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20 Things You Didn't Know About Talkdesk


Talkdesk is an American tech startup that provides its clients with an enterprise contact center platform. The companies that take advantage of the products and services provided by Talkdesk gain a competitive advantage over their rivals through an enhanced customer experience. If you've not heard about this company yet, here are 20 things you didn't know about Talkdesk.

1. Talkdesk improves customer satisfaction

According to Crunchbase, Talkdesk offers a contact center platform for its clients that makes their companies more customer-centric. The platform is tailored for each client to make the resources easier for consumers to use while adapting to the needs of the sales and support teams of businesses to increase customer satisfaction while saving companies money and increasing productivity. It sounds like a dream come true for most new and established organizations.

2. Talkdesk has been around for a while

Talkdesk was founded in 2011. The business has been active and operational for a decade as of 2021. It was founded by Christina Fonseca and Tiago Paiva with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The legal name of the company is Talkdesk, Inc.

3. Talkdesk is led by an eight-member core executive team

There are eight executives listed in the leadership team for Talkdesk. Tiago Paiva is the founder and chief executive officer of Talkdesk. arco Costa is the general manager of EMEA. Raoul Felix is the chief technology officer. Chad Gaydos is the CCO. Kathie Johnson is the CMO. Charanya Kannan is the CPO. Tae Hea Nahm is an investor and Jon Heaps is a vice president of channels.

4. Talkdesk has two members on its board of directors

There are two members listed on the Talkdesk board of directors. Josh Stein joined the board as a member in March of 2015. He is a co-founder and managing partner of a company called Threshold. He has founded two organizations. He currently serves on nineteen boards of directors in advisory roles. Jason Lemkin is a board member and a Trusted Advisor and founder of a company called SaaStr with five portfolio companies and one exit. Although the board of directors is still small, both of its members have years of business and financial experience and knowledge to provide the executive leadership team with top-notch advisement on strategic planning and other essential decision-making processes.

5. Talkdesk uses a complex array of technologies

The Talkdesk website is powered by ninety actively used technologies. This complicated array of technologies work together to provide a smooth and seamless experience for visitors and users of the website. The technologies are distributed across seventy-two technology products and services. Some of them include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, Viewport Meta SSL by Default, iPhone Mobile Compatible, and dozen of others.

6. The overhead cost of Talkdesk's technology is high

We also learned that Talkdesk has a high overhead expense for the technology products and services it uses to power its website. The company disclosed that it is projected to spend a total of $38.7K on its IT for the upcoming year. It takes a lot of work and products to achieve the desired results.

7. Talkdesk maintains an edge over its competitors

Talkdesk is a technology and solutions company that has a leading edge over other companies within the industry. This is because of the numerous registered trademarks and patents that it has secured. We discovered that Talkdesk has registered twenty-four patents in the computing and calculating category. This legally prohibits all of its competitors from imitating or copying these technology products, which sets Talkdesk apart from the rest of them. In addition, Talkdesk has also secured four registered trademarks in the scientific and electric apparatus and instruments category. This gives it the legal right over all of these intellectual properties to maintain its uniqueness within the SaaS, Software, and tech industries.

8. Talkdesk has a high traffic volume on its website

Another impressive fact that we learned about Talkdesk is that its website gets a high volume of traffic. These are people who are interested in the products and services that are offered by the company. Over the past thirty days, there have been 159,350 unique visits made to the site. This number gives it a ranking of number 197,94 of the millions of websites registered on the worldwide web. The information was obtained through the analytics recorded for the website. It's useful information that helps key decision-makers in their strategic planning because it shows how many people are interested in the products and it also provides the conversion rates from visitors to customers.

9. Talkdesk is the most popular in the United States

Most of the web traffic to the Talkdesk site comes from people who live in the United States. Fifty-eight percent of the visitors are from this country. Eight percent of the monthly visitors are from Portugal. Seven percent of the web traffic is from India with an increase of 7.42 percent in monthly web traffic, and six percent are from Canada. Five percent of the web traffic is from the Philippines with an impressive growth rate over the last month of 78.51 percent.

10. Talkdesk has a single venture fund

Talkdesk has a single fund called the Talkdesk Innovation Fund. The fund was announced on November 8, 2021, and it has raised a total of $10 million.

11. Talkdesk is a venture capital-backed organization

Talkdesk has participated in eight rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series D funding closed on August 12, 2021. The total amount raised so far is $497.5 million from its investors.

