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The Five Best Triple Secs To Use In A Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitans are cocktails that make the best use of orange liquor with a dry personality for a fruity and refreshing evening relaxer. Mixologists understand that the pathway to the most unique and memorable cocktails includes sourcing the best ingredients for the job. You have multiple Triple Sec brands and labels to choose from but which is the best? That depends on your goal as a mixologist. Subtle differences produce tastes and sensory experiences that are detectable for the discriminating nose and tastebuds. When we refer to Triple Sec, we're discussing any orange liqueur that has been triple distilled. The quality of your mixed drinks is heavily influenced by the quality of the spirits used. We offer a range of choices that come the most recommended by mixologists with varying price points from the less expensive labels offering exceptional quality, to the high--end brands that graduate in assessment to exquisite. Here are the five best Triple Secs to use in a cosmopolitan, along with descriptions of what makes each unique for the best cosmopolitans ever.

5. Lazzaroni Liquori Triplo Autentico

The Lazzari Liquori Triplo Autentico is a Triple Sec liqueur with its origins in Italy. The ABV is 38% with an orange flavor. Upon first glance, it is colorless with sweet and strong tasting notes of citrus fruit. Lazzaroni Liquori Triplo Autentico is distilled by Laird & Company, with a history that goes back three centuries in Italian family distilleries producing some of the finest spirit labels on the market today. Mixologists prize this label for its colorless body for crafting visually appealing cocktails, and its strength and flavors.

4. Luxardo Triplum

Luxardo Triplum is a Triple Sec liqueur rated at 78 proof. This label originates in Italy. The color is clear for mixologists seeking unique colorations without the interference of the orange color. On the nose, it comes across with distinct orange notes, light spice, and alcohol. On the palate, a bitter orange and spice with a dry quality are observed. The balance is exceptional with a combination of sweet and bitter orange sensations tempered by spice.

3. Llord's Triple Sec

Llord's Triple Sec Liqueur is distilled in New Jersey, USA with an ABV of 15 percent. It is lighter on alcohol and is colorless. On the nose, this label offers a sweet ripe orange note. The palate morphs into a lemony orange tanginess that gives it a layered effect with heavy citrus overtones and an exceptional balance of lemon and orange, good for cosmopolitan and other mixed drinks. They source lemons and oranges from the Spanish city of Seville. You can find Llord's Triple Sec at Drizly for approximately $12.99. Llord's is an exceptional light alcohol Triple Sec for the budget-conscious without the artificial flavor present in some cheaper brands. It's one of the better choices.

2. Leroux Triple Sec

Leroux Triple Sec is a product of the United States. It's one of the more affordable brands that does not sacrifice quality in the distilling process. This triple sec on the nose has an ABV of 15 percent. On the nose, it is sweet and orange. on the palate, it has a strong alcohol sting combined with sweet orange notes from the dried orange peel you find in Caribbean Curacao. This is a colorless Triple Sec with a reasonable cost of just $7.79 per bottle for the budget-conscious.

1. . Cointreau L'Unique Liqueur

Wherever you look, Cointreau liqueur is high on the list of the best Triple Sec orange liqueur labels on the market today. It is a triple sec that is 80 proof, originating from the country of France. Like the other examples on our top five list, Cointreau is colorless. On the nose, you experience some alcohol, but mostly spice and subtle hints of orange with a balanced fragrance. The first sip on the palate offers an exceptional balance of orange that is bitter and dry, as a Triple Sec should be. Those with discerning palates also detect notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. The overall tastes include sweetness and bitterness with the warmth of the spices for exceptional balance. It is a strong liqueur that is valued for its balance and layered notes of warm spices. It's one of the most popular labels for inclusion in craft cocktails, particularly for cosmopolitan and other citrus-based cocktails. This is our choice for the number one best Triple Sec if you're planning to mix cosmopolitans this holiday season, or any time of the year for that matter. Cointreau L'Unique provides a complex experience for those with a preference for layered drinking experiences on the nose, the palate, and the finish. It's one of the more expensive options, with an average cost of $44.50 per bottle.

Final thoughts

We hope that our selections of the five best triple secs for cosmopolitans have helped you to find the right label for your unique and individual preferences. In general, all Triple secs are dry, but our list includes those with subtle differences with just enough variation to give you choices for signature cocktail preparation.

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