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10 Foods That North Dakota is Known For


North Dakota is famous for its iconic dishes. The Russian- German and Scandinavian recipes are outstanding because they are original recipes passed down from generations of the original inhabitants who settled first in this State. The rest of the menu contains the usual home-cooked meal that everyone enjoys. The following ten dishes are the most common meals in North Dakota. If you have not tasted any of these meals, you don’t know what you are missing.

10. Hot Beef or Turkey Sandwich

It is one of the most common and favorite dishes in North Dakota. It is challenging to find someone who does not enjoy this sumptuous meal. The meal is simple; you can choose between turkey on bread or hot beef and mashed potato in the middle. The dish is also served with a generous amount of gravy. The locals enjoy the meal by dipping a mashed potato ball in the fantastic gravy.

9. Kuchen

You can never go wrong if you eat Kuchen. Kuchen is a German word which means cake topped with fruit and brown sugar. According to Worldfoodwine, it is one of the most common meals that give North Dakota its name. It is available in hundreds of flavors, making it perfect for hundreds of occasions. There is no single visitor who a native who can refuse a taste of this mouthwatering dish.

8. Walleye

Walleye is a delicious type of fish coated with bread crumbs and grilled on a bed of rice. The dish comes with small side tartar, a secret recipe only known by the chef. It is also served with a piece of bun and some lettuce. North Dakota is a fishing ground for walleye, and you can never go wrong if you try this meal because it is one of the state’s tasty meals.

7. Special K Bars

We all crave a melting dessert after enjoying a sumptuous meal. Special K bars are a special dessert that contains dessert bars, also called scotcheroos. It is a baked dessert that is a top-notch sale in North Dakota. It is always a brand new experience, even if you have enjoyed this dessert since your childhood. They are not only tasty but very addictive. If you have a sweet tooth, you will find yourself going from one to two to three pieces, and before you know it, you have finished a plate of these delicious bars.

6. Knoephla

What is North Dakota without Knoephla? It is a Russian- German dish that is worth a try. The meal consists of a thick creamy soup made from special dumplings with a smell. It is common during winter because it helps the body to stay warm. According to Food Network, if you watch your calories, you need to stay away from this meal because it is full of flavors and calories. It is made from all-purpose flour, milk, eggs, dill weed, parsley, ground pepper, and salt. The soup contains butter, baked potatoes, onions, milk, and water.

5. Krumkake

Krumkake resembles a waffle and an ice cream cone, but it is neither. There is no specific description of what it is, but it is all kinds of tasty. If you have not heard of this meal, it is a sign that you need to visit North Dakota. The preparation is on a griddle similar to that of a waffle. It has a unique outstanding pattern, and they are pretty thin. After cooking, they are rolled on a wooden cone before they cool. After cooling, sprinkle powdered sugar on top, or you can go ahead and stuff it with whipping cream—what a way to enjoy some dessert.

4. Fleischkuekle

It is a unique concoction consisting of deep-fried meat stuffed in a pastry. It is prevalent in North Dakota because it is delicious, as the name sounds. Most people prefer to dip it in gravy and enjoy it. Whichever you decide, this meal should be on your must-try-dishes when you visit North Dakota.

3. Lefse

Lefse is a simple pastry-like meal. It is one of the most delicious foods you can ever taste. It is even tastier when cooked with butter or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, or you can eat it the same way you eat a tortilla by filling it up with meat toppings or vegetables, depending on your preference. If you are a Dakotan native, you can wrap lutefisk around it.

2. Cactus Bread

If you visit North Dakota, a taste of the cactus bread will make you feel like you have been missing out on a lot. North Dakota is a state with a pizza ranch. According to Onlyinyourstate, cactus bread is the most popular pizza in North Dakota. It is outstanding because you can only find it in this state. There are different pizza desserts, but if you taste cactus bread, you will realize why it’s the only one of its type in the world.

1. Kase Knephla

Kase Knephla, also called cheese buttons, is a delicious dough stuffed with a flavorsome mixture, mainly cottage cheese. Kase is German, which translates to cheese, and Knopf means buttons. It is worth a try but be warned, it is also highly addictive, and once you start to eat, you might not want to stop. One is never enough. To prepare this meal, you will need dry curd cheese. If you are an expert, you can make your cheese, but it is easier to buy one ready for consumption.


If you love food and would like to explore different cuisines, this article is for you. North Dakota is a beautiful state full of friendly people. The cities are vibrant, and you can never go wrong if you visit one of the cities and grab one of the local’s famous dishes. There are many restaurants with great ambiance, and they serve a generous amount of food. There are many eating joints, and you can never go wrong if you visit any of them.

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