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The 10 Richest Zip Codes in Texas


The most recent estimates of the median household income, derived from data from the American Community Survey and published by the Census Bureau, may be found here. Higher wages can bring about more revenue for school districts, more funding for municipal services, and more money spent by consumers.

Still, they can also bring about higher living expenses as people are drawn to places that are seeing economic growth. Young professionals looking to enjoy a beautiful environment, good weather, and the companionship of other brilliant and promising professionals, as well as business people, are finding the state of Texas an increasingly desirable place to live and work.

But before you decide whether to move to Texas, it is a good idea to look through the different regions of the state (which are split into Zip Codes) so that you can ascertain which portions of the city are affluent, excessively broke, or maybe just fitting for you, based on your financial situation. In other words, you should do this research before deciding whether to move to Texas.

Here are the 10 richest zip codes in Texas.

10. Fort Worth (Zip Code: 76102)

Average Home Price: $326, 618

Downtown Fort Worth's explosive growth over the past few decades is a remarkable success story. According to Texas Capital, the area is considered the 6th most redeveloped neighborhood in the United States. Adjustments in home values, incomes, and the percentage of the population with a four-year college degree or higher were used to determine the ranking of ZIP codes across the United States from 2000 to 2016.

Within the city limits of 76102 in Fort Worth, available jobs have grown by 2.7% during the past year. Predictions for employment growth over the next decade are at 41.5%, well above the US average of 33.5%. Fort Worth has an annual per capita income of $28,139. In the United States, the median annual salary is $28,555. In the 76102 zip code of Fort Worth, the median annual household income is $51,384.

9. Austin (Zip Code: 78704)

Average Home Price: $685,000

The 78704 area code in South Austin is perfect for young families that wish to stay close to the city without sacrificing the conveniences of a suburban community. The opportunity to locate good-paying work is one of the primary reasons individuals flock to Austin. The city is a bustling hub of Internet startups and large tech businesses, to the point where it has been nicknamed "Silicon Hills." In this area, one can send their children to one of the more than 130 schools in the Austin Independent School District.

Zilker Elementary received a perfect 10 from Great Schools, while Barton Hills Elementary received a 9; these two schools represent the high quality of education available in these areas. Approximately $685,000 is the median selling price in this area code. The fact that there is a low crime rate in this zip code has also contributed to its wealth, as people feel safe to start businesses and go about their lives without fear of vandalism.

8. Spicewood (Zip Code: 78669)

Average Home Price: $990,000

Beginning on the western shore of Lake Travis, this area code covers all of Travis County and parts of Blanco and Burnet. The story revolves around Spicewood, a small unincorporated town in Burnet County that abuts Travis County. Between larger lakes Travis and Marble Falls, it serves as a geographic center of the Texas Highland Lakes.

Spicewood is a superb option for the next perfect place to live because of its inexpensive cost of living, excellent educational opportunities, and many entertainment options. Residents of Spicewood have an annual median income of $79,850.

7. Bellaire (Zip Code: 77401)

Average Home Price: $ 1 million

Bellaire is attractive to families and those seeking the advantages of small-town living while still being close to Houston's big city amenities because of its residential identity, strict building standards, an abundance of parks, and adjacency to downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center, and the Galleria area.

Bellaire was established in 1908 by Iowa native and South End Land Company president William Wright Baldwin. In accordance with the Texas State Historical Association, William Marsh Rice's 9,449-acre home, Rice Ranch, which Baldwin bought following Rice's passing, is where Baldwin built Bellaire. Baldwin spent $150,000 on infrastructure and renovations to make the prairie land a desirable location for settlers.

He created an electric streetcar line and Bellaire Boulevard, which extended from the site to Main Street in Houston and then approximately six miles from Bellaire. According to Higley, the city council has put forth a lot of effort during these extraordinary times to maintain budgetary responsibility and ensure that every homeowner gets the most out of every tax dollar.

The community's small-town charm, safety, and high service quality help draw and keep people. Bellaire is a distinctly white-collar community, with 95.57% of the workforce working in different occupations, significantly more than the national average. Bellaire is a metropolis of managers, salespeople, and office employees.

6. Austin (Zip Code: 78701)

Average Home Price: $1.13 Million

Most of the 78701 zip code population lives in Travis County, which is in the state's eastern portion. It's no surprise that rents here average $2,885 per month, given that this is a very attractive and lively urban center. With a population of 1,273,954, Travis County is the sixth most populated county in Texas and the sixth wealthiest zip code in the state.

According to Dallas News, the median family income in Travis County is $68,350, while the per capita income is $38,820 as of the most recent census. In addition, there is also a large number of affluent households nearby.

Local governments are the area's main employers (the State of Texas, the US Federal Government, Travis County, and the City of Austin). Over the past year, the job market in this zip code has grown by 3.5%.

The projected rate of job creation for the coming ten years is 47.0%, which is greater than the 33.5% US average. In addition to government agencies, private companies that manufacture semiconductors, software engineering goods, and healthcare products account for a significant portion of the region's employment base.

