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21 Places Similar to Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is a popular chain of indoor waterpark resorts that cater to the whole family. Also known as Great Wolf Resorts, their collection of family resorts features a waterpark, restaurants, spas, and activity opportunities. It’s themed around a natural or outdoor environment style.

Every member of the family has access to activities that will keep them entertained for as long as they stay at any of Great Wolf's resorts. The official headquarters of Great Wolf Resorts is in Chicago, Illinois, though this organization has spread to many areas of the world.

The official mascots for the resorts are Wiley the Wolf, Violet the Wolf, and Oliver Raccoon. There are also additional characters such as Brinley Bear, Rachel Raccoon, and Sammy the Squirrel. There are 20 lodges in the United States and one in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. 

While Great Wolf Lodge has an impressive collection of luxury-quality family resorts, there are 21 other places like Great Wolf Lodge that serve as suitable alternatives. These places, similar to Great Wolf Lodge, provide a similar style of entertainment excitement suited to the whole family. 

Not only do Great Wolf Lodges and alternatives to Great Wolf Lodge offer great vacation opportunities with waterpark features, but some also have access to world-class golf courses. Some mentioned in the list also happen to have their own golf courses. Some places, like Great Wolf, have more than one location.

Like Great Wolf, they also offer luxury-class accommodations and amenities. There are also a few mentioned that may be just a single location but still have enough in common with Great Wolf to be classified as suitable alternatives to Great Wolf Lodge that may work well for you.

Our Methodology

When examining places like Great Wolf Lodge, we carefully investigated all the places similar to Great Wolf Lodge in the nation. We tried to find alternatives to Great Wolf Lodge that provide an experience close enough to that fun lodge to provide you with a fun time. It’s our goal to provide the in-depth details that you deserve to ensure that you get the best results. Here’s how we approach this process:

  1. Examine any previous articles we published discussing this unique topic
  2. Carefully confirming that each of these parks is still open and available
  3. Research information about each of these options to provide more details 
  4. List them in an easy-to-read order that makes sense for our readers
  5. Update each list every year to ensure that it’s as accurate as possible

21 Places Like Great Wolf Lodge That May Be Near You 

The following places similar to Great Wolf Lodge can work well if you don’t live near a Great Wolf Lodge but want an experience similar to it. As mentioned, some of these alternatives to Great Wolf Lodge have similar amenities and often multiple locations. Read through your options here to identify which may work the best for your family and provide the cool experience they’ll love.

1. Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center

  • Location: Alexandria, Minnesota
  • Key Features: Waterpark, waterslide, golf course, dining options, group activities
  • Best For: Large families who want to enjoy a unique experience
  • Best Times To Visit: Post-Holidays, Late Spring/Early Summer

Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center has a 38,000-square-foot indoor waterpark with three waterslides that stand as tall as a four-story building. The resort has a collection of guest rooms, cottages, and townhome accommodations. 

Even in the middle of freezing cold winter, the family can enjoy the great indoors of a waterpark that is bound to keep them entertained for hours. There are also group activity options, such as bingo, races, and even Bunco dice games, that can make this experience more enjoyable for you.

2. Boyne Mountain Resort

  • Location: Boyne Falls, Michigan
  • Key Features: On-site waterpark, waterslides, surf simulator, children’s pool
  • Best For: Winter fun, especially if you’re into skiing
  • Best Times To Visit: Winter due to the skiing

Boyne Mountain Resort is a year-round resort located at Boyne Falls, Michigan. It features an on-site waterpark. Avalanche Bay is an 88,000-square-foot waterpark that offers six waterslides, a surf simulator, and a children's pool. There are also skiing options, if you’re interested in that.

At Splasherborn Mountain, those who dare to go there will get soaked in its watery avalanche. When it's time to relax, enjoy the Mountain Grand Lodge & Spa or the Clock Tower Lodge. All of this is part of one of the state's highest-rated resorts. There’s even a spa and fitness center parents will love!

3. Bridges Bay Resort

  • Location: Arnolds Park, Iowa
  • Key Features: Indoor waterpark, zipline, swim-up bar, fishing pond
  • Best For: Summer fun for small families who love swimming
  • Best Times To Visit: During the hotter Iowan summers

Located on the shores of Lake Okoboji, the Bridges Bay Resort is the pride and joy of Arnolds Park, Iowa. It's one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Midwest, thanks to the views of the lake, the accommodations, and restaurants. Its fast outdoor pools include delicious swim-up bar options.

The Boji Splash Indoor Waterpark is a true highlight, however, as the variety of waterslides offers something for everyone. There's also an outdoor pool and a zipline. This is an award-winning resort that's been recognized in 2020 as a People's Choice winner. You can also enjoy an arcade, fishing pond, and even a great fitness center.

