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The Five Best Gins to use in a Gin Rickey

Gin Rickey

The Gin Rickey is a simple cocktail based on the famous highball. The ingredients are carbonated water to give it a refreshing fizz, 2 ounces each Bourbon, and Gin, with the juice of half a lime, and the squeezed fruit dropped in the glass. Add ice, and enjoy. The trick to making the best Gin Rickey is to use little to no sugar. With or without, let it depend on the preferences of your guests. The second tip is to include the most compatible alcohol. Choose the best Gin for the job. Some work better in specific cocktails than others. The best options complement the flavor of the lime in the Gin Rickey. Here is our pick for the five best Gins to use in a Gin Rickey.

5. Silent Pool Rare Citrus Price: $29.93

Silent Pool is a British distillery in Surrey, England. The curators of this elegant gin have created a masterpiece that complements the lime juice in a Gin Rickey with rich citrus notes with an exotic air. The predominant note of juniper is observed on the nose and in rising and falling essences throughout the tasting experience. The Rare Citrus Gin features Seville orange which is a hybrid fruit that crosses the pomelo with orange and Hirado Buntan. The aroma perks the nose with the refreshing scent of citrus, emerging on the taste buds. Silent Pool uses imported citrus from Portugal, including Natsudaidai and Buddha's Hand, with notes of melon, and a hint of honey to add the slightest sensation of sweetness. The blend of flavors rises and falls in delicate notes, distinct and discernable on the palate.

4. Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin Price: $34.99

Olive Leaf Gin is a distinctively savory spirit, produced by the Four Pillars distillery of Australia. The gin undergoes a unique processing technique requiring five years to achieve perfection. The result is a bright and textural gin, ideal for the star ingredient of the Gin Rickey. Olive Leaf gets its name from the three varieties of extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed, combined with olive leaf tea. Other ingredients create a botanical haven to stimulate the tastebuds and imagination with hints of bay leaf and rosemary for an earthy experience slightly observable on the nose and the tongue. Hints of macadamia nut and lemon myrtle complete the flavor experience. The combination of this botanical gin with its Mediterranean aromas blends magnificently with the lime in the Rickey, to brighten the earthy sensations and awaken the senses.

3. Hendrick's Gin Price: $38.99

Hendrick's is a gin that belongs on the shelf of every mixologist because of its versatility in various mixed drinks. The ABV is 44 percent with a smooth and distinctly botanical gin. The refined spirit contains a selection of eleven botanical ingredients. The blend of yarrow, orris root, and angelica root gives it an earthy and sensual personality, with elderflower, chamomile, caraway, and coriander. The standard juniper, along with the orange peel, lemon peel, and cubeb berries lend zesty and fruity notes. Two ingredients set Hendrick's gin apart. The distillers infuse Cucumber and Rose into the mix for a complex yet balanced symphony of aromatic and flavor notes. The distilling process involves making two gins and blending them into one. Your Gin Rickey's will offer guests a distinct flavor experience with notes that may get their attention in ways they can't explain. Hendrick's Gin is unimitable.

2. Lone Wolf Cactus and Lime Gin Price: $119.99

Lone Wolf Cactus and Lime Gin is a unique distillation with an ABV of 40 percent. It's a star product of the Brewdog Distilling Company in Scotland. While we realize that it comes with a higher price tag, it's truly one of the superior premium gins on the market today. It's hard to find as stocks tend to sell out quickly, but well worth biding your time to procure. Brewdog blends unique ingredients for a one-of-a-kind distinctive gin in all aspects. They blend kaffir lime with a fragrant cactus flower that can only be sourced when it blooms after the sun sets in total darkness. It's called Queen of the Night. LoneWolf is distilled with all ingredients prepared from scratch, observing high standards in all aspects of processing. On the nose, the aroma of juniper presents a classic gin fragrance. When it hits the palate, notes of lime with its citrusy freshness awaken the mind and the tastebuds, with hints of cactus flower notes.

1. Lyme Bay Orange & Thyme Gin Price: $39.27

Lyme Bay Orange & Thyme gin is another spirit with a distinct aroma and flavor. It's produced by a British distillery in the West Country of England called Lyme Bay. They include a host of botanicals with classic gin features. The aroma of juniper and a hint of citrus entice the nostrils with notes of blood orange on the palate. A complex yet balanced array of flavor notes include the earthiness of thyme with coriander and angelica, and the uplifting notes of peppermint with each rising and fading for distinction in a balanced blend. The fruits and herbs in Lyme Bay Orange & Thyme Gin are compatible with the lime juice in a Gin Rickey. This is a spirit that is currently hard to find for import to the United States, however, it's not impossible.

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