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Vacheron Constantin Announces Ten New Harmony Models


Just when we thought things couldn’t get more interesting, Vacheron Constantin has announced ten new Harmony models, and the timepieces are inspiring. About the same time last year, Vacheron Constantin unveiled the first seven models of a new collection dubbed “Harmony” to mark its 260th year in the industry. But the watches were offered in limited editions and featured a new design that paid tribute to one of the first wristwatch chronographs introduced by the company in 1928.

Launched in 1755 by Jean-Marc Constantin (a skilled Genevan watchmaker), Vacheron Constantin boasts as the oldest watch manufacturer on the planet, with zero interruptions since its inception. The new timepieces employ a perfectly balanced 3D “shape-in-shape” design that emphasizes Vacheron Constantin’s expertise in watchmaking. This was achieved through a complex case construction built for maximum comfort, readability, and precision. The watches use in-house calibers, featuring major aesthetic and technical innovation.

Let’s take a closer look at the ten recently unveiled Harmony timepieces.

The Harmony Complete Calendar - ($41,000)


Probably the most significant announcement is the brilliant Harmony Complete Calendar. If you have a keen interest on this compilation, it shouldn’t escape your attention that this is one the finest timepiece in the lineup. Although the watch comes with a new movement and complication, it is very traditional in almost all aspects. It has a moon phase display on the lower part of the outer chapter ring, which also tells the date. The day and date are shown on the upper part of the watch. The new movement is an in-house- made 308 part, 2460 QC caliber, which is 29mm by 5.4mm in size with a power reserve capacity of forty hours. The case is 11mm X 49.3mm X 40mm while the dial is opaline with anthracite numbers.

The Pink Gold Harmony Tourbillon Chronograph - ($245,000)


The pink gold harmony tourbillon chronograph was inspired by its predecessor, the platinum harmony tourbillon chronograph, which features a more austere appearance with a dark blue strap. The new pink gold timepiece is more approachable and comes with the same movement – the caliber 3200/260. The tourbillon beats at 18,000 vph and the caliber is 6.7mm X 32.8 in size. The case also retained the same dimensions: 12.81mm X 52mm X 42mm.

The Harmony New Dial Chronograph - ($65,800)


As the name suggests, the Harmony chronograph is a new variation of the Harmony monopusher chronograph. The main difference between the two is that the latter comes with new hands and dial, while the original featured a blue central chronograph seconds-hand & minutes register. The newer model prefers anthracite over blue, which makes it look a bit conservative. However, its new approach seems slightly more accommodating for the pulsations scale.

Harmony Chronograph Small Model - ($62,200)


The first Harmony Chronograph small model was released in 2015, featuring a pink gold cover with a diamond-set bezel. It came with two blue chronograph hands and blue numbers. Most people felt that the timepiece could be better without the diamonds, and their prayers were finally heard with the introduction of the diamond-less harmony chronograph small model, which also features an anthracite chronograph. The watch retained the same movement – the caliber 1142 – and dimensions (11.74mm x 46.6mm x 37mm). However, those who are more inclined towards the diamond-lined watch with the more traditionally formal chronograph numbers and hands can still grab it.

5 New Harmony Dual Time Watches


On around September 2015, Vacheron Constantin introduced two versions of the harmony dual time watch. One was pink gold 18k 5N and the other was white gold 18k. The two watches came with the familiar blue numerals and sub dial. The white gold diamond-set timepiece was designed for women, while the white gold/pink gold was advertised for men. In either case, the dual time has a power reserve of about 40 hours.

The movement comes with an innovative construction that allows the settings to be done in both directions by the crown. The watches are also fitted with a unique stop seconds device that guarantees a more accurate time display, as well as an oscillating weight engraved with a memorial motif forming fragile patterns called “fleurisanne engraving”. The models were launched to commemorate Constantin’s 260th anniversary and came in limited series (500 pieces for women and 625 for men). The two models for men are housed in a 49.3 x 40mm cushion-like case with an 11.43mm thickness. The other models for women are slightly smaller (46.6mm by 37mm by 11.18mm) are characterized by an 88 diamond-set bezel with a total of 1.2 carats. The numerals, which are painted blue like most of the other timepieces in the Harmony collection, compare nicely with the silver-toned dial to offer excellent readability.

The blued hands tell the time in the second zone and the minute and hour hands are colored gold. The moon and sun symbols on the day & night indication are crafted from gold, adding an elegant touch to the dial. Like other creations from the brand, the new dual time watches have been certified by the Geneva Hallmark, guaranteeing expertise, durability, craftsmanship, and provenance. All the new models are equipped with the anthracite function hands, whether it’s the large models in pink/white gold, or the smaller diamond-set models. The latter have a retailing price of $44,200, the diamond- less models are sold at $36,000, and the larger versions with anthracite hands and no diamonds go for $38,300.

Making another significant milestone, the brand also introduced the Harmony Tourbillon Monopusher chronograph, going for a dumbfounding $245,000! The timepiece with tourbillon is quite appealing both due to its consistently-moving tourbillon escapement and its dazzling shape. The company’s logo, the escapement comes in the shape of a Maltese cross. The watch itself is powered by a caliber 3200, which is in-house built. The caliber offers a number of high-tech features, most noticeably the column wheel chronograph that features a 45-minute counter as opposed to a 30-minute counter. It has a relatively low frequency of 2.5Hz, allowing the owner to enjoy the tourbillon movement fully. The only quandary with the watch is that it is only available in Vacheron Constantin boutiques and comes in 18-karat rose gold only.

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