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The 20 Best Gins in the World Today


Unless you live in a bubble, there is no denying that gin is very much the people’s booze of choice. From gin tastings, gin distilleries, gin has become so popular. In the US, the gin market has been forecast to hit $3.04 billion in retail price by the year 2025 as compared to $2.74 billion in 2015. On one of my early morning commute to work recently, I saw a guy with a bag emblazoned with the words, “I Really Love Gin.” This goes to show how much people appreciate this drink. There are many gin brands in the world today. In the UK, gin makers have grown from 33 in 2010 to over 300 today. But which are the best gin brands in the world today. In this article, we will take a look at the 20 best gins in the world today.

20. Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

The number twenty gin in our list of the 20 best gins globally is a Japanese gin produced using native Japanese botanicals such as yellow yuzu, which comes from the north of Kyoto gyokuro tea from the Uji region, among other magnificent botanicals. The gin, which has an alcohol content of 47%, uses pure groundwater from the famous District of Fushimi and is distilled using an age-old art of blending that blends the botanicals in perfect harmony.

19. The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a truly unique gin. The gin, which is distilled in a distillery well known for its scotch rather than gin, is produced by blending a minimum of 31 botanicals, some locally foraged. You might probably think that the presence of many botanicals in the gin doesn’t necessarily make it pleasant. However, this gin is rather lovely and pleasant. If you are a lover of both classic and contemporary gin, I recommend you go for The Botanist Islay Dry Gin.

18. The West Winds Cutlass Gin

The West Winds Cutlass Gin is an incredible expression of how Australian gin can shape up convention. This award-winning gin combines traditional juniper with the unique flavors of Cinnamon Myrtle and Native Bush Tomato. After adding some fresh citrus fruits, the result is a complex aromatic gin of high quality. The West Winds Cutlass Gin is best served with tonic water and a piece of green capsicum. The gin, which has a 50% alcohol content, embodies everything good about Australian gin and is perfect for cocktails.

17. Cotswold Gin

Many people often ask why Cotswold Gin is usually cloudy. Well, the gin is not chill-filtered; hence it still retains most of its essential oils, and therefore, when it is mixed with ice or tonic, its solubility decreases. Cotswold is a British gin produced from nine different botanicals, including Cotswold lavender, lime cardamom, coriander seed, and many other botanicals. The gin is best served with ice, tonic water, and grapefruit garnish or fresh bay leaf. A 700ml bottle of Cotswold Gin goes for about $74.99.

16. Opihr

If you want an intoxicating adventure from a gin buck, Opihr is a great contender for your choice. The spiced gin is rich in citrus flavors and timut peppers that are deeply rooted in the ancient Spice Route from Indonesia, Morocco, and India. The gin is clearly inspired by the love of travel which comes from merchants who traveled long distances trading exotic spices.

15. Beefeater

Beefeater traces its origin to the Chelsea Distillery, which the Taylor family operated in 1820. It was founded by James Burrough, who purchased the first distillery in 1835 for £400. By 1963, Beefeater was accounting for three out of every four bottles that were sold to the US. Beefeater has remained to be favorite gin for many people around the world.

14. Plymouth Gin

The number fourteen gin in our list of the 20 best gins in the world today is a gin whose crating began in 1793, and the company has never stopped learning new ways of producing high-quality gin. The Plymouth Gin is headed by Sean Harrison, who is the company’s master distiller. Sean holds a coveted role in the company, being the keeper of their 20-year-old recipe, which has been passed down verbally to every master distiller since the year 1793. The gin, which has an intense aromatic taste, was drunk by the Royal Navy servicemen for more than two centuries. The gin works perfectly well with any cocktail and makes one of the best Dry Martinis.

13. Suntory Roku

The meaning of the term Roku in Japanese is six, which translates to six Japanese botanicals that you will find in the Suntory Roku Gin. In addition, Suntory are always committed to harvesting the best ingredients from the best growing areas in Japan, therefore ensuring you get the highest quality gin. The gin is also crafted by highly skilled Japanese artisans who have keen attention to detail. The Roku Gin comes in two varieties. The first variety is the travel exclusive which goes with the same name, and the regular flagship Roku Gin which is usually distilled from a neutral base of grain. If you want to understand how good the Japanese are good at making Gin, you need to get a bottle of Suntory Roku.

12. Sipsmith Dry

This London distilled gin is made using a traditional recipe that ensures that the final product is a quality dry gin with a zesty citrus finish. Sipsmith Dry Gin is smooth enough for a Martini but well blanched and perfect for tonic. The motto at Sipsmith Distillery ensures that the company makes gin the way it used to be, and that is how they believe it should be. Sipsmith’s first copper distillery in London was established in 2009, ensuring that the company produces the best gin in the market.

11. Nolet’s Reserve Gin

Nolet’s Reserve is a gin produced from the oldest distillery in Holland that the founding family still manages. The strength and perseverance of the Nolet family is seen in this gin which is crafted with alot of passion. The Nolet Distillery was founded in 1691and has remained a prominent distillery in the country’s history, surviving the French Revolution and two World Wars. Nolet’s Reserve Gin is a personal creation of Carolus Nolet, who is the 10th generation distillery owner who personally approves every batch before it is bottled. This quality gin is not cheap either. A bottle of Nolet’s Reserve Gin goes for $700.

