The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

If you’ve suffered an injury or lost earnings as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you might have a claim. Personal injury lawyers may have a reputation as ambulance-chasers, but as anyone who’s been landed with hefty medical bills or life-changing injuries knows, they also serve a vital function. If you live in Los Angeles and need help in securing the compensation you deserve, here are the ten best personal injury lawyers to take your case.

10. Andrew Roberts

Ranked as one of the highest rating personal injury lawyers in LA at, Andrew Roberts comes with a wealth of experience (42 years, to be exact) and a distinguished record in successfully settling cases in a range of personal injury matters. Offering free consultations, reasonable fees, and a personalized service, it’s understandable why so many past and present clients rate him among the best.

9. Howard Craig Kornberg

With a focus on all forms of personal injury following vehicular accidents, premises liability, dog bites, product defects, aviation accidents, malpractice, construction site injuries, schoolyard injuries, civil rights violations, and child safety issues, Howard Craig Kornberg delivers outstanding results and a reliable, compassionate service. Initial consultations are free, and Kornberg and his team of attorneys are confident enough in their success to waive any claims to compensation unless they win.

8. Mark P. Robinson, Jr.

If you want an experienced hand on the tiller, Mark P. Robinson, Jr. may be just the lawyer you need. With over 30 years of experince under his belt, Robinson has acted in counsel or co-counsel in cases in 46 states, and currently works from offices across both Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. Some of his most significant cases to date include Anderson v. General Motors, in which his clients were awarded $4.9 billion for injuries sustained in a car crash, Ketchum vs. Hyundai, in which he successfully sued for $15 million for a claimant left paralyzed because of a defective seat belt, and Fair v. Ford, a wrongful death action that settled at $12 million. Regularly voted one of the best lawyers in CA, there’s nothing to be lost from booking a free consultation… and perhaps a lot to be gained.

7. Mauro Fiore, JR.

According to Super Lawyers, Mauro Fiore, JR. ranks as one of LA’s top personal injury lawyers, and a quick glance at his resume leaves you in no doubt as to why. As the founder and president of the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr., Fiore presides over a firm that has enjoyed unparalleled success in the areas of personal injury, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, successfully securing over $40 million in settlements. Offering free consultations and drawing no fee unless they win, Fiore and his partners are known for their aggressive strategies in securing the maximum compensation possible for their clients.

6. Srourian Law Firm, P.C.

Ranked a “Top Pro” (the sign of the highest-rated, most popular professionals) on Thumbtack, Srourian Law Firm, P.C. may have less spent fewer years in practice than some of our other entrants (8, by the last count), but the success they’ve enjoyed in those years marks them out as a contender, none-the-less. Cases are taken on a contingency fee basis (meaning you don’t pay if they don’t win) while their track record of litigating against some of the biggest companies in the world (Marriott, Volkswagen, Goodwill, Sheraton, and the Ritz Carlton, to name a few) shows they’re more than willing to take on the big boys… and win.

5. Eldessouky Law

Over the years, thousands of claimants who’ve suffered an injury due to auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, dog bites, wrongful death, and premise liability have used Eldessouky Law. Founded by Mohamed Eldessouky, the firm prides itself on delivering excellent results, something it achieves by securing its client’s interests and taking the correct (rather than the quickest or easiest) steps to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Free consultations are offered, and no payment needs to be made until the verdict is settled.

4. Law Offices Of Brian Breiter

Established in 1995, the Law Offices Of Brian Breiter is unquestionably one of the most well-respected law firms in LA. Some of the biggest settlements won by the firm include $11,000,000 in a wrongful death case, $7,500,000 in a pool drowning, $8,100,000 for wrongful death, and $4,900,000 in a motor vehicle accident… figures like that don’t lie, and neither do 341 5-star reviews on Yelp.

3. JT Legal Help

JT Legal Help comes with over 35 years of experience in the area of personal injury claims, handling thousands of cases in that time for the victims of car accidents, motorcycle, bike, truck, van, and slip & fall accidents. If you needed any more reason to put your trust in their hands, a quick look at the settlement figures should convince you. Since inception, the firm has collected more than $150,000,000 for its clients – and that’s not the kind of money you can argue with.

2. West Coast Trial Lawyers

Ranking number 1 on Yelp for customer reviews, West Coast Trial Lawyers is clearly a firm with an appreciative client base… but should you consider joining their ranks? With walk-ins welcome, free consultations, 24/7 availability, a running record of winning $1,502,88,400 in court, and specialisms is airplane accidents, bike accidents, pedestrian injuries, slip & fall accidents, animal bites & attacks, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, and wrongful deaths, you certainly have every reason in the book to do so.

1. Compass Law Group

Look at any review site you care to mention and the picture’s the same – 5-star average reviews on Avvo, 5-star average reviews on Yelp, and over 120 5-Star Avg Reviews on Google. And the company at the heart of all the great feedback? Compass Law Group. If you want a law firm with an almost unbeaten court record, a no win-no fee payment structure, a string of awards, and a reputation for going all-out to protect their client’s interests, you’ll struggle to find better.

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