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10 Reasons to Stay at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Ritz Carlton Toronto

Your choice of accommodation makes a significant difference to your overall experience when visiting any destination. If you are visiting Toronto, you will find a diverse choice of hotels to choose between that will suit various tastes and budget. Each of them has something different to offer its guests. One of the best high-end options is The Ritz-Carlton Toronto and there are many benefits to opting for this hotel, not to mention the least of which this hotel is one of Ritz Carton's finest offerings. Here are just ten of the reasons you should stay at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto when visiting this amazing city.

1. Relax in the Luxurious Rooms

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto takes luxury to the next level, with many rooms only recently upgraded. Each of the rooms boasts stylish décor, marble bathroom with heated floors, and Italian bed linens. Some of the amenities available in the rooms include flat-screen televisions, minibars, and iPod docks. If you upgrade to a suite, you can also enjoy a soaking tub and a separate living room.

2. Enjoy The Dining Experience

Breakfast is included in the price of the room, and it has received excellent customer reviews from those who have stayed at the hotel. However, The Ritz-Carlton has so much more to offer in terms of dining experiences. For casual dining at The Ritz-Carlton, head to the Ritz Bar. This is where afternoon tea is served on weekdays or where you can sample the bar snacks with a cocktail. For al fresco dining, you can eat on the DEQ Terrace &Lounge. This is partially covered and has a fireplace to keep you warm in colder weather. This option is good for weekend brunch or if you want to try the shareable dishes that feature on the menu. In the evenings, most people dine in TOCA, which is a traditional Italian restaurant that serves dishes made using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. An interesting feature of this restaurant is the Cheese Cave, which is the only restaurant feature of this type in the whole of Canada.

3. Make the Most of the Excellent Facilities

You don’t need to go out sightseeing every day during your visit to Toronto as there are excellent facilities within the hotel to keep you entertained. Just some of the facilities available for guests to enjoy include a golf course, an indoor pool, a fitness center, a hot tub, and a high-end spa that offers a variety of treatments and therapies. The Ritz-Carlton Spa also boasts a champagne nail bar.

4. A Great Hotel for Business Travel

Although many people choose to stay at this hotel for its luxury or for a romantic getaway, there are also practical reasons why it is a great option for business travel. First, it is ideally located for getting around the city wherever you have a meeting. Secondly, the rooms have the amenities you need, such as free Wi-fi access, to work from your room if necessary. This is also a good place to hold meetings as they have excellent meetings facilities, including a large meeting room and audio-visual equipment. If you are flying in for business, this hotel is a ten-minute drive from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and just over 30 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

5. Close to Local Attractions

If you plan to see the sights and visit some of Toronto’s most popular attractions during your stay, then this hotel is ideally located. It is close to the Art Gallery of Ontario and several theaters and museums. For those who are traveling as a family, there are many family-oriented attractions in the area and there are several parks within walking distance where the kids can let off steam. It is also a good location for shopping or if you want to eat outside the hotel as there are many shops and eateries in the streets surrounding The Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

6. Convenient for Public Transport

Not only is the hotel within easy traveling distance of airports, but it is also within walking distance of public transport links. This is ideal if you plant to travel to different parts of the city during your stay. There are five transit stops that are less than five minutes’ walk from the hotel. This gives you convenient access to the surrounding area so that you can make the most of your stay in Toronto.

7. Outstanding City Views

For many people, having a nice view to wake up to or the option to admire the sunset is a bonus when they are staying away from home in a hotel. One advantage of The Ritz-Carlton is that you can enjoy spectacular views across the city from many of the rooms as they have floor-to-ceiling windows.

8. Excellent for Hosting Events

This hotel is an excellent choice if you are hosting an event and also need accommodation. It is particularly good for events such as weddings. They offer a variety off function rooms to accommodate parties of different sizes, and then you and your guests can stay in the luxurious accommodation after the event has ended. The Ritz-Carlton has a variety of wedding and events packages available so that they can meet your needs and make your special day even more memorable.

9. The Option for Personal Services

To add an extra element of luxury to your stay, you can upgrade to one of the club level rooms or suites. Not only does this give you access to the exclusive club lounge, but it also entitles you to use the personal butler service. Furthermore, you can enjoy free food and drink in your room.

10. A Place for Celebrity Spotting

As one of the most luxurious hotels in Toronto and due to its prime location, The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is a huge draw for the rich and famous. If you're lucky you might see actors or whole sports teams when you stay at this hotel.

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