12. Talkdesk has gained high investor confidence

Talkdesk has piqued the interest of a total of seventeen venture capital investors. This is a large crowd of investors who believe in the company's ability to continue to grow and prosper and provide a strong return on the investments made. Among the investors are Top Tier Capital Partners, Whale Rock Capital Management, Franklin Templeton Investments, Willoubhby Capital, Alpha Square Group, Amity Ventures, TI Platform Management, Viking Global Investors, Skip Capital, and several others.

13. Talkdesk is a unicorn company

According to Techcrunch, Talkdesk has gone over and above the required valuation numbers to achieve unicorn status. This elite group of exclusive businesses reaches a valuation of at least $1 billion or more. As of the Summer of 2020, Talkdesk had a valuation of an astronomical $10 billion, firmly entrenching it in the unicorn group. This figure was announced after its Series D round of funding brought in an additional $230 million from investors. The valuation of the company tripled in a short time.

14. Talkdest is a cloud-based software company

Talkdesk provides contact center software for its clients that is cloud-based. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide improved customer services for businesses in the midmarket and enterprise categories. So far it has gained the patronage of more than 1,800 companies which includes Fujitsu, Trivago, Acxion, IBM, and hundreds of others.

15. Talkdesk has a huge IT staff

We also learned that Talkdesk has an estimated staff of around 2,000 employees. After it received the funding from its Series D fundraising round, the company was set to further expand its operations. We learned that half of the staff of the company are in the engineering area, working on new and improved technology products. Talkdesk's leadership plans to further expand its staffing to increase the headcount for supporting customers. The company has made steady improvements in its products including enhanced interfaces and improved Talkdesk Workspace, customizable features for contact center teams, and a variety of other customization tools that can be used across various industries.

16. Tallkdesk is a privately owned enterprise

Talkdesk is a privately held company that is still under the ownership of its founding members. They've likely agreed to some undisclosed terms with their investors who are stakeholders in the company, but aside from this, all investments are through private investors. As it stands, you won't find shares of Talkdesk stocks listed on any public stock exchanges. Talkdesk has not yet filed an IPO. However, just because there is not currently the talk of the move, it hasn't been ruled out. This means that it's a good company to keep your eye on in the months and years to come. The new CFO of the company has a reputation for leading institutions through their IPO processes, so anything is possible. The owners did confirm that they anticipate taking the company in that direction at some point in the future.

17. Talkdesk is an international company

Although Talkdesk is an American company, it has already expanded its operations into other parts of the world. It is already in operation in Asia, Australia, Europe, and throughout parts of Latin America. The leadership has confirmed that the new funding it has received will be used to expand its officers even more deeply into the countries where there is already a presence. There are many more markets and opportunities for it to make a more profound impact and take advantage of the potential clients that could benefit from its platform.

18. Talkdesk has a diverse team

The executive leadership team is comprised of fifty percent men and fifty percent women. This qualifies the company as a diverse and women-led organization. The most recent executive hired by the organization was its chief financial officer Sydney Carey. She was hired recently and brings with her a strong background in the SaaS business. She previously worked at Sumo Logic, a company that she helped to lead through their initial public offering that was successful in 2020. It is her presence in the company that gives us a hint that it may be considering making a move to go public sooner, rather than later. No confirmation about the date has been indicated so we'll just have to wait and see. It's something that is a high possibility though.

19. Talkdesk is currently hiring

According to LinkedIn, Talkdesk is increasing its current workforce by ten percent. Approximately two thousand staff members are working for the company before the round of new hires takes place. There are a total of two hundred and two job openings listed on the LinkedIn webpage for the company. This is a substantial number of new workers which tells us that they're following through on plans to further expand the reach of their operations. There are numerous locations throughout the United States including job openings in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, California, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Colorado, New York, Georgia, Washington State, and several position openings for remote workers living anywhere in the United States.

20. Talkdesk is expanding outside of the United States

Talkdesk is also expanding its operations in other countries throughout the world. Its current campaign for recruiting new talent includes jobs available in the United Kingdom for remote workers, in Lisbon, Portugal, Yerevan, Armenia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and many other areas. Talkdesk appears to be on a campaign to take the world by storm. It's expanding quite rapidly through even more parts of the world. We're impressed with the speed at which the mega-giant is growing. This is a unicorn enterprise that has already reached a valuation of $10 billion and it is continuing to thrive and to grow. It's a company that merits keeping your eye on if you're a potential investor looking to diversify your portfolio. Although no work on an IPO has been confirmed yet, we fully expect to hear an announcement within the months or perhaps a few years to come. Talkdesk has become one of the leaders in cloud-based call center software and specialized technologies. It's a service that is currently in high demand and, likely, the demand for the services and products Talkdesk provides will only increase in the years to come.

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Written by Allen Lee

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