The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City

If you’ve suffered an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault, finding a Personal Injury lawyer that will advocate for you at every step of the way will be crucial in getting you the compensation you deserve. If you live in Jersey City, Nj, you’ll find no shortage of lawyers advertising themselves as the best of the best – but beware. Not all lawyers have your best interests at heart, and not all have the experience or the ability to do your case justice. If you want to give yourself the best chance of a successful verdict and a substantial settlement, you’ll find it hard to beat any of these ten best Personal Injury lawyers in Jersey City, NJ.

10. Christopher Aiello

Christopher Aiello of law firm Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C. began practicing in 1983. In the years since, he’s developed a reputation as one of Jersey City’s most ferocious and successful advocates. Relentless in his pursuit of victory, yet never one to forget the personal touch, his success rate at trial is exemplary. His list of accolades, meanwhile, is extensive, and includes a 10.0 superb rating by Avvo, 5.0 out of 5.0 rating by Martindale Hubbell, and the top 100 trial attorney award in New Jersey from the national trial lawyers. If you want a safe, experienced pair of hands on the tiller, he might very well be the man for the job.

9. Robert Menna

Transparent, diligent, and dedicated to victory, Robert Menna enjoys an enviable reputation among his peers – and, judging from the number of 5-star reviews on sites like, an equally noteworthy one amongst his clients. A passionate, tenacious advocate, not to mention that rarest of rare things, an honest, straight-talking lawyer, you can be assured of his 100% commitment to winning you the verdict, and the compensation, you deserve.

8. Gintare Grigaite

Pursing a personal injury claim can be a stressful experience. Finding a lawyer who understands this, and who will do everything in their power to mitigate the challenges you’ll encounter along the way, is vital. Gintare Grigaite is just such a lawyer. Put your trust in her, and you can be assured not just of a far less stressful experience than you’d have otherwise, but of an outstanding chance of victory.

7. Eric Edward Rothstein

Eric Edward Rothstein understands the importance of the personal touch; at Rothstein Law PLLC, he manages every case from start to finish, giving you the reassurance that your case won’t be passed from hand to hand as it might be at certain other law firms. Personable, compassionate, and well-versed in all areas of personal injury law, Rothstein is the kind of tenacious advocate you’d be lucky to have on your side.

6. Jeremias E. Batista

Jeremias E. Batista is the founding partner of the Law Offices of Jeremias E. Batista, LLC, and a man with a reputation for shooting from the hip. If you want someone that will defend your interests aggressively, give it to you straight, regardless of whether that means taking a hit to his wallet or not, and work relentlessly and doggedly every step of the way, you may well have found your match in Jeremias E. Batista.

5. Barry Robert Eichen

Barry Robert Eichen has an enviable reputation among his peers, one that was cemented, no doubt, when he won a $19.2 million verdict for a railroad worker who’d been exposed to toxins at work in 2005. Known for his aggressive approach to securing his client’s best interests, he’s more than deserving of his 10 rating on – and, of course, of a place on our list.

4. Peter Briskin

With a 10 rating on Justia, 13 year’s worth of experience, a 100% focus on personal injury claims (including car accidents, motorcycle and truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites and medical malpractice), free consultations, contingency fees, and a zealous approach to advocacy, Peter Briskin has a deserved reputation as one of Jersey City’s top Personal Injury lawyers.

3. Miller, Meyerson & Corbo

Miller, Meyerson & Corbo has been around for over 80 years. Time alone may not be a mark of success in every field of business, but in the cutthroat world of law, it’s most definitely a tell-tale sign. With a commendable commitment to compassionate advocacy and upholding the highest ethical standards, this law firm comes as highly regarded with its peers as it does its clients, holding a 5-star peer review score on and a 4.9/5 on Whether you’ve been hit by hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses, or lost wages, this respected law firm will work with you at every step of the way to get you the compensation you deserve.

2. Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

Want a knowledgeable, fierce advocate with an outstanding record, an enviable list of honors (including a 5-star rating on and the ranking of Super Lawyer by Super Lawyer), and the ability to win you a substantial settlement? Then you very likely want Thomas Carroll Blauvelt, one of Jersey City’s most respected Personal Injury lawyers with a reputation few can match, but all will envy.

1. Mark Rothenberg

With 23 years of practice under his belt, Mark Rothenberg is exactly the kind of experienced pair of hands you’re looking for. As notes, this skilled lawyer has been responsible for numerous multi-million dollar verdicts, settlements, and awards over the years, including an $11.5 million settlement for a traumatic brain injury suffered in a construction accident; a $10 million settlement in a complex products liability case against several major auto manufacturers; an $8.6 million award for psychiatric injuries against a major auto manufacturer; an $6.5 million verdict against a major auto manufacturer in a wrongful death case; and a $5 million settlement in a complex products liability case against yet another major auto manufacturer. If you want to give yourself every possible chance of success (plus the surety of a contingency fee structure), you’ll struggle to find better.

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