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How Paul Wall Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Paul Michael Slayton was born on March 11, 1981, in Houston, Texas. After graduating from Jersey Village High School, he studied mass communications at the University of Houston for three years. In 1999, he started doing promotions for Michael "5000" Watts' independent rap record label, Swishahouse. Soon after, he managed to convince Watts to let him rap on his radio show and add the versus to one of his mixtapes. The mixtape was titled "Choppin Em Up Part 2." As soon as it was released, it started stirring up interest. Slayton signed up as a permanent member of Swishahouse, changed his surname to Wall, and began working on a career that, 20 years down the line, would make him a millionaire multiple times over. Find out just how much Paul Wall is worth today as we take a deep dive into his life, work, and fortune.

How Much is Paul Wall Worth?

Eminem might be worth $230 million, but let's face it, that kind of fortune is a rarity. Most people who try and make it in music are lucky to scratch enough together to put bread on the table. So, while Paul Wall's fortune might not be in the same league as some of the biggest names in rap, it's still illustrative of an enviably successful career. As to just how much it is... well, in the absence of having access to his financial records, we're going to take the world of Celebrity Net Worth. According to them, Wall is currently worth the very tidy sum of $5 million.

The Early Years

For the first few years of Wall's career, he performed alongside fellow Houston rapper and childhood friend, Chamillionaire. The pair were signed to Swishahouse in 1999 and released their debut mixtape, "Choppin Em Up Part 2" that same year. After enjoying moderate success with the label, Chamillionaire and Wall left to form their own group, The Color Changin' Click. Each new mixtape released by the group led to more success. Soon enough, they were offered a one-album deal with Paid in Full Records. Their subsequent album, "Get Ya Mind Correct," sold over 200,000 copies. After several more mixtapes, Chamillionaire and Wall announced they were going their separate ways, citing creative difference as the reason for the breakup. While Chamillionaire stayed with Paid in Full Records, Wall returned to Swishahouse. It proved a wise move on Wall's side. Shortly after returning to Swishahouse, he featured on Mike Jones' first single, "Still Tippin", from his first major-label album, "Who Is Mike Jones?" The single also appeared on Swishahouse's "The Day Hell Broke Loose Part 2 aka Major Without A Major Deal," which sold over 500,000 copies in the first two months alone.

Solo Success

Within 6 years of dropping out of college to pursue a career in music, Wall was an established figure on the Houston mixtape circuit. He had fans, critical acclaim, and enough experience of the industry to warrant a full album. His debut album, "The People's Champ," dropped in 2005. It was an instant success, entering the Billboard 200 at number one. Two years later, he proved he was no one-hit-wonder when his second album, "Get Money, Stay True," debuted at the same position. Success followed success. Over the next decade, Wall's collaborations and solo efforts continued to draw acclaim. As per Wikipedia (, his discography now includes nine further solo studio albums, including "Fast Life" (2009), "Heart of a Champion" (2010), "#Checkseason" (2013), "The Po-Up Poet" (2014), "Slab God" (2015), "Houston Oiler" (2016), "Bounce Backs over Setbacks" (2018), "Mind over Matter" (2020), and "Subculture" (2020). His collaborations are just as extensive, extending to include "The Legalizers: Legalize or Die, Vol. 1" (with Baby Bash) (2016), "Diamond Boyz" (with C Stone) (2017), "The Legalizers, Vol. 2: Indoor Grow" (with Baby Bash) (2018), "Give Thanks" (with Statik Selektah) (2019), and "Slab Talk" (with Lil' Keke) (2020). He's embarked on several worldwide tours and even earned a Grammy nomination for his performance on Nelly's 2005 single, "Grillz."

Battle Rap Stars

In 2011, Wall teamed up with social and mobile game company Jump Shot Media to create a video game. The result was the first-ever mobile battle rap game, Battle Rap Stars. Wall features in the game as the rapper to beat to win the game. Other rappers to feature in the game include Mistah F.A.B., Hopsin, J Peezy, and Fresh Caesar.

A Little Bit of Acting

Wall's net worth is almost wholly down to his success as a rapper. But while music is what's kept him in champagne and caviar for the past 2 decades, he's not turned down the opportunity to make a few extra bucks from acting. His first shot at a film career came in 2007 when he appeared alongside Danny Trejo, Michael Paré, Tom Sizemore, and Ja Rule in the low budget horror movie, "Furnace." As debuts go, it didn't exactly set the world on fire - although, in fairness, that probably had more to do with the film script than with Wall's acting. Two years after the release of "Furnace," he took another shot at Hollywood when he appeared as the fictional rapper Grillionaire in "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell." As well as starring in the movie, he, along with its screenwriters Nils Parker and Tucker Max, co-wrote its soundtrack. Despite being based on a best-selling novel, the film bombed at the box office. Writer Tucker Max later went on to describe it as "a big failure, probably my biggest and most personal ever", while numerous critics lambasted it as the worst movie of 2009. went so far as to call it "tone-deaf, tasteless and irrational." Undeterred, Wall bounced back in 2010 with the science fiction film "Xtinction: Predator X." In 2014, he starred in Isaac Yowman's "The Holy Spoof."

Summing Up

Paul Wall has been around since the 1990s. It takes talent to stay in the game that long, and talent is something Wall clearly has in abundance. Over 20 years since releasing his first mixtape, he's still pumping out the albums, releasing two in 2020 alone. They might not be topping the charts in the same way they used to, but they're still keeping his fans happy and drawing plenty of new ones in the process. He may be pushing 40, but Wall is as relevant as ever. With a prolific two-decade career, worldwide fandom, and critical acclaim, it's little wonder he's managed to scoop the fortune he has.

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