4. Camelback Resort & Indoor Waterpark

  • Location: Tannersville, Pennsylvania
  • Key Features: Outdoor water park, laser tag, rock climbing, zip lines, water slides
  • Best For: A diverse and exciting experience beyond waterpark fun
  • Best Times To Visit: During the winter, when the snow on Pocono Mountains is thick

Located in the Poconos in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, is Camelback Resort & Indoor Waterpark. However, it’s also a popular outdoor skiing destination, making it great for winter-weather fun as well! In fact, it's practically a neighbor to Great Wolf Lodge Poconos, which is located in Scoturn. 

Starting out as just a park, it was popular enough before adding the lodge in 2015. Since then, it has been rated as one of the best waterpark resorts in the state. You can also enjoy cabana relaxation, rock climbing fun, virtual reality experiences, ziplines, and a mountain coaster!

5. Canad Inns Destination Centre

  • Location: Multiple locations (Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Grand Forks)
  • Key Features: Indoor water park, gaming lounge, multiple dining options, 
  • Best For: Both kid-friendly and adult fun
  • Best Times To Visit: During the coldest winters

Located in many areas in America and Canada, Canad Inns Destination Centre features a world-class indoor park that serves as a welcome sight with its 40,000 square foot acres of resort space. There's something to do for the entire family. For adults wanting their own watery fun, they do have their own hot tub. 

The resort also has pet-friendly hotel rooms should visitors care to stay at the on-site accommodations it has available. Canad Inns, like Great Wolf Lodge, has more than one location. This Canadian-based hospitality provider is the largest of its kind in the province of Manitoba and is a Platinum Club member of Canada's Best Managed Companies. 

Designed for cold-weather areas, Canad Inns provides various fun options, like arcade gaming, indoor pools, water slides, delicious restaurants (36!), and a large entertainment center where you can watch bands, dance, and enjoy yourself. It pairs with Radisson to provide a unique and exciting experience.

6. Castaway Bay

  • Location: Sandusky, Ohio
  • Key Features: Waterpark, arcade, birthday parties, dining options
  • Best For: Midwest residents who want an exciting and unforgettable experience
  • Best Times To Visit: Just before the holidays

Situated in Sandusky, Ohio, it is a Caribbean-themed indoor waterpark that makes you feel like you've just stepped into a whole new world. Compared to other places like Great Wolf Lodge, it’s a little on the small side. That said, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because you can avoid busy and unruly crowds here!

In fact, this small feel makes it an ideal hangout for families with young kids. It still includes a giant wave pool, 10 water slides (heated to 82 degrees), and a fun arcade area. 

7. Chula Vista Resort, Trademark Collection by Wyndham

  • Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  • Key Features: Indoor and outdoor water parks, cabana rentals, rainbow rapids, dining options
  • Best For: A cozier and more relaxing environment in a busy resort town
  • Best Times To Visit: During the off-season in the Dells (typically post-holiday)

The Wisconsin Dells is a very popular tourist destination that features many fun and engaging activities. For example, Chula Vista Resort is located on the banks of the scenic Wisconsin River, right next door to its world-class family hotel that has so much to offer. 

The waterpark is an impressive 80,000-square-foot resort that's free for hotel guests to access. You don't have to stay at the hotel to access the waterpark. All you'll need is a day pass. Paired with Wyndham, this resort provides the same quality compatible with this organization in general. 

Don’t forget that there are multiple dining options here, including kid-friendly food and adult-oriented dishes. You can also buy a package that includes fun in all the parks, as well as arcade passes and other unique and engaging experiences.

8. CoCo Key Water Resort

  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Key Features: Outdoor water parks, indoor pools, arcade fun, water slides, 
  • Best For: Anyone visiting the Orlando area
  • Best Times To Visit: During the winter (when temperatures are more moderate)

As a family resort, CoCo Key Water Resort in Orlando, Florida, has an indoor waterpark measuring 65,000 square feet. The size and the fun tropical-themed layout serve as a great hangout for kids of all ages throughout the year. You can also have fun in a state-of-the-art arcade and three restaurants.

The aquatic jungle gym and the cargo net challenge add to the fun, as well as the beastly waterslides. Note that you can also visit the park for just the day or stay at the resort to get access to a fitness center, business center, jacuzzi, and other various activities. Shuttle services to Universal Studios and Disney World are also available!

9. Crown Reef Beach Resort & Waterpark

  • Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Key Features: 
  • Best For: Anyone going on an Atlantic vacation with kids
  • Best Times To Visit: Outside the hurricane season (spring and fall are often less busy)

The Crown Reef Beach Resort & Waterpark is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It features two giant water slides, a kiddie slide, its infamous Salty's Splash House, and the Silly Sub. These fun options are enjoyable for both parents and kids, making it a lot of fun.

