How Shroud Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

If you thought that playing video games was just a hobby, you might want to think about that again. Sure, you know that some people turn this hobby into an obsession, but did you know that a lot of money can be made as you operate those gaming consoles? If you don’t believe us, just look at Shroud. His real name is Michael Grzesiek and he is a Canadian who has made a lot of money doing just what we are talking about here. Much of what he does involves playing video games, even though there are other aspects related to his portfolio as well. Continue reading to learn just how Shroud achieved a net worth of roughly $4 million.

How He Got Here

Shroud is his screen name, He was formerly known as Meclipse. Regardless of what his name is, he has become a Canadian video game streamer who is quite successful. He is also a Twitch star, and that is not something easily accomplished. In the past, he was also a professional eSports player. During his time doing that, he was most famous for the time that he spent playing for Cloud9. Naturally, he has his favorite games, and these would earn him the most fame. They include Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Counter-Counter-Strike Global Offensive. You might be interested to know that Shroud’s real name is Michael Grzesiek and he was born in Canada on June 2, 1994.

Early Career

Since Shroud is by no means an old person, we have to move quite quickly to learn where he got so much money. He actually started his gaming career as a professional by joining forces with the following teams: Slow Motion, Manajuma, Complexity, and Exertus. This shows you the type of company that he was spending his time with. These were all successful professional games who knew how to earn some money.

It was in late 2014 that he would officially join the eSports organization as Cloud9. He would start by playing Counter-Strike on a competitive level. He would begin playing in various tournaments, and before he knew it he had already won in excess of $200,000 in prize money alone. During one tournament alone he won $40,000. That was at Season 4 of the ESL Pro League in October of 2016. He would not stay there for long, as Shroud would depart Cloud9 in August of 2017. instead, he would focus his energies on becoming a full-time streamer with Twitch. That is going to explain quite quickly how he came to earn more than $4 million in such a short period of time.

Twitch and Beyond

Even though he now devoted much of his time to Twitch, he will still make himself available as a backup player on Cloud9 when needed. He has assembled a self-titled Twitch account that has already attracted more than 4.3 million followers. This is one of the most popular on the platform. His site has more than 207 million total views, which is rather phenomenal if you think about it. He has posted some live streams of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground that have been viewed by thousands around the world. With so many followers, Shroud is now making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from his presence on Twitch alone.

Twitch is not all that Shroud is doing. He is also his own YouTube Channel that has nearly 2 million followers. This was created in 2014 and is still going strong. He will post highlights of this Twitch activity there, and this ends up getting him even more followers on Twitch as a result. It is a rolling type of income that has made him quite successful. Keep in mind that top Twitch performer, as Shroud most definitely is, can earn in excess of $3,000 per month for every 1,000 subscribers. He also has more than 250 million video views to his name on his YouTube Channel. Because of that large number, he is earning thousands of dollars a month there as well.

Now you know how Shroud has achieved a net worth of $4 million. It might not be the traditional way that people have earned so much money, but it works. It goes to show you that talent can take you far in this world.

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