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The History Of And Story Behind The Skyrim Logo

Skyrim Logo

Skyrim is a multi-role video game that is available on a number of different platforms. It is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series and has been developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game debuted in 2011 and was re-released in 2016 to be played on newer consoles such as the XBox and PlayStation 4.

History And Meaning Of The Logo

The current Skyrim logo has been in use since the game was first released. Within the game, the logo is referred to as the Seal of Akatosh. It is also used as a the mark of the Imperial Legion, the armed forces of the Empire of Tamriel. The seal belongs to the dragon who is the main deity within the pantheon. He protects the Empire and this noble mission is his main task. According to Logos World, Akatosh is the supreme Dragon God of Time. This means that his seal is present on almost all of the regalia in this fantasy world, in one form or another. The fact that this seal will be seen so often within the game makes it a good choice for the logo.

Design Of The Logo

The dragon in the logo is in flight and has wide wings. The dragon is artistically styled and is almost symmetrical both horizontally and vertically. The key difference between the top and bottom of the logo is that one half features the head and the other depicts the tail of the dragon, although they both feature the same style of lines. Neither the head or tail of the dragon extends beyond the tips of the wings.

Symbolism Of The Logo

The logo represents the dragon as an invincible force. It is very powerful but also beautiful. The image of power is also one that the developers wanted to create for the game. The logo also relates to the history of the Empire within the game. Skyrim is a game where a lot of things happen in the universe outside of the actual gameplay and this is something else that the logo helps to symbolize. If you look closely at the logo you will see that the dragon has several characteristic spikes. The widest of these spikes forms the point of his tail. There are also two spikes on his head and two on the inside of each wing. As previously mentioned, the logo is also the symbol of the Imperial Legion. According to The Gamer, they have been using this symbol since the days when their armies were actually led by a dragon. The character that you will play in the game is also descended from dragons and this adds to the symbolism of the logo. The whole game is based around the fact that the Imperial Legion is under threat and so it makes sense that the Seal of Akatosh is used as the logo.

Use Of Font And Color

As well as the Seal of Akatosh, the logo also includes the word Skyrim. There are two versions of the logo, one with the word next to the emblem, and one with the word written underneath. In both versions the word is written in a thin serif with all uppercase letters being used. It has a simple, monochrome color scheme that uses black, white and gray. The color of both the dragon and the background can vary, but each of them is usually only a single color. The black dragon on a white background is the most common color combination. There is also partial shade on the text.

What Does It Mean If The Dragon's Wing Is Missing Its Tip?

1000 Logos points out that there are some versions of the logo where the tip of the dragon's wing is missing. It is this version that appears on the cover of the PlayStation 3 version of the game. They suggest that there is no hidden meaning behind this, because it is not something that the creators of the game have ever spoken about. However, this is not a view that is shared by all fans of the game. They believe that the logo has a lot of symbolic meaning that relates to events that take place within the game. There was an event called the Great War which led to the Empire becoming broken. Some people believe that the fact that the wings do not completely meet in the middle at the top or the bottom represents the fact that the Empire was no longer complete. In the versions of the logo where the tip is broken, some fans believe that this shows the deeper divisions that exist between the Imperial Legion and their enemies in the game. As there has been no official confirmation about what the missing tip means from the developers, it remains something that will continue to be debated by fans.

Where Is The Logo Used?

The logo is used on all packaging for Skyrim games and it also features in several places within the game. As it is the symbol for the Imperial Legion, it can be seen on the armor and shields that they use. It will also be on the flags that fly on the forts that are under the control of the Imperial Legion. You may also notice that the logo appears on the compass within the game from time to time. The logo is also featured on merchandise of the game. This includes both official and unofficial merchandise. You will find the logo being used on clothing and accessories, posters and products for gaming such as mouse mats. The design is also a popular choice for decals and stickers that can be used to decorate walls. There is a lot of demand for products such as these on crafting sites like Pinterest and Etsy. It is a popular choice for people that may not even play Skyrim, because of the fact that it is such an eye catching design. It is also not uncommon for people to choose the logo as a design for a tattoo.

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