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The 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

Mount Lookout

Like almost every other place on the planet, Cincinnati has the kind of neighborhoods that everyone wants to avoid, the kind that everyone wants to live, and the kind that all but the wealthiest get to enjoy. Despite the fact Cincinnati's overall cost of living is relatively affordable, some of its neighborhoods are anything but. With high property prices, high taxes, high median incomes, and high everything else, the city's most exclusive neighborhoods are best avoided by anyone on a shoestring budget. But which areas rank as the wealthiest? Find out now as we count down the 10 richest neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

Mount Washington

10. Mount Washington

Mount Washington has a lot to recommend it. Despite being relatively small, it's home to some great family-owned restaurants, plenty of parks, some excellent schools, and safe, walkable streets. For those that like to be close to the action, the convenient 15-minute drive to Downtown Cincinnati will come as a blessing. If you want to experience all of these perks for yourself, be prepared to pay big for the privilege - whatever else it is, Mount Washington's property market is certainly not cheap. Unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb, you'd better be pulling in a very decent income too.

Central Business District

9. Central Business District

Commuting is no one's idea of fun. If you're fortunate enough to live in the Central Business District, you'll never have to worry about the traffic again. As home to numerous business headquarters and offices, the neighborhood gives night owls the chance to roll straight from their bed to the office. Along with office blocks, the district also boasts a huge array of wining, dining, and cultural opportunities, making it a great base for people who want to live as close to the action as possible. Considering the convenience of the location, you'd expect to pay big-time for the privilege of living here, and you'd be right. The median property price far exceeds the US average... although, in fairness, so does the median income.


8. Oakley

Central, blessed with excellent transportation links, home to a diverse range of local businesses, and blessed with a low crime rate and great schools, Oakley has long been considered one of Cincinnati's most desirable neighborhoods. As ever, desirability goes hand in hand with high property values. With the average single-family home costing around 13 percent more than the US average, this isn't the kind of neighborhood you can survive on a less than stellar income. Fortunately, most residents are earning more than enough to make ends meet.


7. Clifton

Drive just three miles north of Downtown Cincinnati and you'll find Clifton, a charming little community blessed with Victorian-era architecture, an eclectic range of eateries, boutiques, and local business, and some of the richest residents in Cincinnati. With its village-like vibes, its tree-lined avenues, and its tiny crime rate, the neighborhood attracts a diverse range of students, families, academics, and professionals. Regardless of who they are and what they do, the one thing that unites all Clifton residents is their wealth (suffice to say, getting from one payday to the next isn't a problem for most).'


6. Linwood

According to Home Snacks, Linwood is one of the richest neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Considering the average home sells for $319,033 and the average household earns $80,494, it's not hard to see how they've come to that conclusion. Unemployment is low, poverty is next to non-existent, and the benefits of living in one of the city's most prestigious zip codes go without saying.


5. Columbia-Tusculum

Cincinnati's oldest neighborhood, Columbia-Tusculum, is a gorgeous little place packed with Victorian homes and peaceful parks. Its scenic position overlooking the Ohio River might seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it's only a convenient 15-minute drive from downtown. The vibe is family-friendly, calm, and distinctly affluent. Not only is the median home value a considerable 41% higher than the national average, but the average household income is enough to leave most of us feeling a little green with envy.

Hyde Park

4. Hyde Park

According to Niche, Hyde Park ranks as the number 1 neighborhood to live in Cincinnati. Close enough to the downtown to benefit from the thrills and spills of city living but far enough away to retain a small-town vibe, Hyde Park is friendly, convenient, and blessed with an amazing range of shops, bars, eateries, and entertainment options. Despite a not unsubstantial population of just under 15,000, the crime rate is tiny. The median incomes, meanwhile, are huge, with most households bringing in an enviable $93,451 each year. Property prices are equally noteworthy - expect to part with around $400,260 for a home.

Mount Adams

3. Mount Adams

If cheap property is your bag, don't waste your time looking for a home in Mount Adams. According to Area Vibes, this exclusive little neighborhood has some of the most expensive houses in Cincinnati, with the average single-family home costing 75 percent more than the US average. Fortunately, the median household income of $89,772 more than compensates for those lofty mortgages.


2. California

At face value, California's median home value of $222,750 doesn't suggest a particularly wealthy neighborhood. After all, it's only a smidge above the national median of $217,500. But ultimately, this is Cincinnati, a city where the cost of living is low enough to keep the average property sitting well below the $200,000 mark. Either way, it's not the houses that make California rich, it's the residents, residents who just so happen to be earning a mammoth $105,702 per year - almost $40,000 more than the average US household.

Mount Lookout

1. Mount Lookout

With just over 5000 residents to its name, Mount Lookout is a long way from being the biggest neighborhood in Cincinnati. But sometimes, the best things really do come in small packages. That's certainly the case here. Downtown Cincinnati is just a few minutes drive away, putting residents within easy reach of its amenities and attractions. Not that Mount Lookout doesn't have enough of its own - despite its petite size, the neighborhood is loaded with restaurants, cafes, and shops. Other benefits of living here include access to some very well-regarded public and private schools, a low crime rate, a low-key, family-friendly vibe, and a median income that, at $125,690, ranks as one of the highest in Cincinnati. Understandably, property comes with a premium price tag - expect to stump up around $393,347 for a home.

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