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The 10 Best Canned Cocktails to Drink Today

Canned Cocktails

A cocktail mixed in a shaker is what you need to set you in the mood for drinking or partying. However, it's not every day that you get the chance to head out to your favorite bar to drink your favorite cocktail. That is where canned cocktails come in handy. Whether you're planning to go for a picnic, host a barbecue in your backyard, or any outdoor activity, a canned cocktail contains the ingredients needed to get the bar experience from wherever you are. Are you stuck on what canned cocktail to buy? Check out our recommendations for the ten best-canned cocktails to drink today.

10. Best for outdoor adventure: Straightaway Negroni Spritz

Ingredients: Sweet vermouth, amaro, spritz pinot gris

Thanks to its sweet vermouth, summer is the perfect time to test Straightaway Negroni Spritz. The housemade amaro has a bittersweet flavor and a delightful aperitif. The exterior of the packaging will also steal your first glance. Get ready to down this refreshing beverage in the company of friends while on a picnic or camping adventure.

9. Best for premium spirits for women: Two Chicks Cocktails

Ingredients: fruit, botanicals, real premium spirits

As the name suggests, Two Chicks Cocktails is an all-women-run company producing cocktails for women. However, that doesn't mean men are not welcomed. The cocktail comes in eight colors, each with different flavors, including Sparkling Vodka Fizz, Paloma, Vodka CuTea, New Fashioned, Apple Gimlet, Lemon Strawberry Kiss, Citrus Margarita, and Cranberry Tartini. All you need to do is try each flavor and settle for the one that tantalizes your tastebuds.

8. Best for sweet-tooth: Mayne & Co. Modern Mimosa

Ingredients: orange juice and sparkling wine

Wine lovers will be pleased to learn that canned cocktails aren't limited to vodkas, rums, or whiskeys. Wine and orange juice also make the best cocktails. This is why you need to try the Mayne & Co. Modern Mimosa. According to TimeOut, this canned cocktail tastes citrusy and produces effervescence soon as you pop the lid stopper. Remember, it comes with a flute and a half, so don't sip it fast.

7. Best for soda-cocktail lovers: Crown Royal Whisky and Cola

Ingredients: cola soda & Crown Royal whisky

Considering how daunting it is to measure the ratio between a soda and whiskey, doesn't it feel convenient that canned cocktail producers have already done it on your behalf? This combination makes you feel like a whisky-laced cocktail connoisseur and makes you look classy. So much for the deep royal blue packaging with gold lettering, a trait that makes it stand out from the crowd.

6. Best for lightheaded cocktail lovers: Cocktail Squad

Ingredients: Whiskey Sour, Bourbon Smash

As you already know, cocktails have a specific alcohol content, helping you make a sound decision based on how lightheaded it makes you feel. The best cocktail for people vulnerable to lightheadedness is the Cocktail Squad. While other cocktail cans have an ABV of 10%, Cocktail Squad also produces milder options like vodka lemon and whiskey ginger with an ABV of 5%.

5. Best for vodka enthusiasts: Crafthouse Cocktails Moscow Mule

Ingredients: vodka, spicy ginger beer & lime

According to, Crafthouse first crafted Moscow Mule in the 1940s to market vodka as a spirit in the US. With an ABV of 10.1%, this canned cocktail is available in 200ml cans. To get the best flavor, pour it into a glass with ice, and garnish it with a fresh mint lime wheel or mint spring. It is 100% all-natural and gluten-free, perfect for all cocktail enthusiasts with a special liking for vodka.

4. Best for Tiki: Rum Punch- DRNXMYTH

Ingredients: Rum, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, coconut milk, banana syrup, bitters, mint-infused water

Ever tasted the DRNXMYTH's Rum Punch? If not, this is a ready-to-drink canned cocktail drink you should consider adding to your refrigerator. We like this canned cocktail because it looks nothing like what's inside, but the flavor and aroma are its significant selling point. The Los Angeles-based company relies on 100% fresh and all-natural ingredients to create the best RTC cocktail version. Serve this cocktail in a cold rocks glass with ice cubes and garnish with a lemon peel to get the most out of the flavor.

3. Best for Margarita: Dulce Vida Sparkling

Ingredients: Blue Weber Agave Blanco tequila and fresh lime juice

Ever tasted the Blue Weber Agave Blanco tequila neat? If you felt that sharp taste burn your throat, how does it make you feel to realize that Dulce Vida has toned it down with lime juice? You can get all that in a can, and it shares the same spirit as the RTD margarita. The sparkling cocktail is perfect for a big game night, pool, or boat ride on a hot summer afternoon.

2. Best for lazy bone cocktail mixing hobbyists: Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock and Rye

Ingredients: Rye Whiskey, orange peel, raw honey, and angostura bitters

Canned cocktails are supposed to lift the burden of mixology at home or wherever you may be going. That's what Hochstadter guarantees because it's already been garnished with an orange peel. Packaged in a 100ml black can with gold and white writings, this cocktail is 84% proof of rock and rye, raw honey, and angostura bitters. All you need to do is crack the can open, pour it into a glass with ice cubes, and enjoy your drink.

1. Best overall: Cutwater Spirits

Ingredients: rum, vodka, whiskey cocktails, and tequila Paloma

Before Cutwater Spirits ventured into the canned cocktail industry, it was a mere Ballast Point Brewery. The former brewing manager and founder, Yuseff Cherney and Jack White saw the rise in demand for canned cocktails. This inspired their idea to create varieties like Tiki Rum Punch, vodka mule, Mai Tai, and lime margarita with 10% ABV. However, most people prefer Cutwater margaritas to the rest.


Nowadays, going to the bar to drink your favorite cocktail isn't necessary as you can have all that in a can. However, the flavors, ingredients, and mixology methods slightly differ. These canned cocktails are ready-to-drink, allowing you to enjoy some of the top brands while on the go.

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