Selling Items Online: Key Platforms and Sellers Tips

With the enormous boom of online shopping, traditional brick and mortar stores are  not managing to keep pace with changing consumer demands, leaving an uncertain future for the commercial shopping street. Their loss is the online retailers gain, with revenue drawn from online sales increasing exponentially year-on-year.

Getting Started The Right Way

One of the most popular ways to enter into online business is through ecommerce: be it unwanted clothes to second hand vintage cars, there is an enormous market for both niche and ordinary items that the web lets you tap into. For anyone looking to get started setting up their own online shop, there are various ways to go about it. From choosing the right platform to honing your photography skills, by following these few tips you are sure to improve your sales immediately.

Choosing Your Platform

Depending on the kind of products you want to sell, your platform can be an enormous boost to your sales. Sites such as Etsy and eBay are great for selling all manner of things, with built-in payment systems taking away much of the stress. However, depending on the number of items you are selling and the extent to which you want to build up an independent reputation, you might consider your own online store. In this instance, there are a number of options. Various hosting providers offer tailored ecommerce website building packages, like this one, while ecommerce platforms such as Shopify have ready-made point-of-sale sites that are fully integrated with their transaction systems and social media.

Picture Perfect

It may sound fairly obvious, but online shopping is all about the imagery provided. With nothing else for customers to judge your product by, you need to make sure your pictures are sharp, eye-catching and true to life. Use a good camera and make sure that colours and textures appear accurately in the images as they do to the naked eye. Use a dedicated photography space where you can use an entirely white or black background with nothing distracting your view from the main subject. Also try to include as many angles as possible, but don’t overwhelm customers with images; striking a balance between three to five images per item is optimum.

Memorable Content

With your site live and pictures uploaded, the only thing left to do is creating some informative, interesting and persuasive content. Practically, you need to provide the customer with all of the details about an item they may want to know: dimensions, weight, colour, fabric, age etc. In order to not weigh your reader down with bulky paragraphs, this information can also be displayed in bullet points. Beyond this your content needs to prompt the customer to make the purchase: use calls to action to help turn browsing into conversions. Finally, make sure that your content fits with the overall branding of your store: think about your audience and how you would communicate with them in person, then make sure this translates into your copy.

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