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What Makes the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay One of its Best


When it comes to luxury hotels, only a few companies stand out. The Ritz-Carlton is one of them. The hotel group is famous for treating their guests like royalty and offering luxury accommodation. The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay isn’t an exception to that generalization of its brand. The mantra at the hotel is splendid. Think Luxury. Think five-star. The timeless estate provides its guests with a refined and relaxed experience of their lifetime.



Half Moon Bay’s Ritz-Carlton is located in an isolated scenic cliff top that overlooks the gorgeous Pacific coastline. It is truly breathtaking. Although the hotel is close to the main highway and about thirty minutes’ drive from the San Francisco airport, it always feels like you have been transported to another world. A world that is full of nature and secluded from the daily hustle and bustle of our world.

Here, you get to spend the entire day wondering happily and aimlessly along the bluff. You can also sit on the beaches or absorb the Californian coastline beauty quietly because it goes on and on (you get to see miles of endless rugged yet stunning scenery). The place is so scenic and beautiful that it becomes an inspiration to anyone who comes here. Its elemental power can render the human affairs insignificant.



Here at Half Moon Bay, the Ritz-Carlton has it all. The architectural presence, fantastic restaurants, stunning panoramas, impressive and classy facilities, and not to mention the award-winning spa, all this wrapped up in one spectacular setting. While at the hotel, you will feel like you are in a traditional Scottish seaside resort. The perfectly maintained grounds, elegant façade, and gasp-worthy rugged surroundings make this property look exactly like a Scottish estate radiating stately ambiance.



The service here is as you would expect from its brand, top-notch. Their staff is always attentive and not intrusive. They ensure that you cherish your stay with them to the fullest. Upon arrival, guests are offered a glass of wine. This is a very welcoming and friendly touch. Your stay here can’t be cheap because of the luxurious state of this hotel, but the best thing about Ritz-Carlton is you have the freedom to indulge in as little or as much as you like during your stay.

For instance, you can opt to gratify yourself with the ultimate experience offered by the Ritz Carlton. This may include taking a suite on the renowned club level or a luxurious guest room where you get a dedicated concierge team that will tend to all your individual needs. You can also go for a luxury spa treatment so you can get the many delightful services provided. Or you can relax and read your favorite book and allow the Northern California coastline healing power to take over while at your room – it’s your choice.



The 261 rooms spread across the hotel's main building, and various adjacent guesthouses are light and airy. They are laid out simply with wooden and neutral palette furnishings. Although this doesn’t come by surprise, their beds are sumptuously comfortable and relaxing with Egyptian cotton sheets. The bathrooms scream relaxation with big tubs inviting you to unwind by taking a long soak. You will find lots of creature comforts including a coffee/tea maker, fully stocked minibar and some rooms have their own fire pit. Those who want to really treat themselves should book a room with an oceanic view to enjoy the wild Pacific Ocean dramatic views.

Available facilities


The hotel offers essential amenities. You can use the gym, enjoy their indoor heated pool, go bike riding and take surfing lessons. The hotel is nothing but paradise to any golfer since it is surrounded by a golf course that has highly manicured lawns.

One particular facility you will not get enough of is the award-winning spa. For long, the spa –going has been known for being extremely efficient for de-stressing, relaxation and rejuvenating one’s body. But, the hotels beautiful setting and relaxing surroundings can quickly make you forget to visit their spa. Those who manage to go to the spa agree that it’s one of the spectacular gifts anyone can ever give to themselves.

A wide array of treatments to cater for your mind, body and soul are offered. There are also separate gentlemen and ladies locker rooms with steam and sauna rooms including the co-ed whirlpool area. Simply put, the spa has it all, and no one can afford to miss that.

Food and drinks


The hotel’s restaurant room is designed to look like the interior of a seafaring vessel. Its décor is tasteful and features simple seafaring touches. The huge oceanfront windows enable guests to get a stunning view of the ocean from the restaurant. They also serve tasty food that highlights the Pacific’s purest flavors. You can also dine elsewhere but on the property. At the Conservatory Lounge, you will be served with the contemporary American light fare.

If you love to dine alfresco, be sure to pay The Ocean Terrance a visit. Those interested in wine should go to the ENO wine bar for the treat of their life. The one thing you shouldn’t forget to do during your stay is saving some time to relax by the Ritz Carlton’s fire pits that overlook the ocean, in the evening. It is a perfect place to unwind with some light bites and a glass of wine.

The Extra Touches

The only thing that separates a hotel from the others is the little extra touches that are unique to a brand. The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay doesn’t disappoint. From the Hot Chocolate Bar that offers instant and lavish chocolate gratification to the bagpipe sunset serenade and the blankets given to you while you relax at the Ocean Lawn in comfort under the stars, every detail is meant to make your stay special. The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay will give you unique and memorable experiences. Undoubtedly, this hotel is one of its best and is positioned in one of the most amazing scenic locations in America.

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