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How Rob Zombie Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is a famous individual in the U.S. entertainment industries. To a lot of people, he is best-known because of his music. However, he is also a filmmaker of some note. The exact state of Zombie's finances isn't public information, but there are sources such as Celebrity Net Worth that estimate his current net worth to be around $50 million.

How Did Rob Zombie Reach His Current Net Worth?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rob Zombie is a stage name. Instead, the man was born with the much more banal name of Robert Bartleh Cummings to Robert and Louise Cummings, who worked at a carnival until a riot broke out. Having said that, Zombie showed a clear interest in his eventual careers of choice even in childhood. For proof, look no further than the fact that he wanted to be not one, not two, but four individuals, who were Alice Cooper, Stan Lee, Bela Lugosi, and Steven Spielberg.

Regardless, Zombie didn't come from a very musical family. In fact, he didn't know anyone who either owned an instrument or played an instrument, thus explaining why he had to discover his interest in music through his TV watching. Eventually, this resulted in Zombie getting a guitar, which in turn, resulted in Zombie finding other people with other instruments for the purpose of founding a band. His first band in high school didn't work out very well. Something that is wholly unsurprising considering how Zombie has described himself during his high school experience. For those who are curious, he was apparently very fond of watching movies late into the night, so much so that he was often exhausted during the daytime. Still, Zombie did manage to graduate by taking a lot of art classes before making sure to sign in, submit his art assignments, and then leaving to do whatever else he wanted.

Having said that, Zombie wasn't one of those musicians who go through a succession of bands before making it big. After all, his second band was White Zombie. In short, Zombie went to the Pratt Institute where he met Sean Yseult, with whom he proceeded to co-found the band in 1985. Their earlier efforts met with less than impressive results, but that changed when they released their third studio album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One, which proved to be their breakout hit. White Zombie's fourth studio album was even more successful, though it was their last as well because the band broke out in September of 1998. There wasn't a dramatic cause for the breakup. Instead, as far as the band members were concerned, their time as a band had come to a natural conclusion.

Following that, Zombie embarked on a solo career in music, which proved to be commercially successful as well. Moreover, it is interesting to note that his music started seeing use in horror media, with examples including both horror movies and horror-themed video games. By the late 1990s, Zombie was beginning to become involved in this media as well. For example, he had his directorial debut on The Crow: 2037, though said movie never managed to make it to release. Likewise, Zombie was the one who wrote the original score for Twisted Metal III, which was an installment in a vehicular combat series that was most popular in the 1990s. On top of this, he even designed a haunted attraction for Universal Studios that has been credited with contributing to the revival of the Halloween Horror Nights that are held on an annual basis.

In the 2000s, Zombie continued to make music as well as make movies. For a time in the late 2000s, he chose to focus on films. As a result, he was the one who did the Halloween remake, which was panned by the critics but nonetheless managed to break a box office record for the Labor Day weekend. Soon enough, this was followed by an announcement that he would be making a movie called Tyrannosaurus Rex, which winded up being postponed and then cancelled because of Zombie's decision to make a follow-up to the Halloween remake. Once again, the resulting movie was panned by the critics. However, while it failed to match its predecessor's numbers, it was nonetheless another commercial success.

Since that time, Zombie has continued making music as well as make movies. In 2016, he released his sixth studio album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser. Moreover, he released a horror movie called 31 in the same year, which was interesting in that it was what Zombie called an "old-fashioned" horror movie that got its budget from crowdfunding. Currently, Zombie is supposed to be working on something more unusual for him, which is a biopic about Groucho Marx. However, while no cancellation has been announced, it has been some time since further news has been released, meaning that the movie's current status is unknown.

Further Considerations

In any case, the source of Zombie's current net worth seems pretty clear. Over the course of his career, he has been involved in a very wide range of projects, with an excellent example being how he has made a pinball machine. However, Zombie is most famous for being both a successful musician and a successful filmmaker. Considering the degree of his success in both pursuits, it seems safe to say that much of his current net worth comes from these sources.

With that said, interested individuals should remember that the $50 million is an estimate and nothing but an estimate. After all, information about Zombie's finances is available to the public in a very incomplete state. Due to this, any figures produced using that information are bound to be inaccurate because less than perfect inputs make for less than perfect outputs. Instead, interested individuals should treat the estimate as something meant to give them a general idea of what Zombie is worth in a financial sense. Something that is particularly true because there are other sources that have produced other estimates in the tens of millions of dollars. In this as in other things, there is nothing wrong with using imperfect figures so long as interested individuals always keep the fact that they are imperfect in mind throughout the entire time.

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