The 20 Safest Places to Live in Florida

Marco Island

There are many different things to consider when deciding where to live in Florida. The type of location is a crucial factor, as some people prefer an urban destination, some prefer rural locations, and others want to live a beach lifestyle. There are also practical considerations relating to your choice of location, such as the schools in the area, property prices, the cost of living, and the amenities you have available. Another key consideration is the safety of each location you are considering. If safety is your primary concern, then here are the 50 safest places to live in Florida.

Punta Gorda

20. Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda has a population of just over 20 thousand residents. According to Elite Personal Finance, there are just 11 crimes per year per one thousand people. Punta Gorda is a town in Charlotte County with a dense suburban feel and a population of a little over 19 thousand. Although it is a popular location for retirees, it is also somewhere that offers a good lifestyle for families. Although safety is one reason for this, there are also many family activities in the area, highly-rated public schools, and plenty of outdoor spaces. A lack of diversity in the community is the only negative about this location.

Sunny Isles Beach

19. Sunny Isles Beach

Those who want a safe place to live that is close to the beach should consider making Sunny Isles Beach their home. It is a suburb of Miami in Miami-Dade County that has a dense suburban feel. There is a diverse community of more than 22 thousand residents in this area. There is something for everyone in this suburb, so it appeals to families, retirees, and young professionals alike. Sunny Isles Beach boasts plenty of leisure activities, highly-rated public schools, parks, decent transport links, a vibrant nightlife, and employment opportunities in a variety of sectors. The only negatives of Sunny Isles Beach are the high cost of living and high property prices.

Lady Lake

18. Lady Lake

Although the low crime rates are one of the major selling points of Lady Lake, this town in Lake County has lots of other reasons to consider relocating to this destination. It is a place that appeals predominantly to retirees, as the schools are not great and the nightlife is poor, so it does not attract young professionals or families. However, its good points are plenty of job opportunities, lots of parks and other outdoor spaces, and a range of leisure activities to enjoy.


17. Venice

Venice has an exceptionally low crime rate, with just 25 crimes per thousand residents each year. It is a town in Sarasota County with a population of over 22 thousand people. This town is one of the best places for retirees in Florida is Venice. However, it also appeals to families due to the top-rated schools in the area. There are plenty of things to do for people of all ages, as there are parks, restaurants, attractions, outdoor spaces, and health and fitness facilities. The only downside to this area is the lack of diversity within the community.

St. Cloud

16. St. Cloud

A suburb of Orlando, St. Cloud, is considered a good place to live not only due to the low crime rates, but also for the parks, outdoor activities, and community diversity. It is an area that appeals to families, and one reason for this is that the public schools are rated as above average. This suburb offers employment opportunities, a reasonable cost of living, a diverse community, and many activities for residents to enjoy in their leisure time. In terms of safety, there are approximately 76 crimes for every thousand residents per year.

Safety Harbor

15. Safety Harbor

As its name suggests, Safety Harbor is a safe place to live. It is a suburb of St. Petersburg, and there are approximately 18 thousand residents in this area. Most residents own their own homes, and there is a sparse suburban vibe. It is a good option for families, not just because of the low crime rates, but also because the schools are above average and there are plenty of family activities to enjoy in the area. Other advantages of living in this suburb include the vibrant nightlife, the good transport links, and the reasonable cost of living.


14. Niceville

Nice by name, nice by nature. Although Niceville is a safe place to live, that is not the only thing that this town in Okaloosa County has going for it, as there are many reasons to make it your new home. It has excellent public schools, a diverse community, activities for families, good transport links, a low cost of living, and plenty of employment opportunities. According to Niche, this town has a population of just over 15 thousand residents, and it has a sparse suburban feel. It is a popular place to live for young professionals and families.


13. Wellington

Despite having a population of almost 64 thousand people, Wellington has a sparse suburban feel. One reason for this is that there are lots of parks in this suburb of Fort Lauderdale in Palm Beach County. It is a fantastic place for families to live, and there are highly-rated public schools. In terms of crime, there are approximately 81 crimes per capita, which means that there are 81 crimes per one thousand residents. The downside of living in this suburb is the high cost of living.


12. Naples

Often, high-end areas have lower crime rates than poorer regions. That is certainly the case in Naples, which is considered a playground for millionaires. The crime rate in this area is low, but the city also has many features that make this an appealing place in which to live. Sandy beaches line the city, there is a lively downtown area, and it is close to natural areas, including the Everglades and Ten Thousands Islands. The downside of living in Naples is that the property prices and cost of living are high, but that is the price you pay for living in a safe and appealing city.

