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10 Reasons To Visit The Sallie House In Kansas

Sallie House

Atchison, Kansas, is a popular destination spot for those who have a fascination with, or just a passing interest in the paranormal. The city is the home of a famed house that is known for its hauntings and paranormal activity. It's a major attraction that draws visitors from around the world. If you're not yet familiar with this famous location, here are ten reasons to visit the Sallie House in Kansas.

1. The Sallie House has a rich and storied history

Whether you have an interest in the paranormal or you're a history buff, the Sallie House in Kansas offers historical significance in the area. The house is the most haunted location in the city of Atchison, Kansas. The story of the Sallie House goes back to a time in the 19th century when the house was a physician's office. He lived in the upstairs part and ran a practice downstairs. A woman brought her six-year-old daughter to see him, suffering from severe pain in her abdomen. She suffered from appendicitis. Surgery was necessary to save her life. The doctor began cutting before the anesthesia kicked in and the girl screamed in pain. She died on the operating table before he could complete the procedure, according to Wide Open Roads. The hauntings began after the death of the little girl.

2. There are other scary things to see while you're there

The Sallie House is not the only haunted building in Atchison. This is the most haunted city in America. The Sallie House is the most haunted building but there is more to see if you're a brave soul. Atchison has had reports of paranormal activity for years. There have been multiple paranormal sightings reported throughout the town that was once a hub for the railroad in the late 1800s. Many settlers passed through the city on their way to their new homesteads. Paranormal activity seemed to start after the first homes went up in the city.

3. The Sallie House has been featured on television shows

The Sallie House was featured as one of the most haunted locations on several different television shows dedicated to the research of the paranormal. It has appeared across multiple networks including YouTube, the Syfy Channel, Discovery, A&E, and the Travel Channel. Numerous paranormal investigators have spent the night in the house to document their experiences and provide further evidence of the authenticity of the hauntings.

4. It's suitable for amateurs or expert paranormal investigators

Whether you're a professional paranormal investigator or you're just starting in the field, the Sallie House offers an opportunity to learn more about how paranormal activity works. Many reports confirm visitors come away convinced when they visit this haunted location. It is a learning experience at all levels.

5. There is over one entity haunting the house

Sallie house has been investigated by experts in the field. These experts have added more to the story of the little girl. Their research has turned up evidence that there is more than just one spirit haunting the house. Besides the six-year-old girl, there is also a middle-aged woman's spirit that frequents the place. If you're a paranormal investigator, you might discover more.

6. You can spend the night in the Sallie House

If you contact the owners in advance, you can rent a room in the Sallie House for a night. The home is open to the public. You can reserve a room in the home and spend the entire night there. The cost to reserve a room starts at $125 per person. They warn it's not for children. All overnight guests must be at least 18 years of age. You must sign a waiver to spend the night in the home, releasing the owners from any obligation should something unfortunate happen. So far, there haven't been any reports of dangerous activity since the Pickman's who owned the home emerged with injuries from the paranormal back in 1993.

7. You can opt to tour the home and not spend the night

If you don't want to stay all night in a haunted house, you can opt for the tour selection. Guests may spend up to one hour taking a self-guided tour of the Sallie House. The cost of the tour is $18 per person.

8. It will test your bravery

According to Only In Your State, the Sallie House is a spooky location and you will probably see some evidence of this if you spend an entire night there. It will be a test of your bravery, whether or not you believe in the paranormal.

9. The location has received national attention

The Sallie House received national attention as well as became a local legend in the middle of the 1990s era. A young couple bought the home and moved into it. Tony and Debra Pickman began hearing voices and seeing strange things happen in the house. They invite the Kansas Paranormal Group to investigate the occurrences. They saw burnt finger marks appear. Candles would start burning with no plausible explanation. The investigators identified two entities who levied violent attacks against the residents of the home. The spirits only attacked the husband. They never hurt the baby or the wife.

10. You will see evidence of the paranormal

According to Visit Atchison, visitors to the Sallie House have witnessed many paranormal activities. Some things that happen in the home include mysterious areas of coldness in the building and sensations of being physically touched. Objects move around the house mysteriously. Batteries in electronic devices become drained of their energy. Some guests have also experienced physical marks on their bodies during or after their visits, including bruises and scratches. Animals also refuse to enter certain rooms in the home. The odds are in favor that you will as well. It promises to be an unforgettable experience and one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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