
  • Color: This beer is known for its appealing burnt golden color and elegant white foam head. Its color also appears frothy and dense.
  • Mouthfeel: The Stella Artois drink has a medium to heavy mouthfeel and is smooth on the palate. It is a soft drink with a 5 percent ABV.
  • Smell: This drink has pleasant aromas of toasted malt, mild hops, and warm cereal grain.

7. Pacifico Clara- $8.90

The Pacifico Clara is one good example of a Mexican pilsner-style lager created through the combined efforts of three German brewers in the 19th century. The beer is known for its slightly grainy sweetness, making it a local favorite. The drink's brewers used the finest ingredients, such as the highest quality of hops and yeast and the finest two and six-row barley variety.

  • Taste: The Pacifico Clara beer has a light, crisp taste with a hint of bitterness.
  • Color: The pour is usually fizzy and yellow. Due to its good carbonation, there is very little foam.
  • Mouthfeel: This drink has a clean mouthfeel with its light and gentle body.
  • Smell: This beer has a strong smell dominated by the smell of malted barley, grains, and corn.

6. Coors Banquet- $8.00

The Coors Brewing Company produces the Coors Banquet from the Colorado Rockies. For more than 140 years, the Coors Banquet has been listed among the favorite cheap beers among the American working class. This drink was originally popular among miners, who, after a long tiresome day of work, would want to blow off the steam with a delicious meal and ice-cold beer. The Coors Brewing Company answered their request by creating this golden Lager presented in a stubby glass bottle. The Coors Banquet beer has an IBU of 15 and ABV of 5 percent. Its sweet flavor profile makes it easy to drink and lightens the palate.

  • Taste: The Coors Banquet drink has an upfront sweet taste. Unlike most Lagers with an unpleasant first go, this beer has a lovely relaxed sweetness with distinctive notes of bubblegum, bread, and banana. Due to fine carbonation, the Coors Banquet feels less syrupy and smooth on the palate.
  • Color: The Coors Banquet has an appealing gold color with a medium head that immediately dissolves.
  • Mouthfeel: This beer has a rich, creamy corn flavor that overwhelms the tongue at the first sip. The drink's fine carbonation allows the caramel-like flavor to dissolve nicely on the palate.
  • Smell: Since the Coors Banquet is an adjunct lager, it has a robust fruity finish that is easily noticed when pouring. Pleasant aromas of corn, wet grain, and banana can also be detected behind the initial fruity solid aroma.

5. Miller High Life- $7.00

From their yeast strain and bottle shape, Miller High Life is the unique brand among the other cheap beers on this list. According to Tasteofhome, Miller High Life beers are often described as effervescent, which is the perfect description for a beer; nicknamed the "champagne of beers." Miller High Life beers are presented in a clear glass bottle with the same impressive designs and rich beer flavor.

Since the brand's establishment in the early 1900s, Miller High Life has been consistently reliable in providing the best cheap beer around the globe. This golden nectar falls under the Light Lager category since its low on calories and light on its alcohol volume percentage; at 4.2 percent ABV and 96 calories, the Miller High Life is an easy-breezy beverage.

  • Taste: The Miller High Life beer has a hint of hop and has a similar taste to the cracker malt. There are also some subtle hints of sweetness to the flavor, which dominates the barley taste. The overall taste of this beer can be described as crisp, smooth, and refreshing, with notes of tart, corn, and biscuit.
  • Color: Miller's beer is known for its crystal-clear pale straw color that often looks super filtered.
  • Mouthfeel: This beer has a satisfactory clean and crisp finish. The light carbonation makes the drink and the pour easy. Due to the drink's light carbonation, some people often refer to it as "a pour as easy as water."
  • Smell: The Miller High Life drink has faint grassy notes and slightly grainy sides. This beer also has some subtle notes of fermented barley.

4. Genesee Cream Ale- $6.50

The Genesee Cream Ale is the perfect example of a standout product wrapped in a minimalistic design. It is one of the best cheap and flavorful beer drinks that will leave you wanting more. According to liquor, the Genesee Cream Ale has a nice blend of flavors that balance a classic cream ale and a Lager. The brewers of this fantastic beer have one goal: to brew a quality beer that is as crisp as an ale and as smooth as a Lager. Additionally, you can get the Genesee Cream Ale in a 30-pack, which is excellent for events and parties.