Cooper City

11. Cooper City

Cooper City is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, with a population of just over 35 thousand. Residents of this city enjoy the sparse suburban fells, and there are many restaurants, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. In addition to the low crime rates, there are lots of other appealing features about this location. These include excellent public schools, diversity, and a vast array of family and outdoor activities to enjoy.


10. Sebastian

Just making it into the top ten of the safest places to live in Florida is Sebastian. Located in Indian River County, this town has a population of almost 25 thousand people. However, the area has a rural feel that appeals to retirees. It is considered a safe place to live, and there are just 31 crimes annually per capita. Other appealing features of this area are above average schools, a reasonable cost of living, and a relatively diverse community. Furthermore, there are many leisure activities to enjoy in this area, ranging from outdoor activities to health and fitness facilities.


9. Oviedo

The Crazy Tourist lists Oviedo as one of the best places to live in Florida, and the low crime rates are one reason for this. It is a suburb of Orlando that constitutes 13 neighborhoods, and it has a population of 38,550 people. Ninety percent of the workforce in this city is white-collar, and there are plenty of job opportunities. Other reasons that this is such a fantastic place to live are the outdoor activities, the excellent public schools, the food scene, and the nightlife.

Lynn Haven

8. Lynn Haven

Lynn Haven is widely considered one of the best places to live in Florida, and the low crime rates are just one reason for this. The annual crime rate in this town in Bay County is only 28 per capita. Some other reasons that this is such a fantastic place to live are the above-average public schools, the affordable cost of living, the range of activities to enjoy in the area, the transport links, and the community’s diversity. Almost 28 thousand people are living in this town, which has a sparse suburban feel.

Port St. Lucie

7. Port St. Lucie

Located in St. Lucie County, Port St. Lucie is a large city with a population of almost 184 thousand residents. It is a location that appeals to everyone, including young professionals, families, and retirees. Although it is a large city, it has a rural feel due to the many parks and outdoor spaces. Not only is it considered a safe city in which to live, but it is also a great place to work. Other plus points are the above-average schools, the community’s diversity, and the range of leisure activities in the area.

Winter Springs

6. Winter Springs

A suburb of Orlando in Seminole County, Winter Springs has a population of just under 36 thousand people. It has a sparse suburban feel, and there are plenty of parks to enjoy the outdoors. With a crime rate of only 57 per thousand residents, it is considered a safe place to live. Other reasons to consider this location are the highly-rated public schools, the family activities, the diverse community, the employment opportunities, and the amenities in the area.

North Palm Beach

5. North Palm Beach

According to Home Snacks, North Palm Beach is a fantastic place to live as it has excellent amenities, fantastic public schools, many employment opportunities, a diverse community, and a wide variety of housing available. Another reason that it is such a great option for those who want to live in Florida is that it is so safe. There are just 90 violent crimes and 794 property crimes per 100 thousand residents each year. This city has a population of just over 13 thousand residents, and it is home to MacArthur Beach State Park, which is the only state park in Palm Beach County.


4. Parkland

The crime rates in Parkland are an impressive 67.9 percent below the national crime rate. There are just 38 violent crimes and 240 non-violent crimes a year. The most common crimes in this city are car theft and larceny. This city was established in 1963, and it is home to just under 34 thousand residents. The city was given its name as it boasts five large parks, which is a feature that many residents enjoy.

Key Biscayne

3. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is an island town in Miami-Dade County, and it has a population of just over 13 thousand. It has a small-town feel, and there is a strong sense of community in this area. This location ranks so highly because violent crimes are virtually non-existent, with only 38 violent crimes taking place per 100 thousand residents. Property crime rates are also low in this area.


2. Weston

In terms of property crime, Weston has the second-lowest rates in Florida, with just 521 property crimes per 100 thousand residents. Similarly, there are only 57 violent crimes per 100 thousand people. Overall, the crime rate is 77.48 percent below the national crime rate, so the risks of living here are low. Weston is a master-planned suburban community in Broward County that was established as a city in 1996. The entire west side of the city runs along the Everglades, and it is the westernmost city in the county.

Marco Island

1. Marco Island

According to Safewise, the safest place in which to live in Florida in 2020 is Marco Island. It has remained one of the safest places to live for at least a decade. This city has a population of just over 18 thousand, and it is the principal city of the Naples-Marco Island Metropolitan Statistical Area. It has achieved the top position as both property crime, and violent crime rates are some of the lowest in the state.

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