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How the Flaming Dr. Pepper Got Its Name

Flaming Dr. Pepper

Are you looking for a potent, cool drink that takes you back to your favorite childhood memories? A shot of the Flaming Dr. Pepper is the best option. Even though it does not have any Dr. Pepper, this drink tastes just like the sweet Dr. Pepper soda because its fiery mix of amaretto, liquor, and beer feigns the iconic soft drink significantly well. Given its excellent pyrotechnic effect, you will hardly find a more popular and fun option for your party. Read on to know how the Flaming Dr. Pepper got its name.

History of the flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

The popular Flaming Dr. Pepper drink was first prepared in the late 1980s. However, there are two contradictory stories of its origin. The Ptarmigan Club in Bryan, Texas state and the Gold Mine Saloon in New Orleans claim that the Flaming Dr. Pepper was created in their locale. While it’s doubtful that such a specific and unique drink could be made in two different situations, but its sometimes the case with cocktail lore. Either way, the Flaming Dr. Pepper has tremendous popularity in the southern US.

Why Is It Known as Flaming Dr. Pepper?

The Flaming Dr. Pepper got its name because it has a similar taste to Dr. Pepper, although it’s not consumed as one of the cocktail’s ingredients. You light it on fire before serving to create a bright flame hence its name Flaming Dr. Pepper. Really, what more exciting drink can you find to have fun with your friends? This is a perfect treat for a weekend party with friends, full of ultimate pleasure.


Flaming Dr. Pepper drink only needs three ingredients; amaretto, beer, and overproof rum. To get the desired bright flame, you require a potent liquor such as the 151 rums. Regrettably, Bacardi suspended this version of the drink because they were sued by people who had accidents while making Flaming Dr. Pepper or similar drinks. So, you will need to find it elsewhere on brands that are still making the 151 rums. And ensure always to be safe, mainly if you are drinking and open flames. Depending on the beer you use, the shot will taste like Dr. Pepper or root beer. Also, you should consider experimenting with different flavors to see the one you like best before you serve your guests. When it comes to amaretto, Disaronno is always the tastier option.

The optimal Flaming Dr. Pepper Ingredients

To prepare a delicious and potent Flaming Dr. Pepper shot, follow this recipe made by the famous bartender Simon Ford. The acclaimed gin-maker and bartender offers this recipe and states that the Flaming Dr. Pepper is one of his preferred guilty pleasure drinks. The ingredients are both easy and delicious to find.

  • ¾ ounce of amaretto
  • 8 ounces of beer
  • ¼ ounce of high-proof rum


Besides the ingredients stated above, you will also require a shot glass, pub glass, a torch-style lighter, and even a fire extinguisher, just in case. When preparing this drink, it is recommended to use a fireproof surface such as a stone table to avoid any accident that might collapse your party. After you have collected all the needed tools, you only need to follow these easy steps to make the perfect Flaming Dr. Pepper at home and impress your friends.

  • 1. Fill half of the pint glass with beer.
  • 2. Put the amaretto into the shot glass and then add the rum. The two ingredients will not mix, and the liquor will stay on top of the denser amaretto.
  • 3. Light the liquor on fire carefully, then drop the shot glass into the beer.
  • 4. Serve the drink while still flaming, and tell your guests to blow out the flame before drinking.

It is also important to note that it is customary to consume the contents fast as this is not what you would call a sipping cocktail. Also, the shot should be made from heat-proof glass or fill it to the brim to avoid the heat from the fire from cracking the glass. As you will find out, the Flaming Doctor Pepper cocktail is a real fun drink in terms of admiring its preparation and drinking it as the alcohol combination completely knocks you out.

The No Fire Dr. Pepper Version

If you are worried about the flame, you can skip the fire part and serve the drink cold. If you don’t set the drink on fire, you can serve it as a boilermaker, which is safer and pretty cool. To prepare this version, put 2/3 amaretto in a shot glass. Then pour a glass of beer. Carefully drop the shot into the beer as you serve it to your guests. That’s it; you can enjoy a nice, cold drink rather than the all-heated drink. For some people, it tastes better without getting it on fire as the flame can heat the drink, making it taste like the warm Dr. Pepper.

Take Proper Precautions

Easy as it might seem to assemble, the Flaming Dr. Pepper is one drink that is best left to the professionals. However, when you decide to make it yourself, be cautious. Keep watch of your eyebrows and keep a fire extinguisher close by, especially if you are preparing it for the first time. The alcohol flames can cause severe burns. Alcohol ignites intensely and quickly, so remember this when lowering the lighter into the glass. It’s recommendable to use a torch-style lighter such that your hands will not be close to the flame. There have been cases when the individual who dropped the shot got severe burns because the flames spilled over. According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, a fourteen years boy burned his neck and face while downing the flaming shot. Nothing can destroy a fun party quicker than a flame, so be careful.

Bottom Line

That’s it! Hopefully, you now know how the Flaming Dr. Pepper got its name. The Flaming Dr. Pepper drink will please your guests as an exciting and cool party drink. Most people prefer to light it on fire, while some like the more relaxed taste of the unlit drink. Regardless of how you decide on the shot, it will be a hit with its delicious flavor that acts as a reminder of your favorite childhood drink.

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