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The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge

If you’ve suffered an injury or loss that wasn’t your fault, you might have a claim. But be warned… pursuing a Personal Injury case can be a challenging experience. Unless you want to add yet another stress to all those you’re already going through, you’re going to need a good Personal Injury lawyer on your side – a lawyer, in fact, like one from our selection of the 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge.

10. Kris Allan Perret

Kris Allan Perret has been focusing exclusively on Personal Injury law for 20 years. In that time, he’s helped thousands of clients achieve favorable (and often substantial) settlements and verdicts. A well-respected lawyer with a reputation for aggressive advocacy, he has the potential to make a huge difference to the outcome of your case.

9. Aub A. Ward

Aub A. Ward is an advocate with over 40 years of experience under his belt – an experience that show’s in his outstanding track record of delivering favorable results across a broad spectrum of Personal Injury matters… not to mention his AV Preeminent peer review rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

8. Samuel C. Ward Jr.

When Super Lawyers names someone a “Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA”, who are we to disagree? As a 4 year “Super Lawyer”, Samuel C. Ward Jr. enjoys an outstanding reputation among both his peers and clients alike for his aggressive, result-orientated style of advocacy.

7. Spencer H. Calahan

If you’re looking for a lawyer who’s honest, straight-talking, and will never be anything but transparent, Spencer H. Calahan could be the man for the job. Offering free consultations and with experience across a wide range of Personal Injury matters (including Car, Boat, Train, Truck, Bicycle and Unexpected Accidents, Construction Injury, Defective Drugs, Dog Bites, Spine Injury, Food Poisoning, Premises and Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Motorcycle Wrecks & Wrongful Death), he’s one of Baton Rouge’s most well-respected lawyers.

6. John T. Joubert

John T. Joubert is the founder of the Joubert Law Firm, a law firm that deals exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. His successful representation has resulted in numerous accolades, including membership of the invitation-only Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a 10.0 "Superb" peer review rating through Avvo, and a "Distinguished" peer review rating through Martindale-Hubbell. Focus areas include Animal Bites, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury - Plaintiff, Wrongful Death, Construction Accident, Brain Injury, Trucking Accidents, Premises Liability – Plaintiff. First consultations are offered free of charge, and Personal Injury cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning he won’t claim any fees unless you recover money.

5. Chad Dudley

Chad Dudley is the kind of lawyer who believes in going the extra mile. Regardless of the complexity of the case, he’ll do his utmost to ensure you receive the representation (and the justice) you deserve. Areas of expertise include Car, Truck, Boat, Bus, Train, Plane, Pedestrian, Construction and Motorcycle Accidents, Head Injuries, Dog Bites, Defective Products and Drugs, Premises Liability, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Wrongful Death, Muscular Injury, Bone injuries & Amputated or Crushed Limbs. Case reviews are offered free of charge, and you can be guaranteed a fair deal when it comes to fees.

4. Peyton Patrick Murphy

Peyton Patrick Murphy is an advocate with almost 30 years of experience. Skilled across a broad spectrum of Personal Injury cases, his strategy of transparent, honest representation is hard to fault. Combining a compassionate service with aggressive courtroom tactics, there's no doubt he has what it takes to deliver the goods… at least if the reviews on, on which he’s scored an impressive 9.5 rating, are to be believed. “The service from Peyton and Brian as Attorneys to Client is far more than "you're just a number " they really care and are compassionate about their clients being treated fairly and give great detail and updates of your processes. These Attorneys go above and beyond for their peeps. Peyton and Brian, you are the best,” says one clearly very satisfied client, while another cements the case for his defense with “Peyton Murphy was excellent! His knowledge and attention to detail were very impressive! He was always accessible no matter what time he answered all of my legal questions.”

3. Frank Tomeny III

The commitment of some lawyers begins and ends with their paycheck. Not so Frank Tomeny III, a compassionate, experienced advocate with a reputation for putting his client’s needs above all else. His outstanding track record of settling highly complex cases worth millions in verdicts has earned him accolades galore, including “Super Lawyer” status, board certification, an AV rating from Martindale Hubbel, and a 10.0 “Superb” peer review rating from Avvo. If you want someone who’ll fight ferociously for your rights while alleviating many of the stresses and strains that come with pursuing a Personal Injury case, you’ll struggle to find many better.

2. Gordon J. McKernan

Three Best Rated ranks Gordon J. McKernan as one of the top three Personal Injury lawyers in all of Baton Rouge. We don’t disagree. With focus areas including Car Wrecks, Worker's Compensation, Offshore, Maritime and Big Truck Accidents, Social Security, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Wrongful Death, Nursing Home Neglects, Defective Products, Product Recalls, Burn Injuries, Explosions and Fires, Orthopedic Injury and Broken Bones, Neck & Back Injuries, his depth of experience and knowledge of Personal Injury law is outstanding – as is his track record in securing huge settlements and verdicts for his clients. If you want someone who knows the insurance game inside out, who’s prepared to put in the leg work to get you the compensation you deserve, and who never forgets the personal touch, you’d be well advised to consider his services.

1. J. David Smith

Earlier this year, Expertise looked at 174 of Baton Rouge’s Personal Injury lawyers. After evaluating them against more than 25 variables across five categories, it whittled the number down to just 21 of the very best. Among those is J. David Smith, an attorney whose professionalism, experience, availability, credibility, and reputation are all beyond reproach. If you're looking for someone to give you the straight-up facts, who won’t flinch away from even the most complex cases, and whose track record of success precedes him, you may just find him your perfect match.

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