The resort offers suites, just like Great Wolf Lodge. It also has all the amenities to cater to the entire family. These include kid-friendly dining and more sophisticated food for parents, as well as arcades, virtual reality, and much more. Because it's on Myrtle Beach, many of the suites offer great ocean views.

10. Falls Avenue Resort 

  • Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Key Features: Indoor water park, very comfortable and large rooms, rooftop pool and bar
  • Best For: Relaxing Canadian adventures while enjoying The Falls
  • Best Times To Visit: Early in the summer to beat the tourist season

In the Great White North, Falls Avenue Resort from Niagara Falls, Ontario, is one of the most popular places, similar to Great Wolf Lodge. Amusingly, Great Wolf Resorts does have a location in Canada that also happens to be in Niagara Falls. So which should you pick? 

Well, these two rivals both have impressive indoor waterparks, and they both have guest rooms and suites that have something for everyone. Like other places similar to Great Wolf Lodge, it may be a little less busy than that popular destination. That might make it a good choice for many.

11. Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Key Features: Waterpark, wave pool, delicious dining options, gift stores, and fun arcades
  • Best For: A completely indoor experience
  • Best Times To Visit: During colder months, when the facility is less busy

Measuring 111,000 square feet, Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, is fun like many other alternatives to Great Wolf Lodge. Just like Great Wolf, this is a world-class family resort that has enough to offer on its own to serve as a great tourist destination.

Then again, this is Music City we're talking about. SoundWaves didn't simply get its name as a waterpark for no reason! The Gaylord Opryland Resort is part of the Marriott brand of hotels that are known for offering modern guest rooms with lots of exciting activities and delicious food. 

There are plenty of amenities bound to cater to every member of the family, including kid-friendly water slides, fun arcades, bars for late-night parent-based fun, and even packaged vacations that can make your experience even more enjoyable.

12. Greek Peak Mountain Resort & Hope Lake Lodge & Conference Center

  • Location: Cortland, New York
  • Key Features: Snow tubing, ski patrol fun, water parks, adventure centers, cross-country skiing
  • Best For: Winter adventures with skiing fun and indoor water relaxation
  • Best Times To Visit: When the snow is thick and skiing is fun

The Cascades Indoor Waterpark at Greek Peak Mountain & Hope Lake Lodge in Cortland, New York, is one of the most popular places like Great Wolf Lodge. Its indoor waterpark offers several waterslides that offer year-round fun for every member of the family. There’s also an adventure center for fun too.

In the winter, when not enjoying the slopes of Greek Peak in the Five Finger Lakes, soak it up while indoors as the facility stays open throughout the year. As a result, this destination is a great place if you have kids who love to ski but who also want to have a little waterpark fun!

13. Jay Peak Resort

  • Location: Jay, Vermont
  • Key Features: Skiing and tubing, indoor water park, clips and reels, arcades, indoor ice arena
  • Best For: Beautiful outdoor winter fun paired with relaxing indoor water
  • Best Times To Visit: When winter is at its most intense

During the winter season, when not skiing the slopes, head over to Jay Peak Resort in Jay, Vermont. While there, make the most of its Pump House Indoor Waterpark. It's one of the top attractions listed in Vermont and is the state's only indoor park facility. If you're up for it, Le Chute is a waterslide that blasts riders downward at speeds up to forty-five miles per hour. Jay Peak Resort has so much to offer that it rivals Great Wolf Lodge as an alternative choice for a great family getaway.

14. Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

  • Location: Multiple locations (Pocono Mountains, Round Rock, Sandusky, etc.)
  • Key Features: Exciting indoor water park, meetings and events, dining options, unique style
  • Best For: People interested in African culture and educational options
  • Best Times To Visit: During summer or winter vacations (so you have time to relax)

When asked on TripAdvisor which resorts are places like Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions is mentioned quite often. It has multiple locations, which helps, but it also provides a unique taste of Africa onto American soil with its design and unique experience. 

It also has the nation's largest indoor waterpark, along with an impressive collection of luxurious amenities each member of the family can enjoy. 

Kalahari has multiple locations aside from Pocono Manor. There are also locations in Sandusky, Ohio; Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin; and Round Rock, Texas. As a result, it should be fairly easy for you to find a unique experience when visiting this fun and engaging resort.

15. Massanutten Resort

  • Location: Massanutten, Virginia
  • Key Features: Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, waterpark, golf course, arcades, educational courses
  • Best For: An all-inclusive experience during which you’ll meet many cool people
  • Best Times To Visit: The late summer or early fall, when the temperature is still mild

The Massanutten Resort is located just outside Shenandoah National Park in Massanutten, Virginia. This is a four-season retreat that has activities bound to keep visitors busy on the slopes and in the water. Snow-covered mountains provide plenty of exciting experiences for you.

