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How Tati Westbrook Achieved A Net Worth Of $6 Million

Tati Westbrook

When you talk about internet celebrities, one figure that should not miss the discussion is Tati Westbrook. She is an internet personality, who creates video content and uploads it to her YouTube channel. She is immensely popular and is among the pioneers of the YouTube beauty scene, according to her Wikipedia page. Her followers have, for a long time, been curious about her value, considering she has been a standard figure on YouTube for long. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tati Westbrook's net worth is $6 million. So how did she come about such an impressive asset base? This article will focus on her income-generating activities, which are the ladder rungs to her millionaire status.

Tati Westbrook’s Background

The vlogger was born Tatiana Aleksandria Krievins on the 14th of February 1982, in Seattle, Washington. Her parents are Janis and Cindy Krievins, both who are Latvian. Her mother is a talent agent and manager in the entertainment scene. Her two sisters, Erika and Sabrina Krievins, followed their mother's footsteps to the entertainment industry, where they are actresses. Growing up, she seemed headed to the direction of her sisters as she appeared in several shows. Among them include an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. She later took on a recurring role in Greek, a comedy-drama that ran from 2007 to 2011. In 2010, she made the jump to social media by signing up on Twitter and YouTube as the year folded. Through hard work and learning along the way, she is now the owner of one of the best performing channels in terms of viewership numbers.

1. Vlogging Career

Her YouTubing career is a significant source of her income, and she is a household name in the online beauty community. When she made her debut into the vlogging scene, she concentrated on the beauty niche. She focuses on reviews of beauty products, makeup sessions, buying guides, and many more. When starting, she was still green in the field of video shooting and editing, and she would spend almost 12 hours to complete. At the moment, she has a ton of experience and resulting in a reduction of the processing time to 3 hours. Her YouTube Channel, Tati, formerly known as GlamLifeGuru, has roughly 9.6 million subscribers. It also has an overall viewership figure of almost 1.4 billion. Tatiana reached the 1 million subscriber mark sometime in 2016, and as of 2019, she was at the 5 million mark. Her feud with fellow beauty YouTuber, James Charles, was a blessing in disguise as it spiked her numbers to where she is at the moment. She is very consistent in uploading her videos, and provides content for her channel twice each week. Off YouTube alone, estimations put her earnings at $1-2 million per year.

2. Influencing

On social media, Tati is very popular, as evident from the high number of followers she has. Aside from her YouTube subscribers, she also has 2.8 million followers on Instagram and 1.4 million followers on Twitter. She capitalizes on her large follower-base and acts as an endorser for various beauty products and fashion brands. It works the same way as advertising, and you might see her post pictures of the products she endorses on her social media handles. She also does their reviews on her YouTube videos. For her efforts, she gets remuneration as per what the two parties agreed on. According to Hopper, with her number of followers, she might be in the $6000-6900 earning bracket per post. That is a decent amount, especially with how consistent she is with her content.

3. Her Line Of Products

Tati Westbrook is also a good entrepreneur and banking on her experience with beauty products she has a cosmetic line, Tati Beauty. It came to be in October 2019, and the first product from the line was an eye shadow palette. According to an interview with People, she states that the launch ushered in some relief after quite a tumultuous year. Before her cosmetic line, she had earlier in 2018 launched her own company Halo Beauty Inc. The company deals with vitamin supplements. She promotes her products on social media pages, and definitely, they register impressive sales. The profits from the sales also contribute significantly to her $6 billion asset value.

4. Her Acting Career

While she ventured into acting sometime back, taking on roles as a child actor and later on, taking a minor part in Greek. It is possible that her pay from her acting stint gave her some financial backing. Above are some of the ventures that Tati Westbrook takes part in, with earnings that ensure she is comfortable as a millionaire. When you look at her content and how she conducts her business, you get a sense of resiliency. You can also take note of how well she understands the influencing business. Her prowess Iis evident from how she turned the tide on friend turned for, Charles James, during their feud. From the negative situations, she capitalized and gained twofold of her followers within a short time. Riding high on her popularity as 2019 came to an end, she launched her company.If she keeps up with the spirit, then she will maintain her millionaire status as her value continues appreciating.

Final Thoughts

Tati Westbrook is among the most popular internet personalities, as you can see from her massive follower base. She focuses on beauty and gives out beauty tips as well as reviews products on her YouTube videos. The 38-year old has her company that deals in vitamin supplements as well as a cosmetic line. She is very diverse, as evident from her many ventures. If you are into beauty, you can check out her YouTube profile and subscribe if you want unique and exciting material.

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