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A Closer Look at Purnell’s Escape II Tourbillon Watches

Purnell’s Escape II Tourbillon Watches

Inspired by performance, precision and mechanical prowess, Purnell is doubling down on its philosophy of bringing more future than past to watchmaking. In just a year since the brand’s introduction in 2020, Purnell has made its mark on the landscape of contemporary high watchmaking, not only with its unmistakable Spherion but also with a manufacturing process integrated locally in the Vallée de Joux all the way to the brand’s new headquarters on Rue du Rhône in Geneva, which includes a refined showroom to welcome clients. Celebrating 220 years of its creation, the tourbillon is a defining chapter in the story of watchmaking, and Purnell intends to make its Spherion an equally defining moment in the complication’s story. For this, the brand partnered with the Mozart of multi-axis tourbillons, Eric Coudray, winner of the 2012 Prix Gaïa and inventor of the Spherion and Double Spherion, the engine of the Escape Primo and Escape II collections. A world premiere, the Spherion is the world’s fastest triple-axis tourbillon, each cage rotating in 8, 16 and 30 seconds respectively.

“The power of the Spherion movement is unrivalled in this industry, it is tantamount to a highspeed Formula 1 car racing at 400km/h without needing a pit stop,” says Maurizio Mazzocchi, CEO of Purnell. “We are honored to have developed this movement with Eric. His passion for the boundless technical potential of a tourbillon and his devotion to the mechanism’s striking visual artistry matches our own.” In 2021, the brand partnered with France Football and the Ballon d’OrTM, presenting an exclusive movement also created by Eric Coudray. The quest to find partners that match the brand’s values continued with Purnell’s partnership with AS Monaco, one of football’s premiere football clubs, announced in early 2022. Excellence and performance govern above all amongst Purnell’s core values. From the world’s fastest-triple axis tourbillon to exclusively 100% Swiss Made materials, Purnell keeps striving for the best, creating the Watchmaking Coolture while staying faithful to true watchmaking craftsmanship.

The Escape Watches; The pursuit of Unstoppable Pursuit

The Escape Watches The pursuit of the Unstoppable name ‘Purnell’ comes from a World War 1 Veteran, Cecil Purnell, who excelled in watchmaking. Interestingly, Tourbillon comes from the founders’ slogan ‘Only Tourbillons’. Escape has been Purnell’s passion project for years now. He started learning about watches as an intern at MB&F in Switzerland. Here, he developed a deep knowledge of watchmaking. He sharpened his skills till his involvement in producing them before moving back to the US to start Escape. The main reason Purnell wanted to do this watch was that he wanted something that would last a lifetime. Purnell has always been attracted to timepieces with a bit of complication. He had an in-house tourbillon movement concept since 2009. However, his production ambition never came true. It took the zeal in his grandson Jonathan Prunnel to unveil this amazing masterpiece to the world.

Purnell’s Escape II Has a Tourbillon Movement

The Tourbillon is a very rare and special feature of any watch. The Escape II collection features a tourbillon wristwatch with a dual caliber movement and a titanium case. Surprisingly, this model comes at a reasonable price of $64,000

Each Watch Design Is Intricate and Mesmerizing

If you are a lover of fashion, watches are a must-have. Its unique design with its case being shaped like an oval and not having a bezel. Plus, these watches have a wide range of colors, materials and finishes. Purnell’s Tourbillon brings about individuality, quality, and craftsmanship under one roof. So if you’re looking for a fashion statement that you can customize to your liking, then here it is.

A Written Guarantee Accompanies Each Watch Purchase

Purnell’s Escape II Tourbillon watches have a full money-back guarantee effective within 5 days of delivery. Unlike other designers, the company takes responsibility for any defects in workmanship. To ensure the quality of the watches, they’re only available on the official website at a price. Additionally, Purnell’s Escape watches come with a 2-year warranty. The company also does an around-the-clock inspections for authenticity at every step of production. So you can be sure that your purchase is sturdy for years of use.

The Escape II Tourbillon Has a Sapphire Crystal Face

You can choose between two cases when buying: an 18K pink gold or stainless steel watch. Each watch has a sapphire crystal a black alligator strap on both sides. To crown it all, there is a push-button deployment buckle that adds more to glamor.

These Watches Offer Automatic Movements

The watches feature automatic movements — they wind themselves based on the motion of the wearer’s arm. This feature means that they never need batteries or winding. Watches with automatic movements are prized for their reliability and accuracy compared with battery-operated watches, which can lose time if they get bumped around too much.

Striking Appeal

The watches come in two color combinations: blue and gold, or black and gold. They have a distinctively classic appearance, with roman numerals to mark the hours and small lines to mark the minutes. From a distance, these watches look like old-world timepieces, but a closer look reveals that their cases are made out of lightweight titanium. They have scratch proof sapphire crystal faces, which are the second hardest substance in nature after diamonds.

Guaranteed High-quality Watches

Buying an Escape watch ushers you to match and surpass monetary value. These watches are Versatile, and users have an assurance of being assured of long-term service. The company’s devotion to craftsmanship speaks volumes in that tourbillon watches are durable. Sometimes, most buyers would overlook the cost of an item. For instance, the pink gold model retails for $32,000 stainless steel model retails for $23,500. Such prices are relatively fair for this rare craftsmanship.

Tourbillon watches Have Great Functionality.

Escape wearers have reported great confidence in the product. Fortunately, they can use them on any occasion. Also, the watches are ideal for event planning as they have a striking uniqueness. Besides official functions, sports lovers should consider this masterpiece. It has a proven waterproof rating of up to 100 meters. So, users are not restricted to any water environment. They can try swimming pools and diving in deep waters in style with the Purnell watches on their wrists.

These Watches Are Classified as Rare and High-End Timepieces

Nothing is more relieving than a glance through Purnell watches’ sapphire crystal cases. Its Tourbillon, complete with the exposed balance wheel and all six gimbals, is a sight to behold. These features allow you to have a sapphire crystal face making it most desirable for celebrities and high-end customers. Prunel watches are a force to reckon. With them, you automatically make a fashion statement. Having known their uniqueness, you can make a purchase. Most importantly, be assured that you will not be shortchanged. The company has invested heavily in ensuring that its world-class watches withstand the test of time. Escape Tourbillon investors are customer-centric and friendly. No wonder they have invested in dynamic waterproof watches.

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