  • Taste: The Genesee Cream Ale has both light and rich tastes that blend perfectly. It is also tangy with peppermint sweetness that is distinctive from the other flavors.
  • Color: This beer has a light golden to clear pale straw color with a decent-sized white head.
  • Mouthfeel: The beer is a subtle mix of dry and sweet bitterness at the initial sip. The drink's mild carbonation allows for a more balanced and easy-to-drink beer.
  • Smell: The Genesee Cream Ale has an inclusive smell of wild fruits, autumn leaves, corn, a hint of toasted coconut, herbs, a tinge of vanilla, some floral notes, and old tobacco.

3. Yuengling Traditional Lager- $6.50

Since it was founded in 1829, the Yuengling brand is considered one of the oldest breweries in America. The brand has survived prohibition by switching to beer with little alcohol content and has also been involved in the dairy business to remain financially stable. Today, Yuengling is a prominent brand known for producing quality and cheap beers in the market, such as the Yuengling Traditional Lager. This drink is very drinkable with a distinctive flavor profile comprising a perfect blend of cascade and cluster hops. Yuengling has recently begun experiments with this beer to improve its taste and flavor further.

  • Taste: The Yuengling Traditional Lager is an easy drink that is smooth on the palate. It does not have an alcohol aftertaste but has a pleasant hoppy taste with a tinge of bread and slight milk bitterness.
  • Color: The Yuengling beer is dark-yellow in color with a massive, brittle white head.
  • Mouthfeel: This drink is a good, light beer to grab after a long work day. The beer's flavor is neutral with just medium carbonation and 99 calories.
  • Smell: There are no powerful aromas in the Yuengling drink, but subtle sweet floral hops and light levels of caramel malt flavor can be felt throughout the drink.

2. Rolling Rock- $6.00

The Rolling Rock is a highly drinkable beer in a stunning green glass bottle. The beer originated in Pennsylvania and has grown to become one of the most sought-after cheap beers in the world. The Rolling Rock beer is known for its hoppy character and light body that helps add to its pleasant taste and drinking experience. According to The Manual, the Rolling Rock drink is brewed in glass-lined tanks, and the brewing process used is considered one of the cleanest beer brewing methods to date. This beer has a low ABV of 4.4 percent, thus will require you to drink a few of them to feel something.

  • Taste: The Rolling Rock beer has a smooth and rich taste with mild hop bitterness. There is also a decent balance between the subtle hint of sour fruit and the basic malt.
  • Color: This beer is known for its pale straw yellow color and fantastic retention.
  • Mouthfeel: Since the Rolling Rock is an adjunct lager, it leans more towards the sweeter end and is very smooth on the palate.
  • Smell: This beer has pleasant flavors of soda crackers, sourdough biscuits, and lemongrass. Subtle notes of fermented yeast can also be detected.

1. Tecate- $6.00

Tecate is a refreshing Mexican Lager drink that is proudly brewed in the town's namesake of Tecate to deliver a defined malt drink, smooth bitter taste, and clear golden color. Tecate is the perfect beverage for all Lager fans due to its rich, light taste and flavor that immediately overwhelms your taste buds. The fermenting process and the hops used to create this beer are responsible for the dominant light citrus flavor and aroma in the drink.

The Tecate original Mexican Lager tastes more like a Pilsner and has an effervescence characteristic like a bottle of champagne. According to Thecoolist, the flavor of the Tecate Mexican Lager can be enhanced in different ways, such as by adding lime to complement the sweetness of the drink. If you want a little kick to your Tecate drink, add a hot sauce, fresh lime, and chili-lime seasoning.

  • Taste: The Tecate original Mexican Lager has a hint of apple and sweet corn finish. In the beginning, the drink has malty and grainy, with light floral notes at the finish.
  • Color: This beer has a pale straw, and short-lived white color pour. It also has an almost clear golden color.
  • Mouthfeel: The Tecate beer is a refreshing beer with the light on the tongue and body and exhibits a malt profile. It also has a crisp mouthfeel that is refreshing for a summer day. This beer is also super easy on the insides and does not feel bloated.
  • Smell: This drink has subtle floral hops with more bread-like and barley malt aromas.

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