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The 20 Safest Places to Live in Maryland

Naval Academy/Annapolis

With 6 million people spread across 12,400 square miles, Maryland is one of the least congested states you can find. In fact, out of a list of 300 of the most populated cities in the US, Maryland only has one entry with Baltimore at number 30. This is an excellent factor for anyone looking to relocate to or within another area in the state. With this comes the factor of safety as well, as many cities and towns in Maryland boast of safety ratings that might be better than the state’s best crab cakes. If you’re looking for the perfect relocation destination, here are the 20 safest places to live in Maryland.

District Heights

20. District Heights

With a population of roughly 5,975, this suburb offers more safety than meets the eye. The area is quite sparse, but it still has an incredible suburban feel. It’s only about 10 miles away from Washington D.C., so you can get city access along with quiet living. District Heights sees more property crimes than violent crimes, but all crime rates here are way below the national average. There are plenty of excellent schools in District Heights, and the combination of having safe neighborhoods make it excellent for families.


19. Darnestown

While the livability rating of this unincorporated city is pretty low across the board, Darnestown happens to be one of the safest cities in Maryland. About 77% of the crimes in the area are property-related, but the total crime rate in Darnestown is about 68% lower than the national average. Make sure to visit the local vineyard in Darnestown to sample the unique ness the area offers. You’ll discover what Darnestown’s personality is truly like.

North Bethesda

18. North Bethesda

Many established organizations call North Bethesda home—the NIH, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Strathmore, and so many others. The prime real estate that is North Bethesda is clearly a much sought-after location in the state. Although it’s a bit more crowded with a population of about 46,600 residents, North Bethesda is still one of the state’s safest cities. The total crime rate here is way below the national average, and it has seen a decline of 8% year after year. The outlook for North Bethesda is even better than where it is now, which makes it a truly great option for relocating.

North Potomac

17. North Potomac

Less than 5 miles north of the historic Potomac River is the North Potomac, a census-designated area with a population of about 24,410. It’s considered to be one of the safest places to live in the state. The chance of being a victim to crime in the North Potomac is about 1 to 96. Living in North Potomac is a great balance of outdoor life and suburban living. Most of all, it’s peaceful living at its best.


16. Bowie

There are plenty of things to love and see in Bowie, Maryland. It’s home to the Belair Mansion, the only great colonial estate. It also has the Bowie Theater, which is home to the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. The city has an ice arena, a go-kart racetrack, Prince George’s Stadium, and Allen Pond Park. But most of all, it’s also one of the safest cities around Maryland. If you were to relocate here, you can enjoy crime rates that are lower than the national average.


15. Scaggsville

With a population of more or less 24,000, Scaggsville offers the usual suburban fares. The city has excellent amenities and plenty of employment opportunities. What’s more, Scaggsville offers more safety than other places in Maryland. This means you can truly enjoy all the parks in the area and the wonderful walking pathways strewn across Scaggsville. Unfortunately, the cost of living here is pretty high. You’ll have to spend a fortune to even purchase a home in the area. In fact, housing costs in Scaggsville are 151% higher than the national average. Safety has a price, and it’s just a bit more costly here.


14. Frostburg

With a safety rating of 7 out of 10, Frostburg is easily a great choice for those looking to relocate. All crime numbers here are significantly lower than the national average, which is a big factor for most homeowners. Living in Frostburg is basically living in a college town. With only 8,500 residents more or less, you’ll find yourself with lots of space to enjoy the many amenities that Frostburg offers.


13. Berlin

Although it’s not Berlin, Germany, this little town in Maryland may be just as cool. The culture here in Berlin is rich, and it features a good balance of historic attractions and modern amenities. Berlin is even close to the beach. If what you’re looking for is a little slice of peace, quiet, and safety, Berlin might be the perfect place for you. You can get yourself one of Berlin’s famous beach houses or opt for the more common Cape Cod-style or ranch-style homes. Either way, you’ll enjoy the safety that Berlin has to offer all-year round.

Annapolis Neck

12. Annapolis Neck

It may be expensive buy property at Annapolis Neck, but the price might be totally worth it. Annapolis Neck is one of Maryland’s safest cities and some of the state’s most culturally involved areas. From outdoor events to endless galleries, Annapolis Neck offers so many wonderful amenities to all its residents. The crime rate in the area is 63% lower than the national average—an impressive number for a city its size.

South Kensington

11. South Kensington

Small population sizes and sparse living opportunities make South Kensington one of Maryland’s safest cities. Everything in South Kensington is topnotch—the schools, the amenities, the employment opportunities. The crime rate here is A+ as well. Like many other Maryland cities, the cost of living and housing here are higher than national averages. For many places, it’s the ultimate cost of security, and South Kensington happens to be one of those places.

