The 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Seattle


In every city, there are both good locations and areas that are less desirable. Similarly, there are both affordable and expensive areas. It is no coincidence that there is a correlation between the desirability of an area and the cost of the property, as property prices rise as an area becomes more desirable. While many people can only afford to live in an area that has affordable property prices, rent, or general cost of living, affluent people can take their pick of the best locations. That means that the best areas boast not only the highest property prices but also have the highest household incomes. Here are the 10 richest neighborhoods in Seattle.

North Bellevue

10. North Bellevue

The median sale price of homes in North Bellevue is $914,000, which is affordable for those who live in the neighborhood, as the median household income is $96,285. Therefore, although it is in the top ten richest neighborhoods in Seattle, it is significantly more affordable than many other locations listed.


9. Meydenbauer

If you want to live in a desirable location but want to spend under a one-million-dollar price tag, then Meydenbauer is worth considering, as the median sale price for properties in this neighborhood is $955,500. Therefore, there is money left over from a million-dollar budget to make the home your own.

Mercer Island

8. Mercer Island

A home in Mercer Island costs, on average, just over the million-dollar mark. However, there are both more expensive and cheaper properties available in this location. The median household income is also high at $148,421. According to Niche, this Seattle suburb is home to 25,675 people. In addition to the beautiful properties in the area, the neighborhood also has many other appealing features. These include highly-rated schools, plentiful job opportunities, activities for people of all ages, and community diversity. Furthermore, crime rates in this neighborhood are low.

Downtown Kirkland

7. Downtown Kirkland

Downtown Kirkland is home to 1951 people, and the median household income is $112,658, while the median sale price for properties is $1,033,000. It is a neighborhood that will appeal to affluent young professionals who prefer living in an urban location. There are plenty of leisure activities to enjoy, and there are many bars and restaurants. Other benefits include proximity to employment opportunities in many sectors and excellent transport links.


6. Briarcliff

Briarcliff is one of the few rich neighborhoods in Seattle that is not directly beside Lake Washington. However, residents of Briarcliff can still benefit from wonderful water views, as the neighborhood is just off Puget Sound. It is an area that has seen a steep increase in property prices over the last two years, and the median home value is now $1,435,000. One reason that the neighborhood is so desirable is that it is close to Discovery Park. Other advantages are the excellent schools, low crime rates, and access to job opportunities nearby. Briarcliff is home to 7,038 people.


5. Laurelhurst

Those who are tired of living in the cramped conditions of the city head to Laurelhurst, as the large properties are set on sizeable plots, and they are surrounded by stunning outdoor spaces. Despite the lush surroundings, the neighborhood is close to the University of Washington. Many of the homes have their own docks so that residents can enjoy the water. Of course, waterfront properties with docks are at the top end of this area’s price range. On average, homes in Laurelhurst cost $1,597,500. It is also worth noting that the public schools in Laurelhurst are highly-rated and that there is good access to amenities thanks to excellent transport links.

Madison Park

4. Madison Park

Madison Park boasts stunning mountain and lake vistas, which is one reason that it has become one of the richest and most desirable locations in Seattle. It appeals to an affluent crowd who enjoy the outdoors, as there is easy access to the trails of Washington Park Arboretum. It also has a fantastic food scene in the neighborhood with many outstanding restaurants. To enjoy everything the area has to offer will mean digging deep into your pockets, as the median sale price for homes in this neighborhood is $1,599,500. Some of the benefits of living in this neighborhood include fantastic schools, low crime rates, community diversity, and a vast array of leisure activities.


3. Windermere

Located just north of Laurelhurst and south of Sand Point, Windermere has long since established itself as one of Seattle’s most desirable locations. The median sale price of properties in this neighborhood is $1,717,330. It is no wonder the homes cost so much, as they are beautiful and spacious. Windermere is a neighborhood with a lot to offer. It is one of the safest areas in Seattle, there is access to leisure activities to suit all tastes and ages, and the good transport links give convenient access to the diverse employment opportunities in the surrounding area.


2. Denny-Blaine

Seattle Met lists Denny-Blaine as one of the richest neighborhoods in Seattle. The neighborhood is a small community that is between Madison Park and Madrona, and it combines city life with attractive outdoor spaces. There is easy access to all the city’s amenities and attactions, which is something the residents enjoy. This neighborhood’s median home value is $2.39 million, so it attracts only Seattle’s most affluent residents. An unusual feature of the community, especially as it is so desirable, is that it has two nudist-friendly beaches.


1. Medina

According to Mary Pong Group, the richest neighborhood in Seattle is Medina, as the median home price in this neighborhood is $2,002,000. Medina is a suburb of Seattle with a population of 3,267. The community has a rural feel as there are lots of parks, and the homes are set on large plots. It is a neighborhood that attracts wealthy families, as there are excellent schools in the area, and there are many family-oriented activities to enjoy.

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