There's also golfing and mountain biking should the guest want to do more than enjoy its massive, world-class indoor waterpark. There are even kid-friendly classes that can teach your little ones about music, arts, performance, and other unique skills.

16. Omni Hotels & Resorts

  • Location: Multiple locations (Over a dozen states, a few locations in Canada, and one in Mexico)
  • Key Features: Fun indoor water games, comfortable outdoor games, golf, spas, and meetings
  • Best For: A more adult-style fun (particularly good if you have no children)
  • Best Times To Visit: Will vary depending on your area and interests

Just like Great Wolf Lodge, Omni Hotels & Resorts has more than one location. Now, not all of them have impressive waterparks, but some of them do. The two standouts are the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa, located in Palm Springs, California, and the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia. 

Both of these resorts have a world-class waterpark that's just as impressive as the resorts themselves. Note that these resorts also have golf courses, spas, meeting rooms, and many other amenities that make them worth visiting. Check them out if you’re interested in one of these destinations.

17. The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark

  • Location: Monticello, New York
  • Key Features: indoor water park, rides, water slides, winter activities like skiing, arcades, food
  • Best For: A kid-friendly experience away from busy New York areas
  • Best Times To Visit: Either during the summer or winter, depending on your preference

Considered one of the best resorts in the Catskills, The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark is one of the most popular places like Great Wolf Lodge, which works as the official home of the largest waterpark in the state of New York. 

That said, it also serves as a world-class resort with all the luxuries and amenities every member of the family can ask for. It's located one hundred miles away from New York City, making this a convenient getaway for New Yorkers who happen to have kids in tow. Expect arcade fun, dining options, and even winter skiing adventures.

18. Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark

  • Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Key Features: Indoor waterpark, outdoor pools, indoor arcade activities, dining options, golf course
  • Best For: People who don't want to deal with the busy nature of The Wisconsin Dells
  • Best Times To Visit: During the summer, before the Wisconsin winter sets in too hard

Just fifty miles southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and eighty miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois, is Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark, one of the best places similar to Great Wolf Lodge in the Midwest. This world-class family resort is the baby sister, so to speak, to the luxurious Grand Geneva area.

Aside from the impressive waterpark, the guests can also enjoy a championship golf course, as well as miniature golf courses. This is an award-winning resort that's been recognized as one of America's top 10 waterpark destinations. It tops many lists of the best alternatives to Great Wolf Lodge in the nation.

19. Wilderness Resort 

  • Location: Multiple locations (including Wisconsin Dells)
  • Key Features: Waterpark, cabanas, golf options, daily kid-friendly adventures, WildKids Club
  • Best For: Great waterside fun that works well for kids and adults
  • Best Times To Visit: During the summer before vacation rolls around

Less than twenty miles north of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park is Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, Tennessee. The resort's Wild Waterdome indoor waterpark is the largest of its kind in the state and is best known for Storm Chaser, which is a four-person raft ride that plummets fifty-five feet in the dark. 

There’s also the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, which has America's largest waterpark resort, Glacier Canyon, and serves as the home base of Lost World Outdoor Waterpark. Soaky Mountain Waterpark doesn't have its own on-site lodging facility as the others do, but there are three Wilderness-owned and operated accommodation facilities right across the street from it. 

Note that you can also choose between Wilderness Villas, River Lodge Suites, and Stone Hill Lodge, which is not far from Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville. Pay attention to these options and choose ones that make sense for you.

20. Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark

  • Location: Frankenmuth, Michigan
  • Key Features: Indoor waterparks, great restaurants, a marketplace, a golf course, and event options
  • Best For: Anyone who wants to enjoy an out-of-the-way destination
  • Best Times To Visit: Before the snow starts to fall (it gets pretty cold here)

Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark in Frankenmuth, Michigan, is a Bavarian-themed resort that's been in business since the mid-1800s. As one of the most popular places like Great Wolf Lodge, it’s located in Northern Michigan and originally started out as the New Exchange Hotel. 

Since then, it has transformed into a luxury-classed family resort. Like many places similar to Great Wolf Lodge, you can enjoy the Splash Village, restaurant, marketplace, and golf course, which are considered some of the best in the state.

21. Cedar Point

  • Location: Sandusky, Ohio
  • Key Features: Waterpark, roller coasters, shuttle delivery from resorts, various dining options
  • Best For: Beautiful lakeside entertainment on a reasonable budget
  • Best Times To Visit: Late in the spring before the area gets too busy

Cedar Point is a popular Sandusky amusement park known for its rollercoasters, delicious foods, and arcades. However, it also has multiple water destinations, including wave pools, water slides, and much more. 

Though there are no lodging destinations on location, Cedar Point does partner with multiple groups, like Hotel Breakers, Lighthouse Point, Express Hotel, Castaway Bay, and Sawmill Creek Resort. These facilities also include shuttle delivery!

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