Chevy Chase

10. Chevy Chase

Although this town in Maryland has absolutely no relations to the famed comedian Chevy Chase, the two names are derived from the same thing—The Ballad of Chevy Chase and the name of the patented land “Cheivy Chase” connected to it. It’s definitely an interesting tidbit that’s reflective of the entire town. Roughly about 30 miles from Baltimore—Maryland’s most populate city, Chevy Chase living checks all the boxes for safe living. If you can afford to live in Chevy Chase, you can afford the safest neighborhoods, the best schools, and so much more.


9. Glenarden

Developed in 1919, Glenarden is the type of places that’s constantly changing. After all, the motto of the city is this: “A City on the Move.” As things continue to move in Glenarden for the city’s betterment, safety in the area has also greatly improved. The city’s high safety rating of 8 out of 10 is only complemented by incredible amenities, affordable housing, plenty of job availability, and also great educational opportunities.

Ashton-Sandy Spring

8. Ashton-Sandy Spring

Its name might be a mouthful, but Ashton-Sandy Spring offers double what any other city does. This is really a census-designated area that combines the two communities of Ashton and Sandy Spring. It might not be the most affordable area to live in, but it’s definitely one of the safest. With only a population of 5,860, Ashton-Sandy Spring offers plenty of good space and plenty of amenities to enjoy. It’s definitely a great relocation option for those who can afford it.


7. Centreville

Centreville is a small Maryland town that has some of the most incredible homes in the state. It’s a historic community that sits on a tiny part of Maryland. With only about 4,800 residents, Centreville has become a favorite location for those looking for charm and serenity. Centreville may not offer much when it comes to amenities, and housing here may cost you a lot; but living in Centreville will give you safety like no other place. Maryland offers a lot of historic residential areas; but if security is your top priority, Centreville is a great option to have.


6. Thurmont

About 10 miles from the Pennsylvania border is the town of Thurmont, home to about 6,700 residents. Thurmont is an old town. It was founded in 1751 and incorporated in 1831. It was once called Mechanicstown, but that name was changed in 1894 to what it’s called today. Thurmont offers great mountain views and historic architecture—just a few of the things that you’ll get if you ever decide to move here. You’ll also get the safe and peaceful living that Thurmont is known for. It’s the perfect companion to the Blue Ridge Mountains that will likely be seen from your home here in Thurmont.

Ocean Pines

5. Ocean Pines

The name of this Maryland city denotes its location. Bordered by the Isle of Wight Bay to its east, Ocean Pines offers over 9 miles of waterfront living. If that’s not enough for you to move, let’s just add that it’s some of the safest waterfront living you could ever find. It also has the lowest property crime rate in all of Maryland at only 4.2%. Interestingly enough, the cost of living here by the water is much affordable in comparison to some of Maryland’s safe cities. So if you’re a fan of the water, there’s absolutely no reason why this place wouldn’t be at the top of your list.

Mount Airy

4. Mount Airy

Mount Airy is a delightful town in Maryland that’s part of 4 different counties. This little tidbit is part of what makes the place totally unique. The town of Mount Airy boasts of great schools and amenities, but the cost of living here is rather higher than average standards. It’s well worth, however, because Mount Airy is considered safer than 84% of the cities in the entire US.


3. Hampstead

It’s a small town feel with a small town look. You get everything you see here at Hampstead. That sense of safety and security you feel as soon as you step into Hampstead is real and backed up by the fact that it’s one of Maryland’s safest towns. Apart from security, Hampstead also offers affordability and accessibility. It’s a suburban town with only about 6,300 residents; so it never feels crowded and the roads are never congested. Living in Hampstead will offer you a great community to call home.


2. Taneytown

Maryland has a ton of historic communities that are also great residential areas. The city of Taneytown, for example, was founded in 1754. It’s the kind of historic place that even George Washington wrote about during his time. Taneytown’s population may be slowly increasing, but that number still remains at roughly 6,760 today. It’s a great option for families, especially with above average school ratings. Taneytown also offers low crime ratings with zero violent crime activity. That’s enough for many to call this place one of the most safe in the state.

Naval Academy/Annapolis

1. Naval Academy/Annapolis

The Naval Academy is not a city per se, but it comprises a designated place in Maryland that’s part of the city of Annapolis. The livability rating in and around the Naval Academy is one of the highest we’ve seen anywhere. Perhaps it’s the proximity to the military school that’s doing the job, but crime here is virtually nonexistent. The area also offers excellent amenities and a world-class school, of course. However, housing around the Naval Academy is incredibly high. It’s truly the cost of living in an area that’s surrounded by military personnel. The overwhelming feeling of security in the area is not false. After all, the Naval Academy produces some of the nation’s best citizens. While the school may not directly cause the high safety rating in the area, the two are definitely connected.

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