10. Kanomori Craft Gin

Kanamori Craft Gin is a Japanese gin that you should definitely try out. The delicious gin, created by Yomeishu Manufacturing Company, is created from a wide range of botanicals, including citrus and hibiscus, giving it a fresh taste that expresses how the Japanese love their gin. The gin gets its name from Kanomori, which is a forest of aromas from the Kuromoji, a native tree in Japan. These magnificent scents give this gin an aromatic taste that will leave you speechless. Kanamori Craft Gin is best served alongside some ice and tonic water, accompanied by a slice of orange. Despite the gin’s 47% alcohol content, it is very smooth and mild.

9. Isle of Harris Gin

If you want to enjoy this gin perfectly, I recommend that you try it with an Indian tonic and a slice of orange. The gin features an award-winning bottle that captures the elemental nature of the Isle as well as its unique spirit. The gin, which is made in the small village of Tarbert, Scotland, is softened by the fresh mineral waters from Abhainn Cnoc a ’Charrain and uses the Sugar Kelp seaweed, which expresses the island’s unique maritime nature. The distillation involves a special process that ensures that the gin is smooth and has a luxurious taste. The Isle of Harris Gin is best enjoyed over ice or in a classic Martini.

8. Ransom Old Tom Gin

The Ransom Old Tom Gin comes in at number eight on our list. The gin is well worth it, produced in the rare old Tom style that sees alot of care and excellence go into the production of this gin. The gin is made from a grain bill of corn and barley before it is through an alembic copper pot. The gin has an incredible taste and is one of the best American gins that you will come across.

7. Bombay Sapphire

If you appreciate top-shelf gin, then Bombay Sapphire is an ideal gin for you. The gin is quite popular due to how well it mixes with cocktails and how easy it goes down without mixers or ice. The gin derives its name from a famous star of Bombay, which was discovered in Sri Lanka. Bombay Sapphire is best served with lemon juice, Blue Curucao, Martini Bianco, and chocolate liqueur which gives it a chocolate orange taste. A 750ml bottle of Bombay Sapphire goes for about $31.99.

6. Tanqueray

Tanqueray is an unmistakable gin that Charles Tanqueray invented in 1830. Today, the gin is celebrated by many for its quality and a perfect mix of ingenuity. The classic London Dry Gin is currently distilled by Diageo in Scotland. The gin still uses the same recipe it used over 200 years ago when it was founded. The gin is packed in a unique green bottle that has a distinct red seal. Tanqueray is a standard gin and one of the most popular gin brands globally due to its reasonable price.

5. Jo Ressel, Vento Carsico Gin

Over the last ten years, Italy has produced some of the best locally produced gin with numerous different brands that offer an array of flavors and aromas. Jo Ressel, Vento Carsico is one of the finest Italian gins that you will come across. The gin has a 40% alcohol content and is classified as a flavored gin.

4. Morus LXIV Gin

A 700 ml bottle of this gin goes for about $4914.24. Quite expensive, right? The most exciting thing about this gin is that it is sold in white porcelain jars that come with a stir cup that is contained in a leather hide case. Now you know why it is so expensive. This unique gin is produced from the leaves of a Mulberry tree, which is more than 100 years old. The leaves are handpicked before being dried, while the gin is distilled and stored in wooden where it ages gracefully.

3. Monkey 47

The thing that sets Monkey 47 from most other gins is how the brand is constantly for unique ingredients “Species Rara” to make their various types of gin. A bottle of this gin costs around $135.12, and it's easy to tell why it’s ranked among the most expensive gins. The batch distilled and handcrafted gin hails from Germany’s Black Forest and is loved by bartenders and gin connoisseurs due to its unrivaled quality.

2. Highclere Castle Dry Gin

The number two gin on our list of the world’s best gins is among the most awarded gin brands globally. If you enjoy sipping gin just to enjoy the art, Highclere Castle Dry Gin should be your choice. This gin is produced and distilled in one of England’s oldest gin distilleries dating back to the 1800s. The distillery has been owned by the Carnavon Family for over 300 years. The Highclere Castle provides an incredible backdrop that has been used by many films and TV series, including ITV’s Downton Abbey. The castle also holds numerous lavish parties for celebrities and royalties — of which the gin has been central to

1. Hendrick’s

By now, you are probably asking yourself what is so special about Hendrick’s Gin that is ranked top of our list of the best gins in the world today. First and foremost, this gin has a unique taste that is derived from its use of roses and cucumbers and more than 11 other botanicals such as juniper, coriander, and citrus fruits. Hendrick’s is a top-shelf gin of premium quality. The Hendrick’s brand itself is pretty new by alcoholic brand standards since it was launched in 1999. However, you will find this premium gin in almost every restaurant and in every gin lover’s collection.

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