5. Dallas (Zip Code: 75225)

Average Home Price: $1.28 Million

Indeed, 75225 is an exceptional Zip Code. Here is the Zip Code for the city of University Park, which is located in the state of Texas and is located in the city of Dallas. In spite of the fact that it is among the wealthiest towns in all of the United States (with a median family income of $198,438), this city region maintains a poverty incidence of 4.2 percent, which is something that makes it exceptional.

Besides that, the city has a population of approximately 23,068 people and a median rent of $2,451 per month despite everything. One interpretation of the demographics of the 75225 zip code, which encompasses University Park and its environs, is that its residents are wealthy but pay low rent. This community has a median income of $173,828, with 46.40% of 8,846 households earning $200,000 or more. The home value of this place is 464.3% higher than the normal home value in Texas.

4. Houston (Zip Code: 77005)

Average Home Price: $1.28 Million

Houston, Texas's Harris County is designated by the zip code 77005. It can just be addressed as Houston, Texas, to make mail sorting easier. With a population of 4,092,459, Harris County is the third-most populated county in the US and the most populous county in Texas. Private businesses support Harris County's economy, and a recent survey found that Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Southwestern Bell, Compaq (now HP), Continental Airlines (now United Airlines), and Administaff (now Insperity, Inc.) were the region's largest employers.

This postal code encompasses the neighborhood of West University Place and the communities located all around the Rice University campus. The Museum District and the downtown Arts District are both easily accessible from this location thanks to the area's convenient location. According to the real estate website, the median annual income of a homeowner in the 77005 area code is $230,893. Properties within the same ZIP code sell for an average of $1.28 Million. In 2 Longfellow Ln, Houston, homes are going for $ 10.9 million, which shows that the value of the homes in the area is higher than the average value of homes in Texas.

3. Austin (Zip Code: 78703)

Average Home Price: $ 1.38 Million

78703 is another Zip Code in Travis County, Austin, Texas. The historic Clarksville area stretches back to the 1870s and has various monuments and historical attractions. With a Median Rent of $2341, this neighborhood is a little more moderate than that of the formerly showcased part of town, which has a substantially higher Average Rent.

The majority of residents in this neighborhood are state employees with regular earnings and job security. They are not tremendously rich but seem comfortable, able to buy the finest things in life.

Current job growth is a cause for optimism. The number of available jobs in the 78703 zip code in Austin has surged by 3.5%. According to Investopedia, the home value in the area is 430.6% higher than the normal home value in Texas.

Austin's zip code is 78703 median house price is $1,384,100. Over the past ten years, home appreciation has been 7.3%. Among the most expensive homes in the area is one six-bedroom house that goes for $4 million. This is a family-friendly area for people who have families or are planning on starting one.

2. Austin (Zip Code: 78746)

Average Home Price: $1.69 Million

The 78746 zip code is located directly adjacent to the 78733 zip code and encompasses West Lake Hills, Rollingwood, and portions of the City of Austin. These communities, likewise constructed into the hills of west Austin, boast some breathtaking vistas due to their location. The average household in the 78746 zip code in Westlake makes $191,342. Real Estate: $1,694,900 is what most people spend on a home in this area of Texas.

The average annual rate of return on a home over the past decade has been 8.0%. Public schools in the area provide a good value for pupils, spending $18,161 on average on each student. The typical cost of higher education in the United States is $12,383. Austin has a student-to-teacher ratio of roughly 13.7. If you have kids, your children are in good hands in the schools that are in the area.

The population in the area is 30,539, whereby there are 1,355 persons for every square mile. The total number of individuals for each household is 2.6, and the US median of persons per home is 2.6. The Austin area code 78746 has a cost of living that is 150.5 percent more than the national average. In the 78746 zip code, October, April, and November are among the most delightful, while August and July are considered the least pleasant.

1. University Park (Zip Code: 75205)

Average Home Price: $2.3 Million

University Park, found in the 75205 zip code, is the most affluent district in Dallas. It's renowned for its beautiful homes, parks, and churches. The George W. Bush Presidential Center and Southern Methodist University have been located in University Park since it was established in 1915. According to Stacker, the average home in this postal code costs $2.3 million.

For that price range, purchasers have their pick of a variety of large, luxurious houses. Many of which boast vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchens, multiple-vehicle garages, and outdoor pools and entertaining areas. The price of the most expensive house currently on the market is $13.5 million.

With six bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, an improved kitchen, two fireplaces, a nine-car garage, an outdoor swimming pool with guesthouse. The floor-to-ceiling windows, and award-winning landscaping, this modern three-story home provides over 11,000 square feet of living area. The area is occupied by 10,981 men and 12,080 women. 

Young adults make up a disproportionately big portion of the population. As do those between the ages of 20 and 40. In addition, there are a lot of single individuals and few single parents. The 75205 zip code is slightly lower than the average number of residents under 18.


If you're a young, successful professional, you will find Texas an excellent destination to settle down. The above list is a result of a variety of criteria to arrive at this ranking. Suppose you're looking to invest your money and get property appreciation benefits. In that case, Texas is a good bet because home prices are still low compared to others. The weather and economy in Texas are favorable compared to other places, so try the place out.

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