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The Five Most Expensive Gins in the World


Originating from medieval Holland, gin has a rich history and evokes a wide range of emotions. Those who like it either take it neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a simple cocktail. Unlike whiskey and wine, which usually take ages to mature, gin can be produced fast. This makes it very accessible and affordable compared to other types of beverages. Nonetheless, some bottles of gin will set you back a handsome sum. Let’s review the top 5 Most Expensive Gin bottles in the world.

5. Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut ($130)

Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut is a Belgian gin that is distilled four times, the first three times with the grain bill and the final time with an added palette of 13 botanicals. With a 48.8 percent alcohol volume, this drink is perfect for cocktails and offers a bouquet of aromas, including pine, citrus, juniper, and pepper. A single 500ml bottle retails at $130, according to Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop, which is a pretty hefty price tag for gin. Why is it called the gentlemen's cut? While essentially containing the same ingredients as the original blend, Spring Gin Gentleman's Cut is a higher proof – 97.6, to be exact. The original dry blend from spring is only 87.6 proof. The maker even warns that this gin "is not for the faint of heart."

4. Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut ($460)

Germany’s Monkey 47 dry gin is already one of the best bottles of gin available today, especially if you like a fruity palette. However, the distillery produces a special collection every year called the Distiller's Cut, which features a rare botanical and unexpected flavor. The 2017 bottle contained the alpine flowering plant called yarrow, which brought out an aromatic palette. In 2020, the collection contained coconut and sandalwood notes and was aged in Japanese Mizunara barrels. The elegance of the Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut is that you can look forward to a new and exciting taste profile every year. A single bottle from this exclusive collection will set you back $460, but it will be worth every drop, especially when mixed into a cocktail.

3. Nolet Reserve Dry Gin ($700)

The Nolet Distillery is a family-owned company that has been passed through 10 generations, so you can be sure their gin is made to perfection. The Nolet Reserve Dry Gin has won several awards, which is largely thanks to its impressive botanical palette. In addition to juniper, the gin derives its flavor and fame from two distinctive botanicals: “warm spicy saffron and subtle, delicate verbena.” The Nolet distillery says that these two ingredients help create and highlight the gin’s “unforgettable flavor and dry, long-lasting final impression.” One of the botanicals, saffron, is the most expensive spice in the plant. This, and the fact that Nolet's is one of the most esteemed distilleries on the planet, explains the insane price tag. At $700 a bottle, the Nolet Reserve Gin Dry is one of the priciest gins in limited but regular circulation. The distillery claims it is the world's first limited edition sipping gin.

2. The Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin ($2,700)

Upon its release, the Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin was dubbed “the most expensive gin in the world’ – and it was. Only six bottles of this wildly pricy gin are produced per distillation run, which makes getting your hands on a bottle no easy fit. Fortunately, the Watenshi gin is worth all the fuss as it contains a spirit that is rarely ever obtained. The distiller explains that the gin is derived from the “angel’s share” of their renowned Japanese Gin that is usually lost to evaporation. The company uses a “pioneering distillation process” to collect about 15ml of spirit in every distillation run. According to the distiller’s website, the gin has a long, complex finish, complete with bitter juniper, spice, and citrus notes. The bottling contains a spirit portion that no one had ever tasted before the team at Cambridge Distillery thought to collect it. Essentially, the team took their award-winning Japanese Gin and found a way to collect an extremely concentrated and intense gin from it. Since one distillation only produces 15ml of spirit, the distillery only released 6 bottles per run, making the Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin the rarest gin in the world. A single bottle sells for over $2,700.

1. Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV ($5,167)

Number one on our list is the Most Expensive Gin in the world: Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV, which sells for $5,617 or £4,000. With a 64 percent alcohol volume, this gin packs a heavy punch. Part of its high selling price can be explained by the fact that it is distilled from the leaves of an ancient Mulberry tree, with a single batch taking over two years of constant work to produce. The long production period is also behind its rich, spicy, unrivaled flavor. The Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV is ‘extremely limited’ and only available through Harvey Nichols, the luxury department store. It has been called a “very modern expression of British luxury” and comes in a handmade white porcelain jar inside a leather hide case and accompanied by a stirrup cup. According to the distiller, you can unlock the full flavor of this rare, expensive gin by serving it with a drop of water. You should then immediately notice notes of juniper and woody sweetness. Currently, the Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV is available in a 39ml bottle and 700 ml at $258 and $5,617, respectively.

Wrapping Up

Gin is the preferred spirit for many people, but it is not a drink you expect to spend a fortune on. Compared to whiskey, its production time is very low, and it can be produced from a wide range of sources, which means that you can usually get a good bottle for a few dollars. However, some distillers have gone above and beyond to create a class of gin that will set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars, with the Most Expensive Gin in the world costing